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Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist?

It was only a matter of time. When one faith meets another faith, the interaction usually results in the height of human silliness.

A case in point when a Christian fundamentalist reader of ours encountered our Irregular Times articles about Buddhist marathon meditator Ram Bomjon, he wrote the comment that you see in blockquote below.

Ram Bomjon is a teenage boy in Nepal, who, according to his followers, has been meditating for something like seven months now without moving, with eating or drinking, and without going to the bathroom. Ram Bomjon’s inner circle says he just sat down at the base of a pipal tree, and hasn’t moved since, in spite of the fact that he has been bitten by a snake.

Skeptics of Ram Bomjon point out that no outsider has been allowed to get closer than 15 feet to the boy, and that Ram Bomjon is often hidden from public view by a series of barriers erected by his inner cadre of fellow teenagers. They note the great financial benefits that Ram Bomjon’s village has received from the publicity surrounding the meditation marathon, and the money received by the local Buddhist monks as well, from pilgrims eager to buy Ram Bomjon souvenirs. We’ve pointed out that photographs prove that Ram Bomjon has moved, in spite of believers’ claims to the contrary.

So, Ram Bomjon may be a huckster. But does that make him the antichrist? Well, according to our Christian fundamentalist reader, yes. A reader calling himself THE GOD SQUAD, whom I suspect is employed by the company that makes the Caps Lock key for computer keyboards, left the following amusing comment about Ram Bomjon’s vigil:

““Little Buddha” First of all he is NOT GOD!!! Anti Christ maybe? The Anti Christ(Satan)will deceive the whole world, and every religon except the born again Jews and Christians, by saying that he’s “GOD” and those of you who don’t read,and study your bible will most likely follow the Anti Christ.The second coming of Christ Jesus will happen after SATAN deceives the whole world FIRST by saying that he’s “GOD” and forceing his mark on you,or off with your HEAD!!! by the way satan’s mark (THE MARK OF THE BEAST) is most likely a computer micro chip!!! THAT boy is a FAKE or MAYBE the ANTICHIRST! But GOD!!! NEVER that BOY does’nt hold a candle compare to GOD. By the way GOD’S son is JEWISH!!!! May the REAL GOD who is in HEAVEN as we speak shed some LIGHT on YOU!!! May CHRIST be with you!! Merry CHRISTmas!!! “

I am not convinced by THE GOD SQUAD that Ram Bomjon is the antichrist, but I am convinced that the road to high humor is traced through comments about microchips and the mark of the Beast. Are we to believe that Satan has been travelling the foothills of the Himalayas, inspiring teenage boys to sit down by trees in order to inspire the earth into triggering the End Times? Well, I don’t have firsthand experience with Ram Bomjon and his tree sitting show, but I suspect that he has more in common with Elmer Gantry than with Damien in The Omen.

51 thoughts on “Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist?”

  1. John Stracke says:

    Y’know, if someone hasn’t moved after being bitten by a snake, that usually doesn’t mean he’s divine. Usually it means he’s dead!

  2. Junga says:

    Or paralyzed.

  3. bonjonjovi says:


    You are the fucken anti christ you freak!!!!

  4. THE GOD SQUAD says:

    Clifford I did make the Caps lock button on the keyboard you freak!!!!

  5. HareTrinity says:

    Of course you did, GodSquad. By the way, you know that “the beast” whose mark is the infamous 666 isn’t necessarily Satan, right? Maybe you need to calm down a bit.

  6. ugh says:

    you are idiots!

  7. Peregrin Wood says:

    Huh? Who’s an idiot here? Am I stupid for not being able to figure out what the heck you’re talking about, ugh?

    Do you think it’s stupid to reject the idea that Ram Bomjon is the antichrist, or do you think it’s stupid to reject the idea that Ram Bomjon is a bona fide guru with something of value to teach?

  8. D-Man says:

    While the anti-Christ idea is always good for a laugh, it would also be a stretch at this point to say the boy has had something of value to teach, at this point.
    Remember, the Buddha, after attaining Enlightenment, stayed in meditation for some time, but eventually went out to begin his teaching career. This boy has not yet done that.
    In addition, there are forms of meditation, that, according to the Buddha’s teachings, while worthwhile, do not lead to enlightenment (i.e. jhana meditation unsupplemented by vipassana). So, the boy may be doing this type of meditation, and be far less than a Buddha. This is according to Buddhist principles.

