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Public School Principal in NC Conducts Mandatory Prayers and Religious Songfests: Why We Need the ACLU

The Summer 2005 issue of the ACLU of North Carolina, Liberty, reports that the principal of Lakeside (a public school in Guilford Alamance County, North Carolina) had been leading mandatory prayer sessions for the entire student body, followed by religious singing.

This was put to a stop only after a student contacted the legal team at ACLU-NC, which successfully applied pressure on the school to end the clearly illegal, not to mention unethical, practice.

This is why the Republican Party cannot stand the American Civil Liberties Union and its state affiliates: the ACLU is just about the only force left in America with the wherewithal to stop religious zealots from using government power to shove their beliefs down kids’ throats. Put another way, the ACLU protects individual liberty against the force of the mob. Republican politicians can’t stand that, and that’s why they’re doing all they can to undermine, weaken, and ultimately destroy the ACLU. But as long as the law is on their side and they have the resources to do their job, the ACLU will keep right on defending us and our kids from the efforts of power-mad fundamentalists in government positions.

We can ensure that the law remains on the side of liberty by voting on Election Day, and every day we can harangue our legislative representatives into doing the right thing. We can ensure that the ACLU has the resources to keep our laws enforced by sending off a check. To become a card-carrying member of the ACLU of North Carolina, click here. To contribute to the efforts of the national ACLU, click here.

11 thoughts on “Public School Principal in NC Conducts Mandatory Prayers and Religious Songfests: Why We Need the ACLU”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why we don’t need them…they sue people, groups and organizations to collect the attorney fees that the public pays them in all cases. It is not pro-bono work, it’s tax payers money. They also pick, in many cases, on the weak who cannot afford to defend themselves. They find liberal courts where, and ONLY where, they can get a verdict that suits their political agenda.

  2. randy ray haugen says:

    hoosier, is that you?
    i like to use my full name. i like to use my real name.
    i worry. i’m fearful of reprisal. i’m counting on people with backbone, such as those members of the aclu, to defend my right to speak out against the chicken-shit bastards who hide behind the veil of anonymity while spreading their yellow bile.
    hoosier, if your’e out there, i hope you too will speak out against the anonymus one.

  3. Jim says:

    Yeah, it’s “Hoosier Texan,” which, come on, is really just another name for “Anonymous.”

  4. Rune says:

    Oh, how I hate the ACLU! Why, they’re trying to prevent us Christians from having the freedom to co-opt the public schools to teach children to pray to Jesus! How can democracy survive such an onslaught??? If we don’t have the freedom to replace high school biology classes with Bibles, then I guess this is just commie pinko land!

  5. Ralph says:

    Oh, for pity’s sake, “Anonymous.” Christians are the “weak?” In North Carolina? That martyr act doesn’t become those who are such powerful majorities.

  6. HareTrinity says:

    Does sound like Hoosier, doesn’t it? What is it with him and trying to keep his name hidden?

    “HareTrinity” may not be my name offline, but it is the one I use all over the net (I seem to be the only one out there, too). I can understand maybe being tired of one’s offline name for something other than reputation, I suppose, but why have more than one online name for debating under?

    Are people likely to routinely switch personalities and go somewhere else to say something different?

  7. Stryder says:

    Stryder is the name I go by all over the net too, has been for many years. Of course since that movie came out there’s been a lot of Stryder’s out there. However I don’t see why anyone uses Anonymous when they COULD put in anything and still be unknown.

  8. Mike says:

    My real name is Mike. I’ve posted my last name, address and telephone number at this site in the past. I’m not afraid, Anonymous. Why are you? The ACLU is doing what they are supposed to do: Defend those whose First Amendment rights are being violated, which they clearly were in the case of that school in Guilford County, NC. YOU get over it. If you support the Constitution, as I do, you will stipulate that this was the case. If not then you are just another Religious zealot bent on Theocracy in MY country. If THAT is the case, I will fight you teeth and toenails.

  9. Freddy Niché says:

    I live and my wife teaches in Guilford County, NC. There is no school named Lakeside.

  10. J. Clifford says:

    You’re right. The Lakeside school that violated the First Amendment rights of its students and their parents is in Alamance County, right next to Guilford County.

  11. Art says:

    Oh brother. The ACLU still hides behind the seperation of church and state.

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