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A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Lately, there have been a lot of calls for a progressive infrastructure similar to the one the conservatives have built over the past 40 years, only with progressive values, of course. We could have our own foundations and think tanks with lots of money, coordinated talking heads, intellectuals doing policy research and development, and training programs for young progressives. It’s a long-term view. Commonweal Institute is trying to do just that, and they have lots of interesting reading. I particularly liked the Progressive Infrastructure Information Page, and the NY Times Magazine article “Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy” found there. Kinda gives one hope.

One thought on “A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy”

  1. Andrew Bade says:

    I don’t think theres a conspiracy either way. What you have is two ideaologies at opposite ends of the spectrum. They honestly see the other as a threat to the American Way. Some, on both sides, argue their positions well. Most do not. Because of this, both sides unfortuntely bend the truth or omit certain things to win the day and when those omissions and lies are found out, the idea of conspiracy grows. Also, because our system is political, the political maneuvers that are common, and have been since the founding fathers, are portrayed as unfair, deceptive, etc. For example, when the Repulican APPOINTED DA’s were fired for political reasons by the Bush Administration( something that administrations have done since the positions became political appointments ), they had the right to do it, just like President Clinton did. The DA’s were appointed to support the administration AND uphold the law. The Democrats that are raising a fuss are being disingenuous when they know this is business as usual in Washington,(SOME OF THEM BEING THE VERY CONGRESSMEN THAT HAVE PRESSURED DA’S IN THE PAST) but it is politics and both sides are guilty of it ( being disingenuous). So of course the question becomes, which ideology is compatable or is least incompatable with mine. I am conservative. There aren’t very many real conservative candidates out there. President Bush has not been conservative on anything but defense and life. He has held on the taxes but allows the spending. That doesn’t make sense. He hasn’t pushed the liberty issues like he should, supporting the 2nd amendment or opposing the McCain/Fiengold bill that restricts 1st Amendment right to unfettered political speech. I’m on a tangent. My point was…there is no conspiracy left or right, it just seems that way because that is the way politics are AND always have been.

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