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Corporate Crime Reporter Gives Online Perp Walk

They call it white collar crime, but that white collar is looking awfully stained and frayed these days, connected more than ever with efforts to purchase influence over government at the local, state, and federal level.

At the same time that a new culture of corruption is running rampant through the corporate world, Congress, and the executive branch of the federal government, there are new signs that Republicans in government are going easy on corporations that have broken the law. At the state and federal level, corporations are increasingly being let off the hook. In fact, under George W. Bush, the Department of Justice has developed a special policy that ensures that major corporations are not prosecuted, even when there is ample evidence that the corporations have committed serious crimes.

This information comes to us from Corporate Crime Reporter, a fantastic resource for anyone who is worried about the increasing influence of corporate power over public life. Think of it as a perp walk for all those executive creeps who squeeze money out of workers’ sweat, cheat investors, and bribe our democracy into ruin.

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