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Is Hillary Clinton a Communist? The evidence…

Mother Davis gets off the telephone with Mikhail Gorbachev just in time to write,

Every now and then, I like to take a little trip into Red State America, to see how the other half thinks. It’s always an amusing experience for me, kind of like visiting an ideological theme park with Tilt-A-Whirl loops of rhetoric, with unexpected turns of logic that produce cheap little thrills.

So it was that, yesterday, I wandered on over to a Republican web site that sells anti-liberal t-shirts. Like most Republican web sites (remember Right Wing Stuff?), this one had a boring, unimaginative name: Those Shirts. It’s called Those Shirts because it sells, shirts, see?

communist hillary clintonI hate to let a little unoriginality in language deter me, though, because I find that if I spend even just a little time in Republican territory, things get interesting pretty quickly. At Those Shirts, I was rewarded very quickly, with the t-shirt design that you see right here: Re-defeat Communism 2008, it reads, with a slash across a picture of Senator Hillary Clinton.

I’m not making this up. The Republicans apparently still believe that they are the brave ones, fighting the Cold War against the impending communist threat that we liberals are just to starry-eyed to see. Communism needs defeating, apparently, and to defeat communism, the Republicans say, we need to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Well, is it true? Is Hillary Clinton a communist? I need to know, because we here at Irregular Times have our very own little capitalist shop of Hillary Clinton t-shirts. I wanted to be sure that we are not inadvertently advocating Bolshevist ideology, so, I took a look at some of Senator Clinton’s recent votes to try to measure the extent of her allegiance with the American Communist Campaign Committee for Evil.

Last year, Senator Clinton supported a filibuster of the most extreme aspects of the Patriot Act, in order to try to stop the government from spying on American citizens. In the communist Soviet Union, you see, the government was not allowed to spy against its citizens, and that was what was wrong with the Soviet Union.

Senator Clinton voted in favor of legislation to create a commission to investigate instances of torture by the U.S. government, and voted against a Republican bill that tried to take habeas corpus rights away from people taken prisoner by the American government. The communist Viet Cong, you see, were always trying to stop torture of prisoners from taking place, and that’s why we had to fight against them in Vietnam. Dirty, rotten, torture-hating commmies!

Hillary Clinton also voted for legislation that would have made it illegal for the government to use public funds to create propaganda. For me, this is the clincher. Fidel Castro, one of the world’s last communist leaders, is always going around refusing to allow his government from engaging in acts of propaganda. That anti-propaganda stand by communist Cuba is one of the reasons that we need to keep our embargo of Cuba in effect. How can the people of Cuba ever become free if they can’t read government propaganda?

By gum, the Republicans are right! I want to sincerely, without any sarcasm at all, thank the right-thinking people over at Those Shirts for helping to educate me about the new communist threat coming from the office of Senator Hillary Redham Clinton! Why, if we don’t stop these Clinton commies, soon, we’ll all be living in a country without any propaganda, torture or government spying against peaceful citizens!

And to think – I was just moments away from becoming a communist dupe.

Putting down her sickle and star,
Mother Davis

204 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton a Communist? The evidence…”

  1. Ralph says:

    So when are liberals going to wake up? It’s time to tell it like it is: Republican policies are attempting to turn tomorrow’s United States into yesterday’s Soviet Union. Here’s the text of the anti-Republican ad for 2006 and 2008:

    “Under the Soviet Union, the Communist government had unlimited power to spy on its own people.”
    (Scenes of military march through Red Square, overlay headlines of Bush wiretapping)
    “It established a system of secret prisons, where people were held indefinitely and brutalized outside of the rule of law.”
    (Some scenes from the Soviet gulag, some headlines on Guantanamo torture, scenes of the cages at Guantanamo)
    “It suppressed all knowledge that contradicted the ideology of the ruling party.”
    (Red hammer and sickle, and Headlines: Bush censors science.)
    “It used propaganda disguised as news to deceive its own people.”
    (Headlines: Bush pays for propaganda disguised as news.)
    “These policies spelled disaster for the Soviet Union. So why has the Republican party introduced them in the United States?”
    (Catchphrase) “Republican policy: Bad for the Soviet Union. Bad for America.”

  2. endorendil says:

    Mother, love your post, but Ralf, I just gotta copy that idea to my blogspot ( If I had any graphical ability, I’ld try to make the spot myself.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    I think I may make an audio, and perhaps a video of it today!

    Thanks, Ralph!

  4. nate says:

    Communism isn’t defined by the government intruding into your personal life. It is about state control of the economy.

    “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

    That along with her other socialist ideas IS communism. I am not Republican, but she needs to stop pretending she is something other than a communist.

  5. Jim says:

    Oh, so then George W. Bush is also a communist. Good to know.

