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Political Video Humor

I hadn’t seen it until now, but oh goodness-gracious-me, that Saturday Night Live skit about Barbara Boxer and Condoleeza Rice is a hoot.

It is, after all, fun to laugh. Another good online source of the funnies: The Daily Show’s video vault.

Thanks to my pal Bob, I also have Kissing Hank’s Ass to recommend.

What political, heretical, unpatriotic, ho-mo-sexual-agenda-promoting online video would you recommend to a Satan-worshipping, child-eating, man-on-dog, handwringing, pinko, latte-sipping Bush hater like myself? Include a link!

2 thoughts on “Political Video Humor”

  1. Durante says:
    sorry… I’m html stupid and don’t know how to make that a link… look at “funny Foreign names,” it’s awesome!

  2. Durante says:

    oh, it automatically makes it a link… and I sink even farther down the slope of computer know-how…

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