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Sunlight Burgles Like a Long Lost Friend

I just heard, while listening to one of those folky NPR weekend music programs on the radio, the following lyric:

“Sunlight comes through the open window like a long lost friend.”

This line really caught my attention, because it occured to me that it just might not be a fair description. How accurately could this metaphor describe a ray of sunlight? After all, doesn’t each lost long friend climb in through an open window in a different way? How, then, am I to understand what kind of sunlight this particular simile means to describe?

Maybe there’s something I’m missing. Maybe there is some kind of common cultural experience of long lost friends climbing through open windows that brings a foundation of understanding to this song.

So, come on and help me understand the symbolism in this lyric, readers. When you see one of your long lost friends, a person you haven’t seen or heard from in ages, climbing through a window that you’ve left open in your house or apartment, what kind of feeling does that give you? Then, what kind of sunlight gives you that same feeling?

4 thoughts on “Sunlight Burgles Like a Long Lost Friend”

  1. Tom says:

    just a thought here Peregrin:
    . . . what if the windows that are open are merely the windows of opportunity, however myriad and random they might occur in real life, and what if the sunlight is just a metaphor for the warmth you feel – the connection to it all – the welcome from the cold of daily reality (if that’s the case, but whatever. . .) the feeling of acceptance of relaxing into the moment – WITHOUT ANALYZING it all a dozen times to Tuesday . . .of the thoughts and feelings that the sunlight playing through the window has on your psyche at that moment. . . .the fact that you’re alive and even HAVE friends to converse with, who know who you are in all your ways and accepting you just the way you are . . . just because . . .

  2. Junga says:

    Yeah, yeah, Tom, but then, why are the friends LOST, and why are the friends coming through an open window, instead of knocking on the door?

  3. Patriot says:

    While reading this article I thought of an old saying “the truth comes to light.” Light dispels the darkness, so what was hidden in the dark is exposed in the light.

    I am comparing “Sunlight comes through the open window like a long lost friend,” to our current trend in this country. As the truth is finally surfacing in the public realm, I have some thoughts that maybe there is hope for this country after all. Maybe the people in this country as a whole, haven’t abandoned the ethics and morals which were safeguards to our Democracy that we used to hold so dear.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Junga! i don’t know, songs and poetry are usually (to me) best digested and ruminated on without all kinds of logical analysis – i’m just trying to feel what the person is saying and acknowledging it. The long lost friend idea could be to describe the feeling of experiencing the ray of sunshine with the same wonderful surprise as that of bumping into an old high school buddy they hadn’t seen in years. An sunlight can just come in windows, but its pretty hard for it to knock. i think what Peregrin is alluding to is the awkwardness and humor of the metaphor, that the sunlight comes through the window, not the old friend (as it reads), and you have picked up on this too, and i see how silly it seems that the LOST PERSON is climbing through your window! It’s fun to take poetry and other artisic expressions and try to run them through the sieve of logic and reason, which often makes them come out different than what the author intended, and finding humor there. Here’s a headline from a newspaper: Police Help Dog Bite Victim! Did the police hold the guy until the dog bit him?

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