  6. Ralph says:

    Nice try, Nate. But this isn’t about Communism as an abstract idea or ideology, it’s about the Soviet Union and its real-life policies, which parallel Bush’s in a number of real ways.

    Things like intruding into people’s personal lives, muzzling dissenters, suppressing science that contradicted official ideology, aggressive military actions, disguising government propaganda as news, etc. aren’t necessarily a part of communist economic theory. But they were absolutely central to the way the government od the Soviet Union operated.

    And Bush is doing the same thing.

  7. omega says:

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  8. omega says:

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  9. Jim says:

    Wow, omega, you’re right. That is incontrovertible evidence that Hillary Clinton is a communist!

  10. Alex says:

    Communism is a type of economy, which Hillary strives for “It’s time to the common good before the individual.”- Hillary Clinton

    Socialism is a type of government usually needed for communism to take place because people don’t want to have to giver their stuff up to the government

  11. Jim says:

    Funny, but when I type in

    “time to the common good before the individual” hillary clinton

    to google I get no results.

    When and where did Hillary Clinton say this? Do you have access to a primary source, or are you just making shit up?

  12. Bittercycle says:

    Wow, that was short and sweet. Again the libs hand pick what they want, and leave out 90% of the rest. Later comrades.

  13. J. Clifford says:

    Handpick what we want? Come off it. Bittercycle, you’re only capable of cutting and pasting garbage. Come back with some of your own words.

  14. sandi says:

    From Sen. Hillary Clinton’s speech Tuesday may 29, 2007:

    [It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few and for the few, time to reject the idea of an “on your own” society and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity.

    I prefer a “we’re all in it together” society.]

    From Karl Marx (hmmmm, was he a communist?????) a long time ago:

    “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need”

  15. merlyn compton says:

    This just goes to prove those with higher education tend to be Republicans while those with a low IQ and little education tend to be democrats. It is a fact you can look it up yourself if you can figure out how!

  16. mango says:

    Many Americans died trying to keep the US from becoming a socialist government and now dumb ass liberals like you want to hand our government over to the Socialistic Democratic party. You must like high taxes and losing your freedom and rights! When the peace loving Muslins take over the world maybe you will see the light, but I doubt it! Remember the USSR had peace, also people in prison have peace! I do not want to give up freedom and right for peace, I guess that is where we differ. You peace at any price people are fools, some things are worth fighting for! Before you label me a Bush fan I do not support Bush, I support conservatives and Bush is so liberal he is almost a democrat so I can’t figure what problems you have with Bush. Maybe you just are a drunk like Ted Kennedy maybe that is why you are so screwed up!

  17. Peregrin Wood says:

    What is this Socialistic Democratic party of which you speak? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Bush is a liberal? Liberals love Bush?

    Interesting. Do you come from an alternative reality, Dimension X, or something?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mangos is correct, you liberlas are commies corrupting our colleges and that is where communism disguised as socialism first gets her foothold. Hey “Mother Davis”(Not my mother, I guess cause it takes a village hunh? Pure socialist communism!) I am a conservative and Bush is no conservitive! yes Bush is as liberal as You are! the demoncrat party is communist with hillary leading the way.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mother Davis you are a communist, with your “little shop of capitalism” comment concerning the selling of t-shirts with comrade Hillary clinton…

    Look how you attack capitalism as though it is something bad? captilism is only an enemy of the democratic communist/socialist party who wishes stomp out any and all talk radio or tv stations such as Fox news and there is only one conservitive news group but you communists can’t stand it that you don’t have your commie control of all news sources as the commies you are and trying to hide with it in plain sight. why will you not do a debate on fox news because your afraid of being found out you fear the truthbeing told about your communism.ever hear of the fairness doctrien yeah it’s a liberal cause. Communist!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Comrade Davis writes:”Last year, Senator Clinton supported a filibuster of the most extreme aspects of the Patriot Act, in order to try to stop the government from spying on American citizens.”

    Has nothing to do with simply “spying on American citizens” but everything to do with American citizens conspiring to commit illegal acts and terrorism. I have nothing to hide therefore nothing to worry about, you should have nothing to worry about if you are doing nothing wrong, that makes me wonder about you folks. maybe if a conservitive gets in and you would like to conspire to overthrow the government you would’nt want anyone knowing about it, or if like Harry Belefonte the traitorous bastard he is wants to covort with communists like Hugo fatboy Chavez and not have anyone know he was a traitor to his country or if you wanted to ship drugs over illegally and not have anyone know about it well then those would be some reasons other than that you should not be afraid if you have nothing to hide. but i expect you to make some lame excuse because of your hatered for this country..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Here is some truth for you liberal commies trying to shut us up with your jack boot methods all the while projecting your lies back at us(Conservatives) saying we are the ones trying to stop the mouths of Americans and invade privacy it is you liberals.

