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Religious Ritual Abuse – But Not Satanic

An interesting case of ritual abuse and murder seems to have taken place in a community in Western Mexico.

An entire family, including the parents of the victims, was involved in the ritual slaying of a little baby girl and 13 year old girl. The baby was hacked to pieces and the older girl was stoned to death and disemboweled. The eight people who participated in their killing said that the girls were possessed by demons. Ten more family members were found locked in a room – they had been judged by the killers to be demonically possesed as well – and were to be subjected to the same brutal exorcism that killed the girls.

The official explanation for the killings is mass mental illness. The eight killers have been ordered to be confined in a psychiatric prison.

It’s easy to just say that anyone who could kill children in their own family in this kind of ritual murder must be crazy. But it was eight people who did this together.

Were all eight of those people truly insane?

There’s something else at work in this case, something much more dangerous than mere insanity.

It’s worth noting that, with all the rumors that run rampant about satanic ritual killings, there is no evidence that any genuine satanic ritual killings have taken place. There are, however, documented cases of Christian ritual killings against perceived satanic enemies.

Make a note of that. If you’re concerned about being ritually killed, it’s not satanism you need to worry about. You need to worry about fervent religious believers who judge you to be satanic.

Faith is often cited as a positive force, but left unchecked, it strips people of their ability to distinguish between credible threats and wild, paranoid imaginations. Under stress, faith can lead apparently ordinary people to do horrific things.

4 thoughts on “Religious Ritual Abuse – But Not Satanic”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Many murderers aren’t insane. In this case I’d say it was a bit of delusion thrown in with how groups behave. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the higher-up members of the group suffered from schizophrenia, though.

  2. Mike says:

    Amazing, there, HareTrinity. I had come to the same conclusion after reading the article. I know that, to the uninitiated, there are some who suffer from schizophrenia who can offer compelling rationalizations for their bizzare behavior…and they can quite often get the uninitiated to buy into their delusions. History is full of ’em. Adolf Hitler is a classic example. I wouldn’t quite go that far with the current American regime.. er , administration…much as I loathe Dubya, he really doesn’t seem to fit within the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia as laid out in the DSM-4. A liar, yes. A coward, yes, that has been established. A weasel, not just yes, but Hell Yes. These Fundamentalist religious systems seem to attract people with this dibilitating disorder with great frequency, another example would be David Koresh.or Jim Jones of “Jonestown” infamy. I’ve seen quite a few of ’em, working in the fiend of Drug & Alcohol counseling, as dual-diagnosis clients. They can be spooky…

  3. HareTrinity says:

    I though Bush was just showing the bad side-effects of too much drugs? Pre-senile dementia is the next most credibly explanation I’ve heard, and that’s not as likely.

    Most of the crazy religious acts of violence seem to be more due to obedience to authority mixed with other things linked to loss of identity in crowds… It’s pretty amazing how much people can do when they’re just told to.

  4. Charles says:

    You’re right about the fact that there have been cases of Christians killing people because they think the people are posessed by the devil. These Christians, among their many other mental/spritual maladies, lack basic reading comprehension skills. I didn’t like my pubic schooling experience, but I know we never had to answer a question as outlandish as, “What methods of murder does Jesus’s exorcism and subsequent forgiveness and acceptance of this person suggest?” The New Testament does not teach murder.

    I have a hard time believing that the sun is orbited by a magical teapot named Clyde. I have an even harder time believing that there are no documented cases of Satanists killing people. Satan lights things on fire (like lives and relationships) and tortures immortal souls eternally. You really think there’s never been a Satanist who’s wanted to call himself a chip off the old butcher’s block?

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