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Still Looking for that Homeland Everyone Talks About

Mother Davis puts down the map and gazes out at the horizon as she explains,

For almost four years now, I have been looking in vain. I have walked across America, from town to town, through the prairies, over the mountains. I have been in the desert. I have slipped through the swamps and climbed the once-great receeding glaciers of our land. Even out in Hawaii, I have followed the signs of the giant nomadic albatross to lost caves and craven beach resorts. I have breathed in the smog of our nation and found the last reserves of clean air.

Still, I have not found my quarry, which is as mysterious to me today as the first day, long ago, when I heard of its existence and determined that I would get there. Today, it seems more like some mythical Shangri-la than a real place, but still all our nation’s leaders keep talking about it, so surely it must exist.

Looking for the Homeland Bumper StickerI must continue my journey until I find what I have been looking for. After all these years, I am still looking for that Homeland that everyone keeps talking about. Do you have any idea where it is?

Picking up her walking stick again,
Mother Davis

One thought on “Still Looking for that Homeland Everyone Talks About”

  1. Sarge says:

    Homeland…hmmm. What does that signify? As much as I’ve knocked around the world, I guess I could say I was a “Weltburger” in my views and such. I’m told this is treason.

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