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Ethical Shirts Come, Ethical Shirts Go

Just a short time ago, we announced our new line of ethically-manufactured, made in the USA shirts. We offered these shirts through a company called SpreadShirt, which offered a variety of sweatshop-free shirts from American Apparel, a company that makes garments right here in the United States, instead of in outsourced sweatshops overseas.

Well, we’re sad to report that we can no longer rely upon the ethical nature one of the lines of SpreadShirt shirts. Spreadshirt has just announced that it’s taking its line of men’s ringer t-shirts away from pure American Apparel purchasing, and mixing in Hanes shirts, which are made in outsourced sweatshops. We wouldn’t be able to guarantee you that our men’s ringer t-shirts would be ethically made, so we did what we had to do. We pulled these products from our catalog.

Never fear – we still sell plenty of sweatshop-free shirts. Spreadshirt is still offering Made in the USA baseball jerseys, Women’s ringer t-shirts, and hoodie sweatshirts from American Apparel, and we’re keeping these products online.

You can also get a wide variety of sweatshop-free American Apparel shirts from our Sweat Free Shirts store, as well as our No Sweat Shirts shop. We also have a line of sweatshop-free shirts that are made only with organically grown cotton, available at our Organic Shirts Shop. We’re working with CafePress to see that their line of American Apparel shirts is expanded, so that we can offer you an even broader selection.

Keeping only ethically made shirts in our shops requires a bit of work, but for us, it’s well worth the effort. The alternative is a world in which the values of Wal-Mart prevail. Do you want to wear that on your chest?


Earlier this morning, I reported that the camisoles were from American Apparel. Now, it looks like they are being mixed in with Hanes camisoles as well, and so we are placing them on hold as well.

One thought on “Ethical Shirts Come, Ethical Shirts Go”

  1. bkwoofie says:

    i hate how the blackspot guys ar calling it an ‘anti-brand’
    a brand is a brand, no matter what you callit. and wtf is an anti-corporation’? i like the shoes, but i wish they wouldn’t be in denial that they’re a corporation, they just happen to be an ethical one.

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