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Proof of NYC Conspiracy Against Anti-Republican Protesters Emerges

If you read just one thing today, read the article in today’s New York Times about how police testimony against people arrested outside the 2004 Republican presidential convention has turned out to be almost completely made up. If you go to the New York Times front page, there’s a link to videoptapes that conclusively prove that Bloomberg’s police purposefully cooperated to arrest people during the Convention and put them on trial for crimes that they did not commit.

Example: Alexander Dunlop, a native New Yorker, left his home to go out and get sushi – and got arrested by NYC police protecting the Republican presidential convention from peaceful protesters. Why? Well, the police said that Alexander Dunlop was being violent and resisting arrest. However, it turns out that videotape that the police themselves submitted as evidence was fraudulently edited before it reached the courthouse. A complete version of the videotape that was found later does not show Dunlop engaged in any protest, much less any illegal acts, and it shows that when the police came to grab Dunlop off the sidewalk, he cooperated fully and in a peaceful manner. In fact, the police officer who claims to have arrested Dunlop is shown to have not even been there.

Consider what had to be done by the New York City Police in order for their documented false testimony in the Dunlop case to have been given:
1. New York City police officers grabbed an innocent man just walking down the sidewalk in his own home town and arrested him
2. The police officers who arrested him, and the four or five other police officers on the scene, would have had to agree to submit a false arrest report declaring that another officer, not even present, made the arrest
3. Another police officer, not on the scene, would have had to cooperated with the police officers on the scene to create the fraudulent arrest report, to certify that he was there and that he saw Alexander Dunlop breaking the law and violently resisting arrest
4. New York City police officers would have had to tamper with evidence, cooperating with each other and bringing in the people in charge of collecting, organizing and storing evidence, in order to edit out the parts of the videotape that exonerated Alexander Dunlop
5. All those New York City police officers would have then had to meet, and agree on the false testimony that would be given in court

Now consider that the Alexander Dunlop case is not an isolated incident. 400 other people arrested during the Republican presidential convention have been exonerated by videotape showing that police reports of their arrests were not truthful. So, that 5-step conspiracy between New York City police officers, to make false arrests and convictions, has been documented to have occurred hundreds of separate times during the Republican presidential convention.

Think now about the number of additional arrests that must have occured without being videotaped.

How is it possible that such consistent, widespread false arrests, withholding of evidence, and blatant perjury took place outside the Republican presidential convention without the knowledge of people high up in the New York City Police Department? Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he was personally involved in the preparations for the police to deal with anti-Republicans protesters. Are we now supposed to believe that he was not involved in the purposeful effort to throw innocent people in jail?

I find it ironic that not long before these massive false arrests outside the Republican national convention, the Republicans were running television ads insulting non-Republicans as “sushi-eating liberals”. After making those ads, the Republicans came to the hometown of many liberals, and arrested Alexander Dunlop for doing nothing but trying to walk down the sidewalk to get some sushi for dinner. That’s a perfect representation of what’s gone wrong with the Republicans’ creation of the Homeland in what used to just be called the United States of America.

2 thoughts on “Proof of NYC Conspiracy Against Anti-Republican Protesters Emerges”

  1. Anonymous says:


    I read this the other day and started fuming as well. I remember a while ago, on this very forum, some die hard republicans showing is liberals and democrats how un-abiding we are to get 400 of us arrested on charges of being violent and abusive. These are the accusation the cops accused those people of…being violent and abusive.

    I won’t be happy until those pigs involved are brought up on charges of false imprisonment, perjury, tampering with evidence and conspiracy. These men need to not only loose their jobs but should be doing time in a prison. Outside of predatory child molester, bad cops are the worst that society has to offer.


  2. Mike says:

    Why am I not surprised? Saddened, surely…But I can remember a day some 36 years ago…I was a teenager who had gone down to the San Francisco Bay area for the weekend (completely against my parent’s wishes) and was standing around watching a peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War. This was my first introduction to the Police nightstick. I required several stitches in my scalp, for the high crime of watching several hundred Americans exercise their constitutional right to “assemble peacefully to present their grieviences”. Seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. Oh, yeah, I was charged with “disorderly conduct and resisting arrest”. The charges were later dropped. “Those who fail to learn the lessons of History are condemned to repeat them.” How often must it be said?

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