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2008 Presidential Candidates: Who Do You Support? Why?

Believe it or not, forces are in motion spreading the word about the 2008 elections. John Kerry may have receded for now into the political shadows, but you can bet your boots that the bureaucrats in the Democratic Party are already jockeying with each other to make room for their favored candidates on the next presidential ticket.

As citizens, we can either wait for the Democratic party apparatus to figure out who should run for president, or we can take some responsibility for that process ourselves. If there’s a political figure you strongly admire who has what it takes to be in the White House, now is the perfect time to get the word out.

With that in mind, we’ve opened up our newly expanded shop, dedicated solely to bumper stickers, buttons, shirts and more promoting various 2008 presidential contenders. As of now, we’ve got messages supporting the candidacies of:

Evan Bayh

Barbara Boxer

Wesley Clark

Hillary Clinton

Howard Dean

Russ Feingold

John Kerry

Dennis Kucinich

John Lewis

Janet Napolitano

Barack Obama

Bill Richardson

Mark Warner

If you support one of these contenders, then by all means get the word out. But that doesn’t happen by bumper sticker alone. Who do you support as a 2008 presidential candidate? And why?

Make the case. We’re all ears.

10 thoughts on “2008 Presidential Candidates: Who Do You Support? Why?”

  1. Hoosier Texan says:

    Evan Byah because he is a moderate and was the best Governor in the History of my home state of Indiana. We had a surplus. And as a moderate, he was able to get Democrats and Republicans to work together.

  2. LdyGuique says:

    I strongly support Russ Feingold. He’s a man of his beliefs and conscience and votes accordingly. He’s the only Senator will balls enough to vote against the Patriot Act and against the war in Iraq. He has a non-confrontational style but holds to his beliefs and is willing to work bi-partisan, as with McCain for cleaner election laws. I strongly supported him when I lived in Wisconsin, and have seen little to change my mind since I’ve moved onwards.

    His most problematic issue in this Christian world gone crazy is that he’s a Jew. However, attacking him on this would backfire, even though we’ve never had a Jewish president.

  3. Junga says:

    Evan Byah? Is that like Kum Byah, my lord?

    Please, Evan Bayh is the Republican’s Democrat. We need someone with more spine than that.

  4. josh says:

    evan bayh

    1) he’s a genuine moderate, not someone pretending to be one to advance themselves. 2) he has a real, and lengthy record of accomplishment as governor and senator. 3) he’s down to earth and approachable. 4) he can win. 5) the other alternatives are clearly lacking in some noticeable ways. 6) he understands the concept of bipartisanship. Those are a few reasons why.

  5. Whodat says:

    Boxer – Obama 😀

    Boxer – Clark ?

  6. Whodat says:

    1. Boxer objected to the vote count in Ohio (2004 presidential). The other democrats didn’t follow suit, on advice from Tom Daschle.

    2. She stood up against Condi…

    3. She was the one who pushed for a disengagement plan…

    Now seriously, she is the strong one makinmg a stand for the people, not Bayh, not Clinton…

    Obama has the Charisma, is yet uncorrupted, has the serious legal know-how.

    Or Clark, who is more the military specialist. But that is better left for another government position.

  7. Jai says:

    Sheesh. Clark is SO much more than a “military specialist.” The man has a masters degree in economics from Oxford. He has negotiated treaties, represented the US to foreign heads of state, prepared strategic multi-agency plans, run K-12 schools for 44,000 children, managed healthcare for 160,000 families… there’s not much a governor does that Clark hasn’t.

    About the original post… I don’t order your products because they don’t include the title “General” on them. Been my experience that people connect with who Wes Clark is better if they’re given the additional identification.

  8. Patricia says:

    So, you think Wesley Clark supporters are keen on putting a military officer in particular in charge of the civilian government? Scary. As a civilian, Wesley Clark has no rank. You don’t like that, but that’s the way it is.

  9. Jim says:

    Careful, Patricia, or you’ll be court-martialed on charges of insubordination! Hup, two, three…

  10. Kat says:

    Maybe you should ask Barbara Boxer whether she’s enamored of the uniform… she’s a Clarkie too.

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