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Top 10 Liberal Bumper Stickers This Week

What’s on liberal America’s mind this week?

We sell thousands of progressive and anti-conservative bumper stickers. Of those, the top ten bumper sticker messages sold over the past seven days:

1. Peace, Earth, Love, Not W Bumper Sticker
2. Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing Its Idiot Bumper Sticker
3. No One Died When Clinton Lied Bumper Sticker
4. Pro-America, Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker
5. Voldemort Votes Republican Bumper Sticker
6. W: Wacko Bumper Sticker
7. More Trees, Less Bush Bumper Sticker
8. Red Slash Through W Oval Bumper Sticker
9. War is Not Pro-Life Bumper Sticker
10. I Wish You Had Not Voted For Bush -- God (Bumper Sticker)

One thought on “Top 10 Liberal Bumper Stickers This Week”

  1. john Mccafferty says:

    need bumper sticker for

    anyone seen George?

    Need a vacation, become President

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