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Images of Mohammed on Images of Mohammed

80 thoughts on “Images of Mohammed on Images of Mohammed”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Ha… He looks cute in that little comic.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Cute little Mohammed. I love it. He kind of looks like the server at my favorite coffee shop – like he would listen to Indy Rock. Was Mohammed an indy rock fan? THAT’S an image.

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  5. Thank You says:

    I think that the one who published this cartoon , even has nothing to do with humanity or what others fell about their relegion and their prophet.Or, he don’t care about the biggest personnality in history. in all cases he did something bad and he know this because he knew who he can feel if some one drawn a cartoon of Him in a bad way. anyway , all i can is that i hope this person apologise to himself because he dosn’t know what he did to himself and i don’t think he will do it ,moreover a small artical saying that he was wrong to do this will be enough.

    For Your Knowledge i m a muslim and i will not do it even with your favorite football player let alone someone who is your example.

    Thank You.
    From a MUSLIM

  6. Thank You says:

    Sorry for the mistakes I just realise that i made mistakes after i published the coment.

    Thank you

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  9. Micky Spilltrane says:

    Of course if you consider Mohammed the most important person in history, you are doomed to forever be stupid, or worse. Mohammed was a soldier, a killer. And he married childred, he was a pedophile. To treat this man in a manner superior to any other man. And the so-called prophet was just that: a man. You are condemning us in the west to pious hypocricy. Unless we convert to Islam, of course. The only blasphemy is censorship! PHATwa back at ya, muselmans!!!

  10. malicat says:

    could someone send me the first cartoon of mohammed to
    And oh yes, everyone calm down.
    It doesn’t matter if your black white or pakistani, we all come from one place,
    the punnany.
    One love!

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  13. Lineareagle says:

    OK now let me get this straight. First there were prophets who were asking people to worship GOD
    then another prophet came along and said to worship the same GOD but with greater purity then another prophet came along and wanted people to worship THE SAME GOD but not like those other people. Now all these people are in the same place all worshiping but hating each other, which GOD said don’t do. NO, no just a second he did say KILL the Heathen OK so thats OK but oh I don’t know it is all so confusing. Does God want us heathen to kill all the believers now because they are so evil and sinful or should we just all laugh at each other and get on with the short life we have, but what about the afterlife ah ha now what the hell do we do? I mean is it the same God up there or what?

  14. Dars Prasden says:

    Thank you Denmark..
    For not apologising and for upholding the freedom of speech..

  15. mac from USA says:

    Stand up for freedom of speech. This is not a Muslim world.

  16. Dan from USA says:

    These people have got to be the most sinful on the face of the planet. Why do they riot? Whoever wrote the comic will be punished according to the Lord’s standard. Do they think the Lord needs their help? That is blasphemy. The Lord does not need their help. He will deal with it the way He sees fit. On top of this, they have given a bad name to the religion. I embarrased to see this on TV. Now, they are supposedly attacking Christians. Huh? Have they read the Holy Quaran lately? Who is that guy who is supposed to come on judgement day? These people may call themselves “Muslims”, but they are nothing of the sort. They are hate-mongering infidels who I think may be in for a surprise when they die. It is amusing that most U.S. media outlets would not show the cartoon, but if it was a crucifix in piss they would have no problem.

  17. samy says:

    we cant leave those muslem to ask the free world to do what they wish.Thanks Denmark for this Images and not to apologise to these bloody people.GOD bless you Pr.Bush in your war against muslem terrorizm