  22. J. Clifford says:

    How am I trying to shut you up, Anonymous? By disagreeing with you? By mocking you?

  23. Anonymous says:

    No, not by disagreeing there is nothing wrong with that at all, I veiw you as an American with a differant point of view but when you start running to our enemies such as pelosi as she did without authority and against the president wishes to speak withour enemies and known terrorists and as Bellefonti did with Hugo Chavez then we have a problem and the problem is even stronger with this fairness doctrine. Liberals have great ideas that do not work in practical application.(The real world)

  24. Anabolic says:

    Hillary Clinton is a lesbian!

    HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton
    HRC = Human Rights Campaign

    Commie lesbian!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nice try “stupid steriod”(Anabolic) more fantasy bull coming from the left, projecting lies to the right! Nobody called here anything than what she really is and that being a “commie” in hiding the right also believes in human rights and that being for Gays and Lesbians.

  26. Fruktata says:

    Epistemological question. If Hillary Clinton is a Communist in hiding, how can you tell that she’s a Communist?

    How can you tell that someone is not a Communist in hiding? Maybe this “Anonymous” person is a Communist in hiding.

  27. Anonymous says:

    nice try also there fruitcake(frutka) whatever your name is the evidence is overwelming that she is socialistthat eases us into that ditatorship the precurser to communism, I am not for the redistrubution of wealth for those who have worked for thier money and are not allowed to keep it through the very American way of Captilism that you are so dead set against, Even if folks had gained that wealth through inheritence it is not for the Government to take it away and give to the poor that right should be for charity of the wealthy not for Government at least thier rights and free will are not being infringed upon if you think their rights should be infringed upon then there is something inheritly wrong with your thinking. Liberals are for Government impossing their will against the people and only for the good of what they think is right to their veiw of the greater good to the exclusion of antone that opposes their veiw.

  28. Anonymous says:

    socialism does not work(Good ideas that don’t work) we have seen that with the former soviet union ie redistribution of Goods that only those in top Goverment enjoyed while common man was thrown in prisons or gulogs for opposing their socialist communist veiws.

    Hillary thinks she can play the waiting game because Americans forget very easy,just look at 911 and how America forgot who killed those in the twin towers radical islamand how the conspiricy theorists blame the Bush administration.. Ronald Reagon killed the Soviet Union with His strength that Hillary does not even have an ounce,If she waits it out long enough and Hides her socialism communism by not actually coming out with her veiws
    as she really believes them and repakages that pig(Communism)and dresses it up right she will get you liberals to accept it because it sounds so good to you and your gullable ready yto accept it because you hate this country .

  29. Jim says:

    Sweden is socialist. Is Sweden working?

    Russia went capitalist, without any of those pesky regulations and oversight thingamabobs. Is Russia working?

  30. Jim says:

    So let me get this, again: Hillary Clinton, who sat on the board of Wal-Mart for so many years, is an anti-capitalist socialist who is hiding her secret schemes, biding her time until she will reveal her secret, because you say so.

    You realize that sounds absolutely bonkers, don’t you? Are you impersonating an anti-Clinton person to make the anti-Clinton camp look crazy?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Are you defending Communism Jim?sometimes Captalism does not work here and it is not perfect but it sure a whole lot better than communism that you are trying to defend.

  32. Fruktata says:

    Anonymous, I think ypu’re protesting a lot too much. I think you are a secret Communist. Can you prove you are not?

    Also, how do you imposs your will on someone? I’m not familiar with that term.

  33. Jim says:

    Yes, I am a communist. I run my private business as a communist. Right.

    Go back to school and get yourself a bit more education. Or, no, wait, go right ahead. Just keep expressing yourself as you are. You do a great job of exposing the ridiculousness of the whole “Hillary Clinton is a communist” subculture.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Yeah,the very same Hillary that sat on the Board of wal-mart (Captilism at it’s finest) so that she could make money (nothing wrong with that)it’s okay for her to have wealth as long as she appears to side with the common man and claims redistrabution of wealth but shes a fat cat just like the rest of the politicians,she and Bill have now dumped those stocks because she does’nt want it getting in the way of her bid for
    becoming president and pandering to the Unions that hate wal-mart because they will not unionize and make money for them but rather captilize on their own money making ideas they don’t have to.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Fruitcake I am all for you captilizing for profit on your buisiness and not for socialist ideas if all you have is me not spellchecking impose then you should go back to school, get some arguments for your liberlism rather than busting on me not checking my spelling I can fix that easily.

  36. Jim says:

    Perfect! I LOVE it! Just a few posts ago, you were going on and on about how everybody deserved whatever money they got, even if they didn’t earn it, and now you’re calling Hillary Clinton a “fat cat.”