  9. Mario says:

    Look for updates looking for Palden Dorje, Ram Bamjan or Buddha Gyani. There are newer notes and researches under

  10. Anthony says:

    Open your mind and accept something new. Who know at the end something good will happen to you and others. If It’s a scam, too bad so sad, it’s just a scam among thousand scam happen every day. Anti-Christ is not just meaning a person or another religous, to me anti-christ is war, hunger and evil. By the way, the boy didn’t say he was a god

  11. Patricia says:

    Um, Anthony, are you arguing that Ram Bomjon is war, hunger and evil?

    Think before you type.

  12. Ranendra says:

    I think most of you don kno anythin about hinduism and buddhism so jas shut ur mouth …….don u guys hav any job namin ppl anti christ…….1st of all in nepal there is hardly any christian
    ppl so there is no reason of being an anti christ in a country like NEPAL……am from NEPAL soooo I kno better than any of u guys here even the author who wrote this article…….he has sth prob with him…..

  13. Livingearth says:

    I think we have thousands of AntiChrist in the US or we wouldnt have so much serious crimes, hatred and war. This young man just wants to sit and meditate so that he can help others with wisdom that budhists have been seeking and using well bfore Christ they call “enlightenment”. Kudos for seeking something other than a control via laws or fundamentalist rhetoric always aimed at doing harm to others. Our goals must be to help others all the time, like Jesus. Therefore if the Buddha wants to come back from Heaven so the speak to help the masses, I love that with all of my heart, as would God since he created the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham and all of the prophets. White Christians, please open you hearts and eyes to more than you know as it is very little that you actually know.

  14. meh says:

    God does not act according to rational thought. You can not sit here and debate what is what or expect to know by careful study of rational thought to understand and predict devine acts.

  15. Anti Clifford says:

    Clifford your word reflects to your personality
    you are A great joker ANTI BHUDA i think you need a pill men

  16. Anti Clifford says:

    clifford your fabricating story huh if somenone from the vatican read that story you made they will sew you for fabricating the story of jesus,there is no such thing called himalayas in the bible if jesus coming here for the second time they will weep your ash.

  17. Jarhead says:

    Jclifford started all himself by accusing the boy as antichrist, now it is clifford himself who seems to be regarded more than an anti-christ. Check urself clifford. Your dad could be satan and you satan’s son.

  18. Jim says:

    Pay attention, Jarhead and anti-Clifford. Jclifford mocked others for claiming that Ram Bomjon is the anti-Christ.

  19. Anti Clifford says:

    When these blogs come down for a few days and come back the picture of Ram bomjon gone so you guys are magician ,illusionist,Cheaters you change the word up there to play safe guys are fake ,see how your mind works Hoaxed now you you’ved got the nerve to say that huh, what do you think of these people stupid. this is mellenuim age if you lie and cover up the truth you will get busted easy. antagonist hypocrites evil minded manipulators. just be real.

  20. loveena says:

    i respect this boy-Ram. i will pray for him…pray 2 him 2 achieve what he’s aiming at.

  21. loveena says:

    Those who are saying that Ram is a freak or whatever,are norrow minded people with no respect.
    ANTICHRIST???? Ha! It’s only those who know a damn about religion n culture who can say cheap thing like that.
    no,as Gautama Buddha’s devotee, i trust this boy. he’ll do it. he can do it..

  22. mackers says:

    Atheist people are narrow minded they put barriers in there mind, they won’t go trough religious spiritual practice because they scared to loosed there animalism. These people are so called CIVILIZED animals. Most of them are Gay Spreading Viruses all over the world. Gay married are pure disgusting.

  23. Tim Mac says:

    According to the BBC, Ram Bomjon has been missing since Saturday morning. Can’t say I blame him, if he decided to get up and go somewhere else to meditate. Hopefully that rather than that he died or was kidnapped or whatever.

  24. mackers says:

    Tim mack your imagination is to exagerated some day your imagination will eat you ,

  25. Tim Mac says:

    mackers, it continues to be difficult to figure out what you are talking about.

    If you disbelieve my report, then check the BBC Web site and check the Buddhist Channel Web site for yourself. Do not take my word for it! That is one of the fundamental tenets of Buddhism- check things out for yourself whenever you can. If you think that my comments about hoping that he was not abducted or had not died were somehow “imaginative,” remember that (1) there is armed conflict going on in the region and (2) he had allegedly been without food or water for ten months.

    According to the information on the Web: sometime overnight between Friday and Saturday, Bomjon left possibly in the company of one other person, and apparently left behind the clothes he was wearing. Searches have not yet located him. He is apparently not thought to have been abducted.

  26. Scott says:

    I’ve got an idea that Mackers is simply taking the piss. He has yet to make a serious contribution on the subject, and simply casts suspicion on the motives of anyone who discusses Bomjon, whether they be supportive or incredulous.

