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New Political Information Resource: Irregular Times’ Progressive Congressional Database

We at Irregular Times are happy to announce the opening of a new information resource for political progressives: an interactive, regularly updated database on members of the House of Representatives in the 109th Congress. We provide (in alphabetical order, by state, and ranked by progressive record) lists of all members of Congress, with our rankings of their support for progressive legislative action. When we describe a member of Congress’ legislative record, we provide hyperlinks to relevant bills so you can read up on them and educate yourself. We also include personal pages for each member of Congress, with extensive contact information. Finally, since sometimes action is necessary outside the Congress as well as inside it, we include links to our database of local progressive organizations and information for the area which a particular member of the House represents.

It’s our hope that by presenting regularly-updated reports combining information from a progressive perspective about important legislation, about members’ positions of action or inaction regarding that legislation, and about contacting members of Congress, we’ve made it just a bit easier for you to be the skeeter on your representative’s hindquarters, giving them the educated, informed needling they need to go ahead and do the right thing.

We’re just getting started, with a ranking based on nine crucial pieces of legislation to date in the young 109th Congress. As the 109th Congress continues, we will continue to update our database, and we’ll regularly let you know how your member of Congress is doing in representing your positive, progressive interests.

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