    Let me guess, she’s also a “bitch” because she disrespects women, and she’s a wimp for staying in her marriage, unlike Newt Gingrich, who respects the sanctity of marriage(s).

  37. Anonymous says:

    Sweden will not work and we have done just fine without socialism we have managed to clean up many of our own wrongs through years of trial and error, sweden is now being overrun with radical Islam who soon will overtake it because they are passive Just like France was being over run because of socialism butr who has now elected a Conservitve president who has promised to change what has not worked through liberalism.put that in our pipe and smoke it!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Jim, I also said there is nothing wrong with making money through captilism you need to learn to pay attention, I was calling her a “fat cat” for your redistribution of wealth mentality (your benefit) is’nt that what you call the wealthy? there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hillary making good captilist business decsisions.but she is a fat cat in the sense she does not want big corporations who are in business to make money
    to keep said money but give that money away she’s a hypocrit along with Michael moore who owned stock in Haliburton and other Corps he criticized all the while lying for gain, that is waht is wrong.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I am not against Hillary for staying in her Mariage because her Husband was a lying dirtbag, Kudos to her for trying to keep her marriage together but that one strength alone does not make her a candidate for president .

  40. Jim says:

    Sweden is a socialist country, which is different than a communist country, especially in the Soviet sense. Its current leadership is “conservative” only relative to Sweden’s history. Its per capita income is in the top ten, along with the similarly socialist Norway and Denmark (link). Sweden has a higher life expectancy than the United States for both males and females and a lower infant mortality rate than the United States (link). Sweden has a higher rate of college education than the United States (link). I could go on.

  41. Jim says:

    You haven’t responded on Russia, which went for unregulated capitalism. How’d that go?

    How’s life in China, another pit of unregulated capitalism?

  42. Anonymous says:

    How’s life in China? last I checked china is a communist country. I already told you captilism is not perfect and your defending communism/ socialism where people waited in bread lines a mile long to get their meager hand outs shows the mindset of the liberals… captilism is doing just fine and has been doing just fine in this country without for years it’s the american way of life you hate sticking your grubby little liberal paws in it to create a welrfare community you can’t prove anything from Russia and china screwing up Captilism if in fact they did or they simply had it taken away by a government which wants to return to her roots of conrtoling every aspect of life. You have not dealt with the fact that Sweden is being over run with radical Islam and soon will be taken over, Sweden is no way conservitive only conservative according to you.

  43. Jim says:

    Check again: the economic system of China is capitalist, and the distinction between capitalism and socialism is economic. In many ways China is more purely capitalist in its economics than the United States. China is also authoritarian, which is a political term.

    Bread lines? When is the last time someone has waited in bread lines a mile long in Sweden, or Norway, or Denmark?

    You’re confusing economic, political, and religious systems, Anonymous. Islam is a religious system, which is why I’m not talking about it here, because it has nothing to do with your odd contention that Hillary Clinton is a secret communist.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Good for china if there dictator is allowing them to have a “captilist system” emphasis on allow it works here, so why do you want a socialist system so bad? I don’t want your village telling me and my family what to believe or how to do things i am happy with my free will and less government interference in my life is great! Yes, you are in denial the bread lines of communist socialist soviet Russia were undeniable so stop with your pettiness and of course you don’t want to think about future problems with Islam and them taking over Sweden because of there liberalist passiveness bunch weak knee-d sissies.

  45. Jim says:

    When did I say I “want a socialist system so bad”? You’re all over the place. Too sloppy for my taste.

  46. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t want a socialist or communist society why are you defending it or even arguing with me? Here is excerpt from Thomas Sowells Book on Marxism.

    The betrayal may be real, but in Marxian terminology, “no accident.” A similar process is occurring in China, to which many Western Marxists transferred their hopes after disillusionment with the Soviet Union. This too is seen as simply a betrayal of Mao by Deng, rather than a nation’s painful learning from experience that a key assumption of Marxian economics is false (193-4).

    The gross falsehoods of Marx’s communism is why the lament commonly heard from so many communist sympathizers — that “true” communism was never put into practice — ought to be rejected. In fact, the ideals of communism — collectivism, dialectical materialism, the evils of capitalism, the idea of labor as the source of all surplus value, the goal of reshaping of man’s nature, the principle of “from each according to his ability to each according to his need,” and so on — were substantially put into practice by the communist regimes of the 20th century. The fact that the result was widespread starvation, forced labor camps, unbearable misery, totalitarian police states, and mass death is hardly a reason to think that the more consistent application of these ideas would result in blissful paradise.

  47. Jim says:

    You just quoted two paragraphs of a corporate-funded think tank book to me: congratulations on establishing that you’re reprocessing someone else’s talking points.

