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The Cosmo Quiz for Liberals

It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re tired from a week of hard work. You know that the Republican government is continuing to bust down your liberty and do generally repulsive things to turn the name of America into an ill-respected smudge. Still, you just can’t bring yourself to muster any active indignation right now. You just want to sit and sigh.

It’s okay. We understand. Every good liberal activist gets a little overwhelmed every now and then. That’s why, this afternoon, we bring you a piece of much needed liberal fluff. Courtesy of the ACLU, it’s the Cosmo quiz for liberals: Answer the ACLU’s questions, and you’ll see if it’s at all likely that the Bush Administration has had its own Family Research Council version of agents Mulder and Scully keeping track of you.

If you’ve ever spent much time working with a liberal activist group, you know that it’s a conversation that will eventually come up: “I’ll bet the FBI has a file on me,” someone will say. It’s a sign of status to have a file, so indulge yourself. Take the ACLU quiz and find out if you might have a secret agent man on your tail.

We know that the government checks out Irregular Times every now and then, so…

One thought on “The Cosmo Quiz for Liberals”

  1. Agent Smith says:

    Who in the government? What do they check out Irregular Times for?

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