  27. Jim says:

    Yep. He’s what’s called a “Troll” — someone who is here for purposes of messing with heads rather than engaging in conversation. Best to ignore him.

  28. Scott says:

    But in his defense, at least he’s not posting porn links.

  29. mackers says:

    Wow thats positive conviction Hey mackers what was it infront of their Nose?

  30. Sebastian says:

    All very interesting, but I would think that the people suggesting Bomjom do something better with his life would put some effort in looking at there own lives and what they are “doing” to help others.

    I would love to see the detailed interview someone must have done, where Bomjom HIMSELF affirms all these things, oh yeah, there isn’t one – at least not posted anywhere, just because he sits down to meditate, and people around him begin to say things – doesn’t mean HE said them, nor does it mean he is in agreement with what is said – he just wanted to sit and try to meditate.

    It’s no wonder he upped and left – who could possibly EVER find the peace to do so with all this BS going on around him. He has made none of the affirmations people are saying and if he did – where is it???? who did he say it to? who saw it? WHAT DOES IT MATTER?!?

    What’s next? Spellunking to find the Anti-Christ buddhist hermit???? “…Move it along people, there’s nothing for you to see here….”

  31. john says:

    == Risen Christ is Antichrist ==

    The Risen Chirst is the Antichirst, the first beast that had the fatal wound that had been healed.

    Paul of Tarsus was his false prophet, the second beast who was servent to the first beast and extended its authority everywhere, making the world and all its people worship the first beast.

    If you don’t believe me, read the Bible and no! you will not die if you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods.


  32. Lucifer says:

    Ram is not the anti-christ, tony blair is, I should know, i was the one who sent him. If you want to discuss this further email me at
    No SPAM mail PLEASE!!

  33. Sybil says:

    Hey Lucifer, all these years we’ve had the WRONG NUMBER of the beast.

    I think you’re giving us the wrong Email too.

    So Lucifer is really a British voter?

  34. angel blaine says:

    Sybil i got the information the real Number of the Beast was 911+6 The guy with the big fork residing at the Bermuda Triangle, He was contemplating with Flash Gordon.

  35. Sybil says:

    Angel, I don’t suppose you have any documentation of that? You will notice I provided links to photos of scrolls and stuff. I would love to see a photo or the Big Fork/Flash Gordon pow wow–especially if they were wearing tights.

  36. angel blaine says:

    sybil the picture of the musculine red guy with goti holding big fork was gone when he was crossing at Bermuda Triangle that mystery i can’t explain? I guess he is lookin to see Flash Gordon at the bottom of sea,(Atlantic Ocean)can you help me solved this mysterious Bermuda Triangle that someone claim the devil city? And the Atlantis city of Flash Gordon thing story, is these true or just a Myth?

  37. Disaster Dan says:

    It’s all explained by the big methane belch to come, which will wreck civilization, a remembrance of things past (the Biblical Flood was caused by a gigantic methane bubble from the ocean’s floor as well!)

  38. Sybil says:

    If you stop drinking those noxious berry coolers you won’t end up with your head in the toilet so often.

  39. Sybil says:


    Sometimes a myth starts with a small, true story. Then the story gets bigger. Here is my idea about the Bermuda Triangle. When a student has a problem with finishing homework, maybe the student will tell the teacher “the dog ate my homework.” It is an excuse. Maybe the dog did it. Maybe it is a different problem. So if someone is moving illegal drugs in the Bermuda Triangle and there is a problem, maybe with police, or maybe with bad friends, they say it is the devil, because they don’t want to talk about drugs. It is an excuse. That is just my idea.

    The story of Atlantis is very old, and the origin of the story is lost. I think it is about a real place that diappeared under the water, maybe in the Mediterranean Sea, maybe in the Atlantic Ocean.

    On the island of Malta in the Mediterranean, there is a road that goes towards Africa and disappears into the sea. Maybe Italy and Africa were connected by a land bridge at one time and the Altantis story is about that.

    In Denmark, sometimes you can find pieces of amber on the beach. Amber comes from trees, but this amber comes from the water. So maybe there were many trees that are now under the water, and the Atlantis story is about that.

    Flash Gordon is a new story, from the 1930’s. It is fiction. American women like this story because Flash Gordon has great legs.

  40. angel blaine says:

    Oh Sybil Thank you very much for your explanation and Ideas your such a great human being, even your not sure off, your response and effort was good count on me. Im really really apreciate it. And thanks for the links about Flash Gordon.

