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New Feature: The Irregular Wires

We are pleased to introduce The Irregular Wires, a clearinghouse for political news, editorials, information and messages useful to those coming from a progressive perspective. We bring the most important headlines from the liberal blogosphere here for you to imbibe and digest. Specifically, we have snatched RSS newsfeeds from a variety of bloggers writing on a variety subjects of interest and relevance, and brought them together into a set of webpages that update every hour to bring headlines from the latest posts from all these places to this one place. These headlines are themselves links that will take you to the blog where a post was originally written.

We have separate Irregular Wires pages for the following topics:

Generally Progressive
the Environment
the Media
War and Peace

Visit the Irregular Wires daily as they change to reflect the latest news and thoughts of others. Take what you find useful in your own work to build a more democratic, less hateful, more free, less fearful, more responsible, more responsive America.

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