  18. Abusing freedom of speech says:

    Look, if a freind of yours doesnt like being called a certain name, then stop calling him that. It is obvious, and the newspaper blatantly knew that these cartoons would seriously offensive to Muslims all over the world. What was the need of taking the piss? Was it a debate about wether Islam is a good/bad religion? No it wasn’t. It was simply to take the piss and provoke a response from the Muslims. For many a year I have researched the arguments going on all spectrums of the freedom of speech/expression debate, especially with the advent of new media in a globalised world and it just boils down to COMMON SENSE. Anyone saying that it was a good thing for the cartoons to be published needs to understand that in today’s small and integrated world we cannot act like animals in the jungle and do as we please. Like any civilised society we need to be able to live amongst each other. Thus we do not needlessly cause conflict, especially when it comes to religion (some people find this dearer to them than their own families or own lives). There should be religous debate, but it needs to be a debate and not an immature and barbaric ridicule of anothers faith allow for a response on both sides. I would ask the readers if they were to see it as reasonable for me to publish cartoons of their parents/ children in the most offensive and lude way?
    At the end of the day though, the guys that published the cartoons knew exactly what they were doingin provoking a reaction. We can now see the true colours of the claim of a civilised and tollerant society. Have we ever seen or heard of a Muslim ridiculing any other peoples religion? Why can we not show the same respect?

  19. Jim says:


    “Have we ever seen or heard of a Muslim ridiculing any other peoples religion? Why can we not show the same respect?”

    Well, um, yes, we have, all the time.

    “just boils down to COMMON SENSE.”

    One of the take-home points from this episode is that there is no Common Sense if that means a sense people have about things that is common to all people. Common Sense is shorthand for “what seems obvious to me.” It may seem obvious to you, #15, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Yes, you can publish cartoons of my parents/children in the most offensive way you think possible, as long as you do not threaten their actual safety (A picture that says “I’m going to kill your mother tomorrow night!” is beyond the pale because it crosses the threshold from language to actual physical danger). I may get upset about it, and I may tell you you’re an asshole, but I can’t stop you from doing it. That’s the price I pay for living in a free society, and I am glad to pay it, because the benefits far outweigh the costs (which are under my control, since I don’t have to get my knickers in a twist about it unless I choose to).

  20. Abusing freedom of speech says:

    Name me one case where a Muslim has ridiculed another reliogon, or a prophet/ leader of that relligion? Yes they have critisised, condemmed to hell and all the rest of it but all in serious debate. I have never seen them to go so low as to provoke anger via ridicule of a prophet from God so dear to them.

    Also, it is sad to hear you cavalier attitude towards the honour of your parents/children. If there isn’t a law stopping people from publishing images to that nature (lewd/offensive cartoons of ur parents/children) THEN THERE SHOULD BE!

    Regarding your free society, which one is that? Mars? There is no society that is FREE. There is always censorship of some things we say. In your hoouse woth ur family, do u not exersise censorship or do u freely say the first thing that comes out of ur heads, even in anger? Again: THIS IS WHAT SEPERATES HUMANS FROM ANIMALS!

  21. Jim says:


    You’re playing change-the-terms-of-the-debate on me. I don’t play that game. I satisfied your first conditions. I expect a retraction from you before I respond further.

  22. Eyedawg says:

    Isn’t it the whole point of Freedom of Speech that people can speak their opposing (or offensive) views?
    One way or another, Muslims are sure making themselves look bad through their actions right now.
    Death threats and burning over a cartoon? How sensitive can you get. Almost as bad as invading Iraq…


  23. An American Mick says:

    Hey, Abusing:
    Arab newspapers caricaturize Jews, Americans, and Europeans all the time, and in the worst possible ways given the culture in which they’re printed. As an Arab linguist with a good bit of experience studying Islamic culture, politics, and religion, I can assure you that Moslems can be the least tolerant, most oppressive, most offensive people on earth, and the least able to take it in return. I am amazed by the tolerance they have been accorded by Europeans, even in the face of rioting and other outrages against the societies that have welcomed them with open arms.

    But once again: nothing anyone has done, said, or printed can possibly excuse the violence, threats, and ridiculous display of ignorance we are seeing now. You paint a picture of noble moslem victims, but it’s a crock. Even other Moslems are ashamed of what we’re witnessing.

