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Love with a Conscience

Love is sweet, but it often leads us to do some foolish things. Take flowers, for instance. They’re lovely. They’re subtle symbols of sex. They’re a token of affection, especially given how much they cost when you buy them from a florist.

More often than not, however, those flowers are also poison – coated with pesticides. Many flowers, including the traditional Valentine’s Day red roses, are shipped to the United States from overseas, and are coated with pesticides so deadly that they’re illegal when used within our borders.

Those pesticides not only poison the land where the flowers are grown, but they poison the workers who pick and ship the flowers to you. They might even give a small dose of poison to your very own sweetie when she sniffs them and tells you how lovely they are.

It’s enough to dampen even the most romantic moods.

Don’t let your Valentine’s Day go sour over the issue of poison roses this Valentine’s Day. Go ahead and give flowers, but do it with a clear conscience. Be smart, be sweet, and head on over to Organic Bouquet, where you can buy, well, an organic bouquet. They’ve got roses, they’ve got tulips, they’ve got loads of flowers all in pretty bouquets, just like all the big florist distributors. However, all their flowers are organically grown, which means that no poisons come hitching along on those luscious petals. It makes the heart swell, doesn’t it?

While you’re at it, check out the special deal in which the folks at Organic Bouquet will take some of the proceeds of the sale of their organic blooms and donate them to good causes like the protecting the environment and social justice. It’s enough to get you feeling tingly all over.

2 comments to Love with a Conscience

  • Kevin

    Too late. I already bought a 1/2 dozen pink roses for $6.99 from the local Kroger.

    I tell you, that first paragraph ain’t nothing but true- I placed these on my girlfriend’s bed last night for her to discover, and you’d think I cured her momma of cancer she was so happy.

    Personally, I don’t like flowers as gifts. They die. Plants are more practical. Cacti (particularly Saguaros) are more practical.

    I have been pondering the whole “organic” thing for some time, and I’d like to get more involved with that but stuff listed as “organic” is so darned expensive.

    One day, when I have my own land, I’d love to grow my own vegetables. My parents and my PaPa on my dad’s side had gardens when I was growing up, and I tell y’all- there is NOTHING better (as far as vegetables are concerned) than fresh-from-the-garden vegetables.

  • Personally, I don’t like flowers as gifts. They die. Plants are more practical.

    Yeah, my wife feels the same way. Not recommended unless you know the recipient agrees, though; live plants take enough work to fall under the “gifts that take effort from the recipient” rule.

    there is NOTHING better (as far as vegetables are concerned) than fresh-from-the-garden vegetables.

    I recently found what seemed like a great combination at the local Whole Foods: a miniature orange tree. Flowers and fruit! Great! It even had some oranges that looked almost ripe.

    The catch? So far, the oranges have been incredibly bitter. We’re hoping that they’ll be better if we let them ripen longer. Failing that, well, their actual orange flavor, per se, is very good, so we could use them in baking or something.

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