    You’re making factual claims, I’ve shown that your factual claims are incorrect. That’s all I’ve done. Meanwhile, you’ve meandered all over the place.

    You seem to have forgotten the original reason you came here: your zeal in claiming that Hillary Clinton is a secret communist. You’ve lost focus.

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is just for Jim and how Sweden’s utopia will soon be no more because of your liberal passive veiws. This is not written by a conservative.

  49. Anonymous says:

    you have shown no such thing I expect you not to accept anything I say but I have submitted this liberal article Socialism will never ever work!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Oh Dear Jim I have not Lost Focus, You are not going to believe your precious Hillary wants a socialist society which will later bring Communism, what does the very word communism invoke? The sharing of goods, brainless, dependent on government, Zombies, the government cannot do that.

  51. Iroquois says:

    Truly amazing how anonymous is able to read minds.

    We KNOW you Irregular guys really “hate America” and want to “invade everybody’s privacy”. The crystal ball says so. Like maybe you’re in favor of the CIA secret spying on Americans and Bush telling Americans they can’t allow their own discarded embryos to be used for stem cell research.

    How can you doubt for one minute that Clinton is a secret communist, and that Anonymous has X-ray vision and special clairvoyant mindreading powers.

    And how can you guys not understand that Communism, socialism, Islam, discordianism, and Rosicrucianism are all one and the same economic system and that one day Denmark, which has more names for bread than the Eskimos have for snow will some day reap the inevitable bread lines. Even socialist England is on the slippery slope. Evil, communist, brainless, Zombie-ridden England. One day they will pay for their folly by standing in line for their own tea and crumpets.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Barack osama obama a lying Bastard. he wrote:

    “There was even a time when the Christian Coalition determined that its number one legislative priority was tax cuts for the rich,” Obama said. “I don’t know what Bible they’re reading, but it doesn’t jibe with my version.”

    Tax cuts all around effect the economy, if we tax those higher(the rich who own corporations) it will be felt lower(Working class) because the rich who own compnanies will compensate, they are in Business to make money. It is up to the individual to give from the charity of their heart as a christian, if you do it to make a show or political gain you may as well not have done it anyhow because christains do things according to the Bible(God’s word to mankind) not everyone is concerned with that, christians should be! They are still only people(Imperfect) needing God(perfect) not always doing things right but that does not give others the right to judge that imperfect individual, least of all not Barack Osama Obama.

  53. Jim says:

    You know, “anonymous,” you’re making your ilk look bad.

    Because I note that Sweden and other socialist countries are doing quite well — better than the United States — you call me a communist.

    Because I assert that the theories of Hillary Clinton’s “secret communism” are kooky, you assume that I am a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    Your world doesn’t seem to have room for flexibility in thinking or for taking more than one point of view. Maybe that’s what it takes to believe that Hillary Clinton, of all people, is a communist.

    Thanks for the “Barack Osama Obama” text; it helps to source you. Along with the Thomas Sowell citation, this puts you pretty firmly in the camp of the Limbaugh listener. Try going a week without turning his show on; it might do you a world of good.

  54. Jim says:

    And how can you guys not understand that Communism, socialism, Islam, discordianism, and Rosicrucianism are all one and the same economic system and that one day Denmark, which has more names for bread than the Eskimos have for snow will some day reap the inevitable bread lines. Even socialist England is on the slippery slope. Evil, communist, brainless, Zombie-ridden England. One day they will pay for their folly by standing in line for their own tea and crumpets.

    Oh, man. That’s good! Nice parry, Iroquois.

  55. Iroquois says:

    Laugh all you like Jim, but you won’t be laughing when Pinky Clinton and The Brain Obama Try To Take Over The World.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Don’t listen to Limbaugh ever! I think for myself, I have more flexability than you will know! you are caught in liberal lala land (Good ideas that do not work in practical application ever! what’s a matter you don’t like his name?(Osama) that is his name you know? Thomas Sowell is a Genius! Clinton is easing us into communism with socialism with socialized healthcare(Another great Idea) But it is a disaster in Canada and the United kingdom! Americas health care is the envy of the world. you think it will stay as it is, only free for everybody! You are as wrong as wrong can be you liberals are living in a dream world that does nor ever will exist and to try and force it to exist will bring disaster (other dictators have tried) with bad results you don’t ever think these things through with your meatheads.

  57. Iroquois says:

    If it was this Thomas Sowell guy who said Obama’s name is really Osama, he’s the one who should start thinking things through with his meathead. That’s not his name, you know.

    It sounds like this guy who goes around repeating all these conspiracy theories and saying that Obama’s name is really Osama instead of thinking for himself is the one who is living in the lala land dream world.