    I, like Jim and like most other reasonable people, would also not do violence to someone who printed caricatures ridiculing my family/religion/culture. Regardless how it made me feel, I’d act with civility and thank God (or the devil, I guess) for the freedom they have to do it.

    Oh, and by the way, I’ve never seen an animal print a caricature of a religious leader. We have all, however, seen animals rampage.

  24. Angry Aussie says:

    A charactature that causes such violence, such ignorance, and such stupidity. The muslim community in Denmark has a great deal to answer for over these riots. I am all for the freedom of religion, and the freedom of speech, but to be offended by something in the free press to the point of rioting.

    That sickens me to the core.

    There are many other more appropriate manners in which to voice your distate for the printed word. All of which are preferrable to a riot.

    The muslim communities in Denmark no-doubt CHOSE to live there. So therefore, they should obey the laws within that country. If the comics were published in an Islamic country, I can understand the anger, but still not the violence.

    Nothing can excuse these horrid acts of violence.

    As you said Abusing – “This is what seperates humans from animals”, speaking of restraint. Where was the restraint of those involved?

    Where was their reasoning, and logic?

  25. bucky the catholic says:

    They had the ‘pissed Christ’ in Melbourne Australia and it was allowed. This defamed the whole Christian faith. So why not allow the comics. Lets face it there is not a lot of positive
    stories about the Muslim faith at the moment. The disgraceful behaviour in Denmark has just
    proved the danger of fanatics, particularly Muslims. Any so called religion that denigrates
    other religions cannot be a true faith.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mo was a man. Had some kind of illness where he believed he communed with god, married a child, advocated beating your wife if she did not agree with you. Would have to undergo treatment in 2006.

  27. arabpride says:

    I’ve read every one of these comments. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of you are fucking racists. Must be American. What the Muslims are doing is completely uncalled for, but so was the comic by the press. The Muslims could have definately done something a bit less violent, but this could have been prevented if the writer of the comic could have had the common sense not to publish such a discriminatory comic. Even if they had published it, the writer/press should have apologized and offered some form of repent, because such blatant racism is just plain stupidity.

  28. Jim says:

    No, arabpride. If you know anything about Islam, and I’m sure you do, you know that its adherents are not limited by race but span a number of ethnicities. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation and it is not Arab. I’m sure there are some racists in the bunch who are commenting here, but I’m not motivated by racism. Me, I’m motivated by people kidnapping, torching embassies and committing other acts of violence over a cartoon. I’m motivated in my criticism by the unfortunate tendency of religious zealots to try to force everybody else to live by their own standards. Classic bullying behavior. If you read elsewhere on Irregular Times you’ll see we are actually harder on Christianity than we are on Islam. Does that make us “fucking racists,” or is a “fucking racist” just someone who disagrees with you and who you choose to get mad about?

  29. An American Mick says:

    Uhh, arabpride, “could have done something a bit less violent”? Now THAT’s scathing criticism… How about, “could have protested peacefully and expressed their outrage without calling for executions and holy war over an opinion contrary to their own”??

    You can call me a “fucking racist” just because I’m American and I don’t agree with you, but God forbid I should insult your “arabpride” by recognizing the absolute fact that there’s a hell of a lot of terrorism in the world and that the vast majority of it is being committed in the name of Islam.

    When the Moslem world apologizes en masse for the systematic and wanton slaughter of innocent people specifically TARGETED by Moslem terrorists, and does something to TRY to restrain a runaway fundamentalist element, then maybe the Moslem world will deserve an apology from anyone, anywhere, for anything.

  30. sexy kevin says:

    hey arabpride, guess what? “Oh we only resorted to violence and called for death threats because they didn’t have the sense to not post that comic”. Every other group in the entire world has to deal with a little critisism. Is the image of your prophet really so weak that it can be hurt by a simple comic? Prophets stand tall, and shine through the ages. And, typically, don’t condone the mass murder of inocents in the name of allah. I agree with american mick, you guys have some explaining to do before you will get an apology from anyone.

    oh and as a side note, pope john paul the second applogized on behalf of the christian world for the harsh treatment of jews over the centuries. he did this personally.

