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Daily Sudoku has died; Daily Sudoku has risen; Daily Sudoku will come again

Let us pray.

I’m visiting for a few days and don’t have regular internet access, so I’ll have to put Daily Liberal Sudoku on the back burner. Look for it to come on back before the new year.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a fact that made me go “hmmmm.” It turns out that Sudoku is not a puzzle of Japanese origin. The name is Japanese, but the source is a fellow who wrote for Dell Puzzles in the states a few years back. When he came up with the puzzles and put them in a Dell puzzle book (one of those you see at the supermarket), they just didn’t catch on. But the Japanese noticed them, gave them the name Sudoku, and released them in Japan to wide popularity. Only then did they make it back here to the United States. That’s globalization for you.

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