  58. Anonymous says:

    His name is Barack Hussien Obama, it might as well be “Osama” Means nothing! and it was Sen. Ted Kennedy that called him “Osama Obama” you meatheads don’t even know that much, you don’t think for yourself so you project it back on me, this was started By drunk,Ted Kennedy, Chapaquidik, leave your girlfriend to drown, His own drunken slip of the Toungue and Captilized on by Shawn Hannity making Fun of Kennedy for not being able to say his name,Kennedy getting it cornfused with Osama bin laden. there are no conspiricy theories here! I speak the truth when I say Hillary wants to lead the United states to Socialism which will only bring communism, you boys are worried about the Government when all you care about is big Government invading our private lives, More taxes to fund your welfare programs to make lazy people who will bilk and bleed the Government for everything they can take.

  59. Anonymous says:

    You might better do a search on Thomas Sowell.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Here you go, thought I would help you out, because I know you have to have somebody telling you liberals what you should believe and how to believe it, in the form of the Barage of the Liberal media ie. ABC,CBS,CNN,NBC,George Stepenopolis,Katie Couric, George Clooney,Rosie Odonnell,ETC.and the List Goes on and on and on.

  61. Iroquois says:

    Oh, so Osama is NOT his name after all? I notice you don’t post any links for your bizarre assertions. And your news sources seem to be Hollywood acting types, and bad actors at that. Why don’t you try actually listening to some hard news, like on National Public Radio instead of all those whacko conspiracy theorists who say Obama’s name is really Osama.

    I looked at the link to Thomas Sowell site you posted and it’s just a list of links to buy his books. But the Jewish World Review does pubish his articles. In his last two articles he castigated some Navaho kids for not knowing what state Philadelphia is in and the Grand Canyon for having rustic cabins next to their lodge. I guess he likes everything nice and shiny. As a long-time tent camper I have seen these characters who go out into nature with their electric generators, indoor toilets, and televisions. If they want to do that why do they bother to go out into nature at all? Sowell clearly just doesn’t get it.

    Wikipedia also has a lot to say about Sowell. Some Sowell quotations:

    “When I see the worsening degeneracy in our politicians, our media, our educators, and our intelligentsia, I can’t help wondering if the day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup.”

    “Many of the same people who cry ‘No blood for oil’ also want higher gas-mileage standards for cars. But higher mileage standards have meant lighter and flimsier cars, leading to more injuries and deaths in accidents — in other words, trading blood for oil.”

    And Marxism. I can’t believe anyone in the twenty-first century is still obsessed with Marxism.

    I have seen the like of Thomas Sowell in academia before. Without any judgment, but not quite idiotic enough to be labelled a complete nutcase. A token black who can make just enough of the right noises to barely keep a position, but not smart enough to be threatening. Few insitutions have the guts to take on a black of the caliber of Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    This Sowell guy is a goofus and anyone who takes him seriously is too.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Oh you really have some hard stuff there Iroquois, and your reference to “hard news” in which you submitted NPR made me laugh!

    Whats this rant you are going on about, No blood for Oil? Nobody mentioned that accept you. Is that not the Liberal cry for why we went to Iraq? Baloney! The left dodo Brains are always crying some weird idiotic conspiricy theory. Bush brought down the Towers you talk about stupid conspiricy theories you liberals should be ashamed for such stupidity, I bring up the truth about Hillary’s Socialism and you don’t want to accept it but every liberal I talk to defends socialism(Which does not work! And that List of 2nd rate actors are all your liberal Buddies.

  63. Jim says:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. 99% of liberals don’t believe anything of the sort about Bush and the twin towers, and the way you define socialism, your granny is probably a rabid pinko. Blah, blah, blah.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Jim, I live in the Midwest where I hear all the stupid Liberal propaganda every single day from Knuckleheads that repeat the same mindless blather which starts with your knumbscull liberal leaders tricling down to the rank and file who repeat such garbage which frankly makes me laugh and wonder how such good people believe in your liberal leaders. so i am sure what I say sounds like Blah blah blah since you get such intelligent information from your higharchy.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a living granny, and yes my whole family (accept for my four Brothers) are left wing whacko liberals, right down to my Dad (No Longer living)and mom, but that stupidity did not rub off on me and my four brothers who saw through the Hypocrisy of that Muck.

  66. Anonymous says:

    We saw the start of the clintons socialist communism on Ruby Ridge with Clintons attorney General(it’s man baby yeah) Janet Reno, Murder those poor innocent people all because of one sawed off shotgun, you talk about fear tactics? The Clintons and Reno lied on those poor people to cover their butts but they were not justified to use such force…. They killed a Pregnent woman, and 13 year old Boy (the Left loves killing Kids.)

  67. Iroquois says:

    That so-called rant about blood for oil that you say is a baloney dodo-brain weird idiot conspiracy theory was from none other than your precious doofus Thomas Sowell.

