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Questions for Christians

Over the few days, we here at Irregular Times have offered a number of challenges to the Religious Right, from news of Reverend Herbert Lusk’s threats of violence against critics of Christianity to consideration of the role of liberal and moderate Christianity in the face of right wing Christian dominance, and from Pat Robertson’s strange fixation with divine meteorology to the questionable credibility of the American Family Association in making recommendations about the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

The discussions that have resulted from these articles have touched on the wide gulf in perception between Christians and non-Christians in America, and in the increased difficulty that occurs when that gulf plays out in the political landscape.

For those who have taken part in the discussions here, I want to recommend another blog, which, although not as frequently updated as Irregular Times, does offer an important space for the discussion of just these sort of issues – for everybody involved. The web site, Questions for Christians, is from a progressive perspective, but offers right wing Christians a real chance to speak. The blog’s creator, Robin Supak, asks questions of right wing Christians, and then the right wing Christians respond.

Check it out before you check out for the weekend.

These matters are of no small importance.

Doing our research this afternoon, we just found out that Reverend Herbert Lusk is a top religious advisor to George W. Bush. Reverend Lusk, who George W. Bush affectionally calls Herb, has met with President Bush on multiple occasions, and is in frequent contact with White House advisors, who consult him on important policy matters.

Reverend Herbert Lusk not only represents Christianity to his huge national audience through television, radio, print and recorded video media – he represents Christianity to the most powerful human being on Earth. To have a man who issues death threats against his critics given security clearance to meet with the President in the White House is a serious matter.

We need to begin a rational conversation with right wing Christians now, and find a way to end this kind of religiously-inspired violent rhetoric, before it is too late.

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