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With increased fuel prices and the vulnerability of fossil fuel energy made clear by Hurricane Katrina, America’s attention to hybrid engines in automobiles has increased. However, not all hybrids are made the same. Some hybrid automobiles use the extra energy of a hybrid engine to boost acceleration instead of significantly increasing fuel efficiency.

How can you tell the difference? A good place to start for information about which hybrid vehicles have useful improvements in mileage, and which ones do not, a useful resource is the Hybrid Center from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Hybrid Center has more than just information about “hollow hybrids”. There are also reviews of the hybrid vehicles now available, comparison charts, and news about hybrid vehicles that will become available in years to come.

For the sake of the planet, and for the sake of our wallets, it’s a good thing that we have resources to have a resource like Hybrid Center to bring us more honest education about hybrids than we would get from the automobile advertisements we watch on TV.

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