    So tell me again how Bush brought down the towers? And remind me again of why Clinton is a pinko commie? Do you have proof or just knucklehead, ‘knumbscull’, mindless, stupid, garbage, raving assertions?

    You know what? I think it’s genetic. Oh, you think it didn’t rub off on you, but you’re blind to the truth. You’re a hopelessly rabid, dyed in the wool pinko commie.

  68. Anonymous says:

    The differnace Between you and me is that I don’t have to agree with everything my side says, So if Thomas sowell said such thing we are not in agreement, you just mindlessly go headlong with your dodo brained left wing wacko pack. It is your liberal side that says Bush brought down the twin towers not mine. There is not chance that muck will rub off because liberalism does not make any sense.

  69. Iroquois says:

    So when Thomas Sowell says Bush brought down the towers, (and where is your proof that he said this?)you don’t have to believe it? Why not? Aren’t they holding a gun to your head? And Janet Reno murdered pregnant children with a sawed off shotgun? Where are your links? What on earth are you blathering about? Can’t you focus on one thought at a time and carry it forward?

    I don’t think you’re really a Ron Paul supporter and I don’t think you’re for real. You’re making all this up to make them look even worse than they are.

    Spoof’s over.

  70. The Animist says:

    In all the confusion, did anyone bother to prove that Hillary is a commie?

    If you have evidence, say so. Don’t forget your links.

    BTW, I’ve noticed on this site that, while the progressives/liberals can spell and cite correctly, the conservatives don’t usually, except for a few exceptions.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Where is your link that Thomas Sowell said bush brought down the towers? I made no claim that’s the Lefts cailm.

    To you Animist, if all you have is the right does not use spell check as often as the left, well, I can see where you are coming from. Take a hike. Ron Paul supporter? I hate that left wing Nut Job! He is Yours, even though he says he is a republican. Can’t stand that conspiracy wacko! I like Zell Miller More than that lefty! Zell is a Conservative Democrat they don’t exist anymore.

  72. The Animist says:

    If you’re educated, why can’t you spell?

    You got any proof Hillary is a communist?
    No? Then sit down.

  73. The Animist says:

    How can someone be something that doesn’t exist?

  74. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about my spelling worry more about your flawed Ideaology and poltics. And i agree with Thomas sowell No blood for Oil, I thought you were trying to say thomas Sowell was saying that was the reason we were in the Middle east that is usauly the Lefts Crying.

  75. Ron Paul says:


    Hillary Clinton voted for the WAR in Iraq and Patriot Act!

  76. Jim says:

    Wait. That’s, like, a Triple “Lies”. I think that means you think your lies about lying are lies. You blow my mind.

  77. The Animist says:

    If it were up to the left, I’m pretty sure we’d be out of Iraq before you could type “Bush spying on innocent americans’ phone calls.”

  78. Anonymous says:

    Bush is not spying on innocent Americans! You should not have anything to worry about, but you don’t want get caught conspiring against your country or buying pot like the bunch of smelly hippies you are. Hey what was Hanoi Jane Fonda? a liberal, democrat, hippie, and the reason we lost the Vietnam war was because of you democrat liberal spineless jelly fish.

  79. Ralph says:

    So let me get this straight:

    “The reason we were in the Middle east that is usauly the Lefts Crying.”

    Well, that explains the nature of our political, economic and military presence in the Middle East.

    I guess.

  80. Anonymous says:

    If Bush is an idiot who went to to Harvard then what does that make the Democrats calling him an idiot? Answer:Retards and derelicts.

    Now for the computer glich vote of our majority Democrats.

    putting the blame on the “Technicians” for the failed vote tally board, Is like puting the blame on the dog for the smell. And this thing smells

    I think the Dems broke the computer after last night’s fiasco where they started changing the votes counts when they lost the vote on denying government benefits to illegal immigrants. They shut it off to keep the Republicans from running away with their proposals which had bipartisan support. No wonder the Dems are so concerned about “voting machines”. They see how easy it is to “cheat” and change the actual vote count! I think we need to House to return to “paper ballots”. That will ensure a fair vote!

    Do the Democrats really think that we the public are that stupid? You lost the vote and now are stealing it. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    Placing the blame on the technicians for the failed vote tally board, is like putting the blame on the spoon for Rosie O’Donnell being fat!

    Maybe Murtha can divert some of his $200M in pork to help fix the mysterious computer problems.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Ralph writes:
    “Well, that explains the nature of our political, economic and military presence in the Middle East.

    I guess.”

    I had not explained anything, Our presence is for terrorism you have bought into the liberal lies that it is not because you are a liberal tool who does not know what to do with the millitary you only see as far as the nose in front of your face and what the government can give you for free as a hand out remeber what John kennedy said? the last of the great Democrats! Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Chavez opponents were angered by Penn’s visit.

    Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela, said Penn is lending support to a “totalitarian” leader who wants increasing control of society — a charge Chavez denies.

    In a phone interview from her home in Beverly Hills, Calif., Alonso said although she respects Penn as an actor, she hopes he “comes to his senses and he realizes that he’s being used

  83. Anonymous says:

    Penn is just Like Hanoi Jane Fonda(Liberal democrat) A traitor to this country. Nobody reads this liberal crap anyhow.

  84. anyonebuthillary says:

    obviously she wants to turn our democracy into socialism. FRIGGIN SOCIALISM!!! think about it. “Imagine a country of shared wealth” or watever. maybe if we try other countries’ failures we can REALLY succeed!

  85. Anonymous says:


  86. J. Clifford says:

    Anonymous and anyonebuthillary do a great job representing the Ron Paul for President campaign with dignity, don’t they?

    Can anyone imagine why Ron Paul had such a terrible performance in the Iowa straw poll, with such enthusiastic supporters? Gosh, it’s beyond me.

  87. Anonymous says:

    shut up with that liberal crap heap Ron Paul he is on your side not ours you can heve thazt liberal loser.

  88. Richard says:

    The right wing is turning the United States into a fascist society. They clearly hate our freedom and everything this country stands for. They admit hate for the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. If they don’t like your views, they tell you that you have no First Amendment protections of freedom of speech. They disgree with your religous beliefs, so they tell you there is no right to freedom of religion unless they can tell you what to believe. The right to dissent, in their view, does not exist, unless they choose to dissent against a liberal. They have taken away our right to vote and have our votes counted, and tell us we have no right to work in a desperate attempt to justify sending our jobs to the communists. They say we have no right to education or healthcare, but are adamant that the people in Iraq should have it at our expense. They have also said that anyone who thinks we should have concentrated on destroying bin Laden and al Qaida instead of Iraq are unpatriotic and against fighting for freedom. Many who support Bush’s stupid war never served (just as he never served)but many of us who oppose the war DID serve!
    Since the right wing hates us so much, they are invited to leave and go somewhere that will tolerate them. I will fight their attempts to destroy my freedoms and dictate to me how to live my life.

  89. J. Clifford says:

    I’m sorry, anonymous, but no one ever taught me how to “heve thazt”.

  90. Jim says:

    It’s kind of like a caber toss.

  91. SpankyTuTone says:

    Here’s something to think about: Left-wing nutcases pretending to be right-wing nutcases are indistinguishable from real right-wing nutcases.

    The reverse, of course, is also true.

    So, am I a true libertarian posting what I really believe, or some Progressive shill, trying to discredit the libertarians with my irrational rants?

    On the other hand, are Little j. and Jimmy actually Cato operatives, sent to infiltrate a highly influential Progressivist web site?

    Tom? Iroquis? Are you real or just deep cover agents?

  92. Jim says:

    I am actually a Lyndon LaRouche supporter in disguise, in a kilt, tossing a caber.

  93. J. Clifford says:

    Spanky, if you knew Cato, you would know that there’s no such thing as a Cato operative.

  94. Iroquois Purple Dingo says:

    The “heve thazt” is more like the proverbial “toin coss” we learned about in statistics class in night school back in the 80’s.

    Spanky is a libertarian? I knew there was something about him that irritated me. Besides calling me a liar.

    I am a newly converted acolyte of the True Religion, the Ralpharian Way of the Purple Peruvian Dingo. Ralph, as soon as he finds a name more awe-inspiring and worthy of a guru, is going to help me find my Place in the universe by revealing the secrets of eating chocolate without making my thighs fat.

  95. Iroquois says:

    Hillary a communist? Ha, ha, ha.

    Maybe she is Republican Lite.

  96. SpankyTuTone says:

    Sorry, Irritated-quois, I’m a Progressivist shill after all, tasked with making you hate libertarians all the more. You’re going to have to do your own research on libertarian ideals, rather than just believing whatever you read on some blog.

    Think about it: If libertarians are all about the profit motive, what profit is to be had spending any time at all in this backwater region of teh internets?

  97. Anonymous says:

    Richard your funny! The fascists are your democratic party that pander to the far left wing nut jobs! You talk about “first amendment rights” but you don’t know what you are talking about, we want you to have every right in the constitution but you don’t want conservatives to have those same rights, again, I ask who was it that was trying to put the fairness doctrine in place to shut up the conservative talk show hosts again? Answer: that would be “the liberals.”
    Now you can have all the airhead americas you want but the truth is real America does not think Like George the Dumbass Soros or George (the weirdo) Clooney or incoherent Sean Penn or libertarian anybodies dog that will hunt with him Bill Maher or fatso Rosie Odonnell or her