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When Are Cuts Not Really Cuts?

I woke up this morning to hear about an expert piece of spin doctoring by the public relations people inside the Bush White House. Today, they’re telling us that although George W. Bush is proposing huge cuts to federal spending on education, Mr. Bush is not really breaking his campaign promise to increase education spending. You see, say Bush Administration aides, those cuts are not really cuts.

How can these cuts to not be cuts? Well, the people at the White House explain that the cuts Bush is making to important educational programs are not really cuts because Mr. Bush will be increasing funding to the No Child Left Behind programs… sometime… later…

Of course, what Mr. Bush’s public relations experts neglect to mention is that Bush’s promises about spending on No Child Left Behind have never been fulfilled. The No Child Left Behind programs have been underfunded from the start, yet contain a large number of mandates, so that local school districts lose money because of No Child Left Behind, but are required by federal law to comply anyway. About once a year, Bush promises to keep his old promises of money for No Child Left Behind, and then, every year, he fails to deliver.

Do the people in the Bush Administration think that the American people are not paying attention? Well… he’s probably right about that.

Note to America: There’s no point in going to Broadway if you’re not going to watch the show. If you want to keep your ticket to democracy, you had better start paying attention.

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