  31. sensible steve says:

    If muslims are so unhappy with the west why don’t they just get on a boat to an islamic country. Could it be the lack of benefits? If Christians decided to riot in a muslim country what would be the response? Islam does not like discussion ahout its beliefs – about the illness of Mohammed (details can be found on the world wide web, a tumour on the pituitary is the cause of seizures, visions and his physical appearance as detailed in the Hadith). A whole religion is based on a sick man who married many women plus a nine year old child (paedophile?) due to his low fertility. Satan is amongst us in the form of Islam.

  32. aamina says:

    because like evrybody says “freedom” so you hav freedom to live where you want how you want
    and as for the comic i hav researched the history of the quraan and not to be rude but that cant be true because its a known fact the quraan is the only religious book that nothing has eva been changed not a dot nor a line and in the quraan it states about picture not being allowed mostly because of something called biddah which is where ppl get attached to something and forgets wat the main obbjective was eg.the cartoons could cause biddah by ppl believing they now hav a piece of the prophet and would pray to the pic which would be idle worshipping which is forbidden in islam and would take the focus away from the god ALLAH so thats mostly the reason its so big and even the prophet saw said nobody should bow nor pray to him so the cartoons go against his word and in islam a muslims word is his/her honour!
    and if you think biddah doesnt exsist anymore you are so wrong if you go to the kaba in mecca ppl would jump for a piece of cotton of the kaba and would praise it or would kiss everything they see in order to get barakah which is blessings so look at the reasoning!

  33. aamina says:

    to sexy kevin your debate is bad,you preach about they could hav done it with less vilence yet you speak violence with your tongue watch what you say and to whom you say it too a religion isnt a toy you play with and thats why people take it serious there hav been movies of jesus mocking him too?nobody stood up for there prophet?like you said is your prophet so weak etc then it means that your religion is weak too if they cant stand up for wat they believe in maybe not in violance but with words of wisdom which they didnt.does this mean you are so use to your prophets been mocked you dnt give a crap? or because you think that life is made of jokes? or your faith is so bad u gave up hope in believing or fighting for wats right?or because you too wrapped up in your on life you cant see why ppl are fighting for?think your debate and controle you tongue it can do more harm than any bomb or fire!

    i personally do not mock any prophet or any religion its just a mere discussion and sorry if i offended anybody for i believe in all prophets and i believe unto you your religion and unto me mine i do not ask you to accept my believes nor would i follow your believes!
    bless ya all!

  34. An American Mick says:


    Isn’t it biddah for Moslems to see a cartoon as an actual representation of Mohammed, and act as if the cartoon were a personal attack on Mohammed? It looks a lot like the protesters/arsonists/killers are treating Mohammed as a god himself, which would be a direct violation of Islamic teaching.

    He’s a dead prophet, in the words of Abu Bakr, his successor. Abu Bakr urged Moslems not to make Mohammed a god, to remember that he was just a man and was now dead, and to keep their eyes on God. It looks to me like Mohammed is being made into a little god.

  35. aamina says:

    they taking it as a personal because this would create biddah and is a direct attak on the prophet (saw) name and thus they deffend in his honour but this shouldnt be handle with violent protest but with peacfull pleads and prayers and ppl tend to use there hearts and get personal instead of really fighting for the honour of his name they fight for there own pride!and it is in violation of islamic teachings i agree it shouldnt be handle with violence!and yes but why they praise him so much isnt in a godly sense though ppl make it seem that way they should fight for his honour peacfully and only because he is the most beloved of allah and it says in the quraan to love alllahs prophets expecially him!

  36. n_beck says:

    i totally agree with aamina. because our prophet toght us to be kind even if he is enemy of your. he did it after the war and set free the enemies caught after the war. i think and i m sure that in situations like today we should just take our self control and do thinks in way how God showed. in the end all these attempts are
    no more then game, through which some people are trying to damage the image of islam.

