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Calculate Your Losses Under Bush Social Security Plan???

The above is brought to you by the Senate Democrats.

It’s adjusted for inflation, which is nice, and it uses calculations from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which is also nice…

…but the Democrats have their strategy wrong here. I receive, under their calculations, an annual cut of 24%, or $5616, under the Bush plan. But that level of specificity is deceiving, since it involves (if you read the fine print at the Democrats’ website) a set of assumptions about what Bush’s plan on Social Security might be.

The truth is much more dubious.

The truth is that Bush has no specific plan for addressing the Social Security deficits of the 2040s to 2050s.

There is NO Bush administration plan. Bush has NO plan.

This is the issue. Why, if Bush believes we’re in crisis, does he not have a plan?

If Bush thinks it’s all so horrendous and important, why doesn’t he have a plan?

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