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Mix and Match Agenda

This morning, I’m reading about a few items in the news over the last week, and wondering, Has the Bush Administration totally lost control of its own agenda?

Item 1: Republican First Lady Laura Bush lectures the Middle East about liberating women from seclusion and suppression.

Item 2: Republicans in the House of Representatives move a bill forward that would prohibit women from filling all but a certain number of particular positions in the U.S. military

Item 3: Military recruitment is down so far that American military missions are threatened and military recruiters have taken to using abusive and dishonest tactics to get young people to join the military

If Republicans are using Laura Bush to lecture people in foreign countries about women’s rights, then how come the Republicans are working so hard to restrict human rights here in America?

If military recruitment is at such low levels, then how come the Republicans want to outlaw 50 percent of the American population from filling certain positions in the military?

Someone call Miss Marple, please, because I just can’t make sense of this mystery.

6 thoughts on “Mix and Match Agenda”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    And I’m still baffled as to why people decided America could introduce fair elections to Iraq.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And we’re not supposed to remember the promise that the elections in Iraq were going to solve all the problems there…

  3. Sarah says:

    About the dishonest tactics for getting young people in the military, here’s something a bit scary- my cousin was talking to a recruiter from the Marines who told my cousin to lie about how long it’s been since he was on anti-depressants. That means they’re cutting corners on the mental-health regulations. Picture a schitzophrenic with a machine gun in the Marines.

  4. Sarge says:

    Well, from experience I can tell you that making sense is NOT high priority with military/gov’t operations. They can’t get people in, but they are releasing several thousand mid level NCOs and officers, some involuntarily. And they’re calling back retirees and such. I expect to see the draft before too long, and it should have one good side effect. People will get a first hand look at the way the gov’t REALLY works, and it’s immediate effect on their lives. They won’t be quite so ready to trust “authority” and it’s say-so after that.

  5. mike says:

    The bad side effects of a new draft, though, Sarge, consist of all those young people going over to get their lives destroyed for Dubya’s oil war…and my kids are prime on the target list. On the other hand, we’ll also see how many Senator’s sons and daughters receive that li’l ol’ telegram that starts,”From the President of the United States: GREETINGS!” How many do YOU think will get one? By the way, Sarah? A Schizophrenic machine-gunner in the Marines isn’t too hard to imagine for anyone who has had close contact with Marines in the past. Places like Parris Island have a reputation for taking your normal, reasonably intelligent 18-19-year-old American and turning them into a tree in 12 short weeks…it’s all part of their fun-filled package. And they have a LONG history of doing it Very effectively in a reasonably short period of time. Word of advice: NEVER believe what a Recruiter tells you!

  6. Sarge says:

    I know the bad effects, Mike. I also have a son on the ground in Iraq. He’s a PC (madic) with a marine outfit. Combat medic. Says he’s doing his best to not let others wind up like me.

    Nope, don’t think the draft notices will get much away from the type of neighborhood where I live, and it’s a damn shame. But, that’s the “american way”, isn’t it? No matter what catastrophe might befall everyone else, power and money allow you to buy your way out, and hold the schlubs that get caught in complete contempt. Like that fellow who was a war and draft resistor I mentioned before.

    I think the really unfortunate thing is that Bush I pretty much called it: he mentioned that the American people were “over the vietnam” thing. He didn’t mean that the country was feeling particularly bellicose, or agressive, just that the public wasn’t looking anymore, and were vulnerable to get “boned” again. And haven’t they just done it? It makes me tired, Mike, just makes me tired.

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