  37. n_beck says:

    yes christians praying to the pictures. you think that these things will let you approach the god. and after that some people get this role and they changed the bible. unlike quraan .
    in fact i m a new muslim. i thought i was a muslim before but when i researched more i found out that this is the religion of happines .every situation good or unsatisfactory makes you happy.
    in the other way some people r trying to ignore the presence of God like strauss. i would suggest them to start tto think while they can.

  38. An American Mick says:

    Now, you see, why can you not speak of Islam without insulting other religions? Why must you tear down Christians in an effort to defend Moslems? Christians think their bible is perfect. I don’t, but they do. You think your Quran is perfect. I don’t, but you do. Why can you not just accept that because Christians think their way is correct, then IT IS, for them? I believe that because you think Islam is perfect, then IT IS, for you. Not for me, and not for Christians, but for YOU.
    Some people think that crawling on their hands and knees for miles brings them closer to God. I don’t, but THEY DO. And that should be good enough for all of us to accept, as long as they don’t try to make US crawl on our hands and knees to be closer to their God.
    I’m glad you have re-discovered your religion and are happy with how it has improved you life. But just because YOU find happiness in Islam, that doesn’t mean I need to be Moslem. I have my own happiness, and it doesn’t include Islam. I do not need YOUR RELIGION to be happy, and I am NOT IGNORANT because I don’t share your religion. When you call non-Moslems ignorant and evil, it is more insulting than if you had drawn a picture of my god with a bomb on his head. Should I call for your death and burn your embassy? It would only be fair, no? But I won’t.
    Because I respect you more than you do me.

  39. FF84 says:

    I just think it’s sad how muslims respect your religions more than you do. Ofcourse if you can’t even respect Jesus Christ, How do people expect you to honor other religions? you know for a nation who is supposedly “free” you’re damn close minded. You don’t know the first thing about freedom. It’s for everyone and it’s a right bestowed by God onto all human beings, it’s not a privilage. The fact that you’re “free” in no way shape or form gives you the right to disrespect other’s beliefs. Until you can all see that, there will continue to be a huge unrest in the world.

  40. Jim says:

    1) I don’t have a religion.
    2) See Iranian Holocaust cartoons.

  41. Layla says:


    And when someone crashes planes into World Trade Center, we should ‘just shut up’? When someone blows up a wedding, we should ‘just shut up’? When someone beheads hostages we should ‘just shut up’, because they say do it in the name of Allah? Why don’t any Moslems speak out about these things?

    When people believe God wants them to kill everyone who does not belong to their religion, it is time to disrespect that belief.

  42. Jim says:

    Layla, I think FF84 is a person who is irrational. Just look at the internal inconsistencies of his/her statements. I agree with you, but I wonder whether making an argument based on absurdities will even penetrate the skull. Hopefully your point will register with someone else.

  43. Madeleine says:

    Holidays in M. North Africa:
    One day our guide (muslim)said:
    We are sending our people all over the world, they have to make
    babies and one day will overpower the world!

  44. James says:

    Jim is willing to insult practitioners of Buddhism as much as he may some Muslims..
    see this URL for interesting details:

  45. Jim says:

    Well, yes, I am. No shit, Sherlock.

    This is hardly a shocking expose. Don’t treat it as such.

    I have demonstrated myself willing to make fun of the behavior and ideas of Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Atheists when I find their behavior and ideas to merit being made fun of.

    If you are looking for a place where certain ideas as held to be so sacred that it’s against the rules to question them, this ain’t the place.

    If you are looking for everyone to validate your beliefs just because you want them to be validated, you will be continually disappointed in the world.

  46. هانسون says:

    للاسف لاتزال هذه الاساءات مستمرة ضد نبي المسلمين

  47. ALI says:


  48. Jim says:

    And when am I going to be struck down, Ali?

