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Charity that Works: Mercy Corps

One of the sad things about charity is that a great deal of organizations that promote themselves as charitable are really not very giving. Many supposedly non-profit organizations spend almost all of their money in “administrative” costs – giving their executives huge amounts of money and providing very little in charitable assistance. Then there are those other charitable organizations that use the vulnerability of the victims of wars and natural disasters to try to convert them to a particular religious or political perspective.

So, it’s been with some trepidation that Irregular Times has searched for a channel through which to make its own donations to the tsunami disaster relief. Given that liberal charity seems to be the theme of the day today, I wanted to share our choice with our readers.

We’ve chosen Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps has a long history of truly charitable work, performed with real compassion and with real smarts. More than 91% of donations given to Mercy Corps go directly to charitable work, with none of the funny proselytizing stuff, and a bare miniumum of administrative leeching.

Of course we know that not everybody has very much to give. Nonetheless, we encourage all our readers to give what they can to Mercy Corps – for tsunami survivors and people in need all across the globe. We’ve learned in the past month that we can’t count on governments to do the giving for it, so it’s time for the American people to show the moral leadership that they love so to gab on about during campaign season.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I enjoyed reading your material. I’m proud to be a liberal when I read Irregular Times.

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