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Small signs only a sane driver would notice

Here at Irregular Times, we’ve had a funny feeling about Republicans for quite some time. It’s more than just the policies, although Republican policies are truly beastly these days. No, there’s something about the Republican lifestyle that’s disturbing as well – a weird mixture of medieval values and a fetish for industrial technology and artificial conveniences.

It’s that strange combination that allows George W. Bush to run some policies on ideas that are thousands of years old, yet steamroll the traditional ways of living on Earth in favor of diets saturated with heavy metals, PCBs, mercury, and arsenic, all washed down with a glass of drinking water “blended” with undertreated sewage – for the sake of economic efficiency. It’s this creepy synthesis of the worst of old and new that makes the Republican leadership defenders of an economy run on fossil fuels, even while they cater social policies to fundamentalist extremists who believe that fossils are a trick of the Devil to tempt God’s children into skepticism.

Republicans are champs at trying to have it both ways, and this schizophrenic approach to life is exemplified in a new survey, which finds that Republicans are more likely than other Americans to talk on cell phones while driving their cars. Driving one direction while trying to hold a conversation with someone in another direction – that’s a pretty good metaphor for the Republican elites’ technique for holding onto power, isn’t it?

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