    Next Wednesday, or the Thursday after that?

    I need to know, because I have a hair appointment scheduled and all.

  49. Alan says:

    No black hearts here. They harm no one. They do not kill. They do not burn. They speak. They ask questions. They look for truth. Allah made many different people from many religions. For what? Is Allah stupid?

    If you only listen to one voice, you will not know the truth.

  50. dw says:

    Islam is like a really slow version of invasion of the body snatchers.or like the borg in star trek assimilating peoples to the arabs ways. look at pakistan, afghanistan iran

  51. dw says:

    At one time you had distinct civilizations brought down by the poisonous wrath of islam.


    These cartoons made the muslims very tampered because these cartoons are of the HAZART MOHAMMED(SAWW), and HAZART MOHAMMED(SAWW) had a very high place in the hearts of all muslims of the whole world. Therefore these cartoonist must be punished badly by the DANISH Gov.

  53. Peregrin Wood says:

    Now you want the government of Denmark to ask for our extradition so that we can stand trial in Europe?

    Or, do you want Denmark to invade the United States and take us by force, SYED IRFAN IMAM ZAIDI?

  54. Jim says:


    Your post made this atheist very tampered because your post is BORING(REALLY) and BORING(REALLY) has a very high place in the list of things that make me go BOIIING in the whole world. Therefore you must be punished badly by MY PET tuatra.

  55. SABIH says:


  56. Meesum Zaidi says:

    that’s what we need to know, your hate for islam. At one side you talk for freedom of speech and at other side you disturb the freedom of beleief. what a duality EUROPE. wait for the christ to reappear and tell you the truth, then you’ll be having no time to be ashamed of your deeds. Lets respect other’s believes so that they respect our’s. Think patiently.

  57. Layla says:


    “Punished badly” is not good. Muslims are not a religion of peace.


    HAZART???? Shu hada? Shreeyani ‘hazart’?

    The closest Arabic I can find is hazr ‘estimation, appraisal, guess, riddle’. Judging by the poster’s name, maybe it’s not Arabic, but Urdu language. This punishing stuff is getting pretty tedious though, no matter who threatens it. According to fictional accounts, a form of ‘cat scratch fever’ torture–introducing infection into animal wounds –is used in certain middle eastern dungeons, I’ll spare you the rest of the details of how it’s done.

  58. Layla says:

    Sabih and Meesum,

    How does a cartoon stop your freedom? A cartoon is not a prophet. It is only a picture of a prophet. Your Prophet is dead and in heaven. A cartoon cannot hurt your Prophet.

    Moslems have bombs. Moslems burn embassies. Moslems kill people at weddings. Moslems cut off heads with swords. This is not repect for Allah. This is hate for the people Allah created.

  59. M00N says:

    you must respect the greatest prophet Mohammad

  60. Anonymous says:

    Must say, I don’t like the sound of these here BROPHETS coming around punishing brainless people. Are these BROPHETS going to come around and pull out their respirators and feeding tubes? Presumably we’re talking about people on life support here, I mean, since they don’t have brains and all. What is it exactly that the BROPHETS have against them?

  61. fizcan says:

    the whole religon concept is not for the 21st century, if not for the most fundamental questions as why humans are on earth and what is the purpose of the civilization i think religon is not serving any essantial purposes,devolped logic and rational of the 21st century can better help the civilization to progress further. main stream media has even started commenting on it more openly as it can be observed in new best seller The davinci code, the whole novel is written on belief that religon is man made entity and that we have written history as proof; i think west and rest are not able to convers on a point properly because both when talking about same issues have entirely different ways at looking the prolem, if we take the Muhammad cartoon issues,21st centuary west considers freedom of speech more important then respecting the faith of Islam,and 14th century islam takes fait of the religon more sacred then the power of freedom of speech, well history shows us that 14th century christens werent as tolerent as they are in modern times, so how could muslims are expected to come to terms with the idea that its alright to joke about your ideal prophets.

