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Next Corruption Probe: Boehner Freedom Project?

The downfall of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Tom DeLay and many more to come all started out with the revelation that Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff were involved in defrauding indian tribes in order to funnel money into pro-Republican political action committees that enabled DeLay and others to gain influence in Congress. Now, as the Republicans in the House of Representatives are fighting with each other over who should become the next majority leader, one of the candidates may be linked to a similar scandal involving political action committees and indian tribes.

Republican John Boehner runs the Freedom Project PAC, which sends thousands of dollars out to help Republican congressional campaigns – and to buy influence for John Boehner within Republican circles. Now, in a striking parallel to Tom DeLay’s illegal schemes, it appears that indian tribes from California, Louisiana, Michigan and Mississippi have been major contributors to the Freedom Project PAC.

All of the indian tribes that contributed money to Boehner’s Freedom Project PAC are tribes that run casinos – just as was the case with the contributions taken from indian tribes by Abramoff and DeLay.

Right now, I’ll categorize this as a mystery. It looks mighty suspicious of me, and worthy of some good investigation by those who have the power to issue subpoenas.

Will Abramoff’s plea deal take down John Boehner as well? Let’s wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Next Corruption Probe: Boehner Freedom Project?”

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  3. mcclintock says:

    the R club=rich republican the D club= socialist, communist, henri de st.simon -bill it time for alexis de tocqueville…….see the website: the decline of western civilization: a historical timeline….if you are public schooled this will be “new” to you…….

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