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Domestic Espionage Linked to Corrupt MZM, Inc.

Snoop around long enough, and you’ll find a connection between all of the nefarious acts being carried out by the Republican government in Washington D.C. I admit it, I actually exclaimed, “Holy Gee Willikers!” when I saw just what company would be carrying out the spying operations against ordinary Americans under contract with the CIFA, the military intelligence agency that will soon be given the power by the Bush Administration to scour commercial records for details about your private life – in the style of Total Information Awareness.

It’s MZM, Inc. Yes, that’s right, the very same MZM, Inc. that has just been caught giving huge bribes to Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham – and suspiciously large gifts to Representatives Katherine and Virgil Goode as well.

So, folks, it’s not just an issue that the Bush Republicans are arranging for the military agency, CIFA, to gather records about all your private, legal, activities. They’re also hiring a firm infamous for serious corruption to do it. Just consider – if you were to pick any company to spy on Americans’ private lives, what would be the last company you’d choose? I know the last company I would choose is one that had been caught bribing members of Congress. Well, maybe Halliburton would be tied for last place.

Who would have thought that the whole Tom DeLay – Jack Abramoff corruption scandal would have found its way back to the insanity of the Total Information Awareness program?

I’ve looked myself at the unclassified government record that documents the use of MZM, Inc. in the plan to gather information about law-abiding citizens by the CIFA, and, for the record, here are the other companies involved in the plot:

DoD Data Analysis and Engineering Contract, Harris Technical Services Corporation, Alexandria, VA, provides analysis of all source data and provides system design support to the data analysis function.
• Gray Hawk Systems, Inc., Alexandria, VA, provides Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA). • SYtex Inc., Doylestown, PA, provides systems development and engineering support, and Threat Analysis support.
• Oracle Inc., Bethesda, MD, provides technical research, development, and test support. • White Oak Technologies, Silver Spring, MD, provides data harvesting and extraction support
• MZM Inc., provides data acquisition and storage support (and big checks to members of Congress!)
• UNISYS Inc., provides technical exploration and development support

2 thoughts on “Domestic Espionage Linked to Corrupt MZM, Inc.”

  1. Jim says:

    jclifford, erase your hard drive. We’ve really, really pissed MZM off over the months:



    Come to think of it, thanks to the Patriot Act we may already be under surveillance — not only would we not know now — we’d never know.

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