  62. J. Clifford says:

    Must I respect the greatest prophet Mohammad, Moon? I think that I don’t have to. Let me prove it to you.


    The prophet Mohammad is a coconut.

    See? I don’t HAVE to do anything you say.

    Now, Layla, let’s be balanced here and point out that our own American government has killed people at weddings in both Iraq and Afghanistan as part of its own Christian-motivated (as Bush himself says) War on Terror. There’s enough accusations of brutality to go around to everyone fighting in this pointless conflict.

  63. Iroquois Honky says:

    jclifford, the American government is ‘killing people at weddings in Iraq and Afghanistan’? That’s not a very precise statement. Are you referring to collateral damage from bombing? Or those embarrassing surgical strikes against supposed al-Qaeda meetings a few years ago that turned out to be based on locals who used the American military for vengence against rival tribes? Or maybe military actions based on faulty intelligence about al-Qaeda, false information no doubt obtained under torture? You seem to be saying the American military intentionally targets civilians, which I do not believe to be the case. In fact, the opposite seems to be true; when civilians are killed the US government goes out of its way to issue statements saying the target was military.

    Or maybe you are trying to say the al-Zarkawi attack on civilians in Amman’s Jordanian hotels were justified because of something that happened in another country under the command of the American government? That’s like saying there’s a link between Saddam and al-Quaeda.

    When it comes to civilian deaths, I don’t think there is any good reason to shut up. If we are going to hold officials at Guantanamo accountable for their treatment of detainees captured during combat, surely we must hold accountable Islamic fundamentalists who intentionally kidnap and behead civilian prisoners while shouting “Allah is greater”.

  64. Ralph says:

    Is it “imprecise” to say that the U.S. military has killed people at weddings in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Well, the people at those weddings were alive before the American bombs hit them. Then they were dead. The bombs killed them, so there you have it.

    Oh, but it was “collateral damage.” I guess that means you didn’t kill someone if you say “collateral damage.” Or at least, you know, not “precisely.”


    Timmothy McVeigh called the children he killed in the Oklahoma Federal Building “collateral damage.”

    Is it “imprecise” to say McVeigh killed children in Oklahoma?

  65. Alan says:

    So Ralph is in favor of people with bomb vests walking into major hotels in world capitols and detoning bombs, but not in favor of any method of warfare that doesn’t guarantee 100% no civilian casualties. I suppose by Ralph’s definition, the World Trade Center would be “collateral damage.”

  66. Jim says:

    What a patently ridiculous of piece of emotional attention bait.

  67. Ralph says:

    How do you possibly get that I am in favor of “people with bomb vests walking into major hotels in world capitols and detonating bombs?”

    I neither said nor implied anything like that, of course.

    Alan is just dipping into that sorry bag of lazy arguments the ideological hacks have been using since 9/11: You say something I don’t like but I can’t be bothered to formulate a rational argument against it, so I’ll just accuse you of supporting terrorism.

    It’s getting old.

  68. Alan says:

    It’s hard to figure out exactly what Ralph is trying to say. Is he able to state his position without all the na nanny na na?

  69. Alan says:

    Oh, and I thought the wedding thing turned out not to be true, it was just some propaganda. Like the thing about the kids writing on the bomb. And like the thing early in the war about American soldiers raping Iraqi women, which turned out not to be true either. The pictures get all over the front pages, but the true story, which takes time to research, gets buried in the back pages.

  70. Ralph says:

    Explain to me how you come to the conclusion that I support people with bomb vests bombing hotels, based on anything I said in post 61.

    That’s what I’m trying to say. Just focus on that: ponder for a while what those words might mean.

    If there are words you don’t understand, look them up in a dictionary. “Bomb,” for example, is a thing that explodes, and “hotel” is a place people rent rooms to stay overnight. Odd that those words would trip you up though, considering you used them yourself in post 62. You’re not posting using words you don’t understand, are you?

