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How Cozy is Your Repesentative With Tom DeLay?

With his extremist politics and his obvious corruption, Tom DeLay appears to many ordinary Americans to be on his last legs as a Republican force in the U.S. House of Representatives. Yet, every time that DeLay seems in danger of being brought to justice, Republican members of Congress close ranks around him and refuse to allow the normal rules of ethics to apply.

Of course, the reason that Tom DeLay has been able to evade the legal and professional consequences of his actions is that he has spent years accumulating power by doling out big favors and big money to Republican members of Congress from across the country. Now that DeLay has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he’s calling upon his political allies for favors in return.

Is your member of Congress in Tom DeLay’s pocket? A new web site can help you find out. It’s called, appropriately, This web site ranks members of the House of Representatives according to how much money they have recevied from Tom DeLay, how much money they have contributed to Tom DeLay’s legal defense fund, and how often they cast votes on legislation in cooperation with Tom DeLay.

There are some surprising results. Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, for example, goes to great pains to depict himself as a moderate Republican. Yet, he casts his vote in Congress in lockstep with Tom DeLay almost three quarters of the time. It seems that Sherwood Boehlert represents the interests of Tom DeLay better than he represents the interests of the people in his district in Upstate New York.

This kind of information will be especially important, now that we’re getting closer to the congressional midterm elections in 2006. On Election Day 2006, each and every member of the U.S. House of Representatives will be up for re-election, and we will have the chance to take our representatives out of Tom DeLay’s pocket and send them back home where they won’t do any more harm.

One thought on “How Cozy is Your Repesentative With Tom DeLay?”

  1. Tom says:

    I’m becoming battle weary. The depths to which the current regime is blatantly corrupted and biased toward special interests, to the extent that corporations get preferential treatment in the courts, over what’s good for the mass of its citizens continues to astound me. As the environment is being trashed, while every quarter it’s 80-some billion dollars to fight an unethical war, the plummeting dollar, the lack of concern for typical citizens, the continuing erosion of any sense of “class” as well as quality of life issues, i’m feeling low on energy. It’s as if the veneer of civilization were wearing thin, exposing the dark underbelly of greed and corruption while rampant zealouts run the ship of state into the ground. The people are both (purposely) ignorant and unable to “do” anything about it. Where will this all lead?

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