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Net Carbs?

I just saw a food label claiming that a bag of Soy Chips had “6g Net Carbs.” Net carbs? What — are the 9g gross carbs balanced out by 3g of negative carbs? Someone help me out here; what is a net carb, and what makes it different than a simple old carb?

8 thoughts on “Net Carbs?”

  1. John Stracke says:

    The premise is that fiber counteracts the negative effects of carbs (which is at least somewhat true, because fiber gives the digestive system more work to do). So the marketers have decided that they can advertise “net carbs”, which I guess are grams of carbs minus grams of fiber.

    (If that’s really their formula, it’s hooey, of course; there really isn’t a fixed relationship like that.)

  2. Kevin says:

    Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber AND sugar alcohols.

  3. Kevin says:

    Also, fiber and sugar alcohols are considered “non-impact” carbs, meaning your body can’t metablolize them or use them.

    Sounds stupid to me. In my opinion, everything in moderation. Except cheese. Cheese in excess… always.

  4. Peregrin Wood says:

    Well aged cheese in excess, especially. Upon this we surely can agree, Kevin.

  5. Tracy says:

    Yes, cheese always in excess! Especially the stinky ones. Have you tried wensleydale? It’s a nice one. Ohh, then there’s cotswald. That one rocks.

  6. Kevin says:

    My girlfriend is still amazed at my love of cheese.

    I usually buy my ‘exotic’ cheeses from a local liquor store’s bargain bin. Yes, a bargain bin for cheese! Cheese’s that are normally over $6 are reduced to 99 cents because they are expiring soon. Only catch is ya gotta eat it quick due to the rapidly approaching expiration date, but hey, save a little cash, right? (More money for more cheese!) But since you can freeze cheese, why not buy ’em?

    I don’t care for the ‘stinky’ cheeses; to me, they taste like ammonia. Yuck. Well-aged? Oh yeah, as long as they aren’t ‘stinky.’ My goodness, Peregrin- we have something we can agree on!

    However, I will try any cheese once; twice if I like it. I’ll keep my eye out for Wensleydale and Cotswald.

  7. nano says:

    net carb (g) = gross carb (g) – fiber (g)
    both soluble and insolule fiber is not absorbed by the body
    net carb accounts for this

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