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Unitarian Jihad?

Sometimes, there’s a liberal idea that’s just so different that it’s hard to know what to think of it.

In this category, I place the Unitarian Jihad name generator

The Unitarian Jihad was founded as a tongue-in-cheek nonviolent crusade of radically inclusive anti-crusaders.


Well, the most important thing is that, if you join the Unitarian Jihad, (but also if you choose not to join, but just visit in an attitude of open critical examination) you get a special Unitarian Jihad secret code name. In the spirit (or non-spiritual materialism) of Unitarian public secrecy, I’ll let you know that the Unitarian Jihad assigned me the code name of:

The Sword of Sweet Reason

Don’t worry. It’s a nonviolent sword – you know, a sword that swishes.

Go ahead and visit the Unitarian Jihad name generator to get your own secret code name.

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