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Ester of Wood Rosin

Last night, I picked up my bottle of Fresca and did something ill-advised: I read the list of ingredients. “Carob bean gum” I expected. “Brominated vegetable oil” was somewhat disturbing, conjuring up images of the soda used in some sort of a stir fry. But the ingredient that really caught my eye was “Ester of Wood Rosin.” Ester of Wood Rosin sounds to me like some kind of mix between a Celtic fairy tale and the sequel to Anne of Green Gables. Or perhaps the title of a participant in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Get thee to a smithy, Ester of Wood Rosin!

One thought on “Ester of Wood Rosin”

  1. John Stracke says:

    Yeah, my wife and I are in the SCA, and she’s always had it in mind that if she needs an alternate persona, she’ll call it Ester of Wood Rosin.

    (A persona is the person you pretend to be in the SCA; an alternate persona is one you set up to do things that don’t make sense for your normal persona—generally things that are too silly, or beneath your dignity, or something.)

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