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Rove Leak Scandal Resource: Report on 11 Administration leaks

The office of Congressman Henry Waxman released a new report today outlining the minimum of eleven separate leaks of Valerie Plame’s identity by Bush aides. The link I’m providing here takes you to a summary of this report.

Eleven separate leaks to supporters strains the credulity of claims by Karl Rove, Lewis Libby, and other Bush Administration aides that any revelation of the undercover CIA agent’s identity was purely accidental. The identity of a single undercover CIA agent is not he kind of thing to be accidentally brought up over and over again in secret leaks to journalists by government officials.

If this is an accident, then it looks as plausible as a kid tripping eleven times on the sidewalk between his house and the corner.

Now I can’t say for certain what’s been going on in the White House, because George W. Bush is choosing to keep it all secret, but I can tell you that you spell it with a C and an O and an N and an S and a P and an I and an R and an A and a C and a Y.

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