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Social Science is Hard Work

Social science is a bruising business. Last Friday, I interviewed ten people on the street about how their personalities affected their approach to social interaction.

Three shy people ran away before I could talk to them.

Two insecure people said they weren’t sure, and wanted to know what I thought about it.

One person said her aggressiveness had no social impact, then asked whether I had a problem with that and hit me on the head with my clipboard.

A pair of pathological liars told me they’d love to stop and chat, but were late for their meeting with the Queen.

One nymphomaniac slept with me after I stopped her on the street. To avoid conflict of interest I had to eliminate her from the sample.

A conspiracy theorist refused to discuss the matter, asking instead who was behind the study.

One thought on “Social Science is Hard Work”

  1. Sarge says:

    As I mentioned, my wife spent several weeks involved in the hurricane releif efforts in the gulf area. She said it was amazing how people talked. Apparently, according to some she was with, if people couldn’t afford to get out of those areas, they should have had the good grace to get washed away and therefore reduce the load on resources. The police who turned back refugees “were only doing their job”, it seems. My wife and the lady she flew down with were winding up, job done, packing to go home when the tornados hit Indianna. These same people who had problems with the undeseving recipients of aid from Katrina almost soaked their shoelaces trying to get them to divert to Indianna since they already knew what to do and had most of the paperwork already to go. Told them “it was our kind of people”, by which they meant caucasian, or so I assume. My wife’s freind and partner is a black lady, and they just looked at each other. They went, though, and spent another week and a half away. “They”. I wonder who “they” really are?

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