  41. Lucifer says:

    No, what I said was Tony Blair is that antichrist not the british voter! What are you fucking thick or something. Now I know why JC allowed you lot to fucking kill him, having to put up with all you fucking morons all day, I think I would rather be crucified!!!

  42. beepbeepitsme says:

    RE: “Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist?”

    No, most of us know that the antichrist’s real name is toby

  43. Mind games says:

    beepbeepitsme Why? you did not mention the prince of Darkness Ozzy Ousbourne Tommy iomi and the Black Sabath.YOU MUST to explain these to me.

  44. thedevil says:

    fundalmentalist christians are the only evil that’s left in this world. that and pedophile priests.

  45. lgny73 says:

    Ppl… open mind and respect is what i ask for… the bible does say that when the Christ returns…it will be via the heavens and the whole world will see him at once…so the person guised as a lamb..comes as man…and performs miracles and claims to come in peace is the guy we have to look for..the Buddha Boy could be a hoax..could be a boy that hit “nirvana” as buddhists say or he very well maybe the devil… he does not say much, keeps to himself and he seems like he is definately making waves..ppl in nepal call him God… he need not claim that ..if he claims that then he would undermine his deciept..little by little will be the way of the Antichrist..until its too late…how can one decieve the World…easily..through guised peace…isnt it strange how he refused to shave his head…perhaps there is the mark of the beast…secondly..the antichrist will come at a time of great famine and catastrophe…check out 2012 google that one and sceintists predictions coincide with that date…IT MAY BE ON FOLKS

  46. lgny73 says:

    i read some comments above… wow… talk about ppl hating..frankly its disgusting that ppl cannot respect each other… opinions are like diapers…full of crap and always changing…and a broken clock is right twice a point is you NEVER FREAGIN KNOW…..IVE SEEN THINGS THAT WOULD MAKE A GROWN MAN WEEP FOR HOURS AT A TIME< I WISH I COULD ELABORATE…but watch yourselves ppl…u keep it up… and when the shit hits the fan… everyone will fall to there knees… no love is the answer right????????? no love??? no respect…. its sick… honestly… as i read the comments above..i do believe that the end is near bc this is not how humans treat each other…so yea..ur all right..we are animals that are just gona die??? its all a coincidence such thing as a miracle.. the atoms, the elements, the human body, the trees the atmoshphere all coincidence right???..that makes u sleep at night….think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Richard says:

    Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist? If he is we’s gotta do sumthin’ ProChrist and KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM! But seriously folks, the AntiChrist is within. And on that note, I’ll see you in the movies!

  48. The Flower Of God. says:

    May he who is without sin cast the first stone. They say in the end there will be mockers.

  49. linsildiedar says:

    This guy is definitely in line of being THE ANTICHRIST. he follows many of the signs of the antichrist. trying to take the place of Christ. performing psychic ‘miracles’ that are not spiritual. building a statue of Maitreya. told his family to pray to a snake god to stop a drought. so, to his devotees, need I say more? He is psychic, not spiritual! You are truly ignorant to think this guy is going to enlighten you, when in fact he is very ignorant and therefore very dangerous to himself and all others who follow him. mark my words: I have warned you.

  50. Jason says:

    The buddha boy (ram bomjon) and his devotees kidnapped a woman named marici and held her for 3 months! He came and interrogated her while she was tied up. he even threatened to kill her by feeding her to the wild animals in the forest. Does this sound like a loving human being in line of the Buddha? He is EVIL. pay attention people. remember, evil does not come in the name of evil. it has to come preaching goodness and peace. BEWARE.

  51. AntiChrist says:

    There’s nothing to do with Christianity here. The guy is something above religion and nobody is saying that he’s a God or next to God. Even I personally believe he’s just a human being but a good soul. He’s just meditating at his own and not consuming any food or water which is itself a contribution to remove hunger and inequality in the world.

    Discovery channel monitored him for 96 hours and 48 hours consecutively. He remained calm throughout, not eating or drinking anything. Even if you think he’s fake then how he manages to remain seated throughout the day with discipline and patience? Let me tell you this is not easy for people like you and me. You can’t even sit back for 2 hours with such patience and determination. I seriously doubt your identity and don’t know why people raise objections on anything good happening. If you think Christianity is threatened by such a small creature then boy you n your believers are all idiots. I don’t say he will change the world but at least he’s letting people know how to live spiritually which we have completely forgotten.

    Stop hating others. These comments against the buddha guy are just disclosing how insecure you have become towards your religion and how you look for flaws into others just to show them wrong. Spend your time in something productive rather than wasting it by criticizing others. I hope your bible must have guided you on this one. Phewwwww the Muslims and Christians…please live well and let others live as well.

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