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Daily Liberal Sudoku #1: “I AM The Federal Government!”

Yesterday, I shared with you my obsession for sudoku, the spare yet satisfying Japanese logic puzzle. Today, I’m inaugurating a new feature at Irregular Times that I hope you’ll find to be a fun diversion from our religious and political angst: daily liberal sudoku.

As in classic sudoku, the object of liberal sudoku is to fill in a 9×9 grid so that each member of a set of nine symbols appears once and only once in each column, once in each row, and once in each of nine smaller 3×3 sub-boxes. The twist with liberal sudoku is to replace the numbers 1-9 with a set of nine letters. At the bottom of the puzzle is a clue, hinting at a name, a word, or a phrase related to liberalism that appears in one of the rows or columns of the puzzle. Using the clue in combination with rules of logic, you should be able to fill in all the boxes and find the one possible solution.

Today’s clue: Embedded in this puzzle is the name of the politician who screamed “I am the federal government!” at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in 2003.

Click here for today’s liberal sudoku.

One thought on “Daily Liberal Sudoku #1: “I AM The Federal Government!””

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Oh, *.pdf file.

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