    Is it the grammar that’s tripping you up? Here’s a couple of hints: In keeping with the conventions of the imperative mood, the agent of the sentence is an implied, but not stated, “You” (i.e. Alan). The pronoun “I” refers to me, Ralph, and the pronoun “you” refers to you, Alan.

    If you’ve got the vocabulary and grammar down, but are still having problems parsing the meaning, let me know where you’re getting hung up.

    But let’s be honest. Forcing me to guide you, one baby step at a time, through the meaning of something so painfully obvious, is an exercise in absurdity. You are being absurd on purpose, because it’s a cheap, easy way to falsely smear me as a supporter of terrorism. You’re not just smearing me, you’re attacking the conventions of rational discourse because they run counter to your ideology.

  71. ab says:


  72. Jim says:

    Well, that’s not as much lube as Poland, but more than Lichtenstein. Make sure it’s waterbased, and that you ask nicely first.

  73. mix says:

    There are some great comments floating about some true too I have to laugh at certain groups self indulgence self promotion self self self I tired of western news services a decade ago and the jews etc will never change there Ideas so let them rot in a box at the bottom of nothing!

  74. *angel* says:

    …well i don’t really no wer 2 start…i guess its cause ive seen way 2 many comments…wat ive realised is that these posting of comments have started 2 turn out as an online vocal fighting session!! i mean every1 wants to gt there point ad then f*** all the other ppl who think differently!!!
    well i c it this way…i c freedom as an illusion we try 2 see it @ the times we want 2 c it…and we leave it @ times we feel bad….
    but 2 tell u the truth…even freedom now-a-days has limits….

  75. *angel* says:

    i cn sit down and look @ the cartoons 4 ages…probably joke about them, bt i no from the bottom of my heart that they r wrong…no one has the right 2 mock other ppls religions, nt under the freedom of speech and nt under any form of freedom…
    if u guys had realised, the cartoon drawings of the prophet mohamad later turned into a contest 2 c who could make him appear the worst…do u call that freedom?

    and the western world is not perfect…in fact…it is wat made arabs wat they r right now…isnt it them who forced the jews onto the palastinian territory? isnt it them who bomed iraq? isnt it them who have imprisoned more then 10000 palastinian civilians whos only crime was walking in the streets? isnt it them who abused prisoners in the abu-ghreeb prison? isnt it them who helped the war on lebanon? and on and on…
    oh…almost forgot…they dd not only attack arabs…but also vietnam,like rascism against blacks………….
    bt even though they do all those things, iwill not drop down to their level and insult their religions because it is just not right… if i keep on writing, i will never finish so wateva…

  76. The Animist says:

    I don’t think that the good people here insult the religion, they insult the extremists who send death threats and try to make everyone adhere to their religious code.

  77. Jim says:

    You can write “no one has the right 2 mock other ppls religions, nt under the freedom of speech and nt under any form of freedom…”

    But what makes that true, “angel”? Is it your opinion that makes it right? That it feels right to you? What is the standard by which rights are set in societies? It depends on the society, doesn’t it? In some societies, there are constitutions.

    Yeah, “wateva.” Freedom, schmeedom, blah, blah, blah.

  78. Tomsnundeno says:

    Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters
    who came to Iraq in the past year to facilitate attacks.

  79. IN says:




  80. IN says:

    all d ppl whu hatee isllammm goo diieeeeee coz overall dats wat uu deserv tuu diie and nevrr see d worlLdd agenn coz uu hav d biggest heds growin thinkin urr all datt wenn uurr nott ;; use rr all loads ovv shiittt on erthh

  81. Voltaire says:

    Animist, you may be wrong! I could definitely mock Islame, Jehovah’s witness with swords.

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?

    Mohammed’s Witness!

    Wow that’s a really sharp sword! Is that blood dripping from it?

    And people worry about Christians!

  82. tarek says:

    fuck you

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      I think that’s a lovely reminder of the way that religion so often “elevates” a conversation, Tarek.

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