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Unite the American Divide With One Trail

People are fond of saying that there’s more that unites Americans than divides us. I’m not confident that such claims are true, given the deep chasm between progressive Americans and their right wing neighbors. However, there are some goals that ought to unite a majority of Americans, progressives and right wingers alike.

One such goal is the establishment of a trail that traverses the Continental Divide, the line that separates water flowing to the Pacific Ocean from water that flows into the Atlantic. Imagine being able to walk or ride a horse all the way from the border with Mexico up to the Canadian border, following some of the most dramatic terrain in the United States all the way.

The Continental Divide Trail was first envisioned in the 1960s, but its creation has been slow. Today, the Continental Divide Trail Alliance is working to revitalize the idea, and they’re looking for volunteers to help out. You can be part of a team that helps to physically create segments of the Continental Divide Trail, and have a more meaningful vacation than a lazy week at the beach could provide.

Progressives can appreciate the trail for the environmental ethos with which it is being built. Right wingers can appreciate the trail for the love of country that it ought to inspire. If you are not able to volunteer your time to the direct construction of the trail, then you can also aid the cause of walking the great American divide by making a donation to the cause.

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