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Poets for Kerry

It has been just a little over eleven months since Election Day 2004, and most Americans have put all thoughts of Presidential politics behind them. However, in a little over a year from now America will hold congressional elections, and the day after that election, the presidential campaign for 2008 will officially begin. Operationally, the 2008 presidential campaign has already begun.

Republican Senator John McCain jumped into the race this week, but he’s only the latest in a long line of contenders, running from Tennesee Republican and inside trader Bill Frist to Delaware Democrat and favorite of the credit card corporations Joseph Biden.

Now, John Kerry hasn’t come out and said that he’s planning on running for President again in 2008, but he’s making a large number of national speeches and has taken an awful lot of trips to New Hampshire and Iowa. For anyone who has been through more than one presidential campaign season, the signs are clear: John Kerry will be running for President in 2008.

Among last year’s supporters of John Kerry, many are still around and actively organizing to promote John Kerry’s 2008 presidential bid. Most of the groups that are supporting John Kerry for 2008 are using the same old methods that were devised for the 2004 campaign. A few, however, are taking a novel approach… or, I should say, a literary approach.

Prime among these is a new site that I discovered just today, called Poets for Kerry. Poets for Kerry is unique among all political sites that I’ve seen, in that the people who organize it are not just people who happen to be poets. The Poets for Kerry actually use their skill in poetry in their efforts to promote the 2008 presidential campaign of John Kerry. Every single post on the Poets for Kerry web site will be a poem.

Give these folks a visit. They’ve just started out, and have taken on quite a challenge. I’m sure they could use a word or two of encouragement.

One thought on “Poets for Kerry”

  1. Walt says:

    Fresh and very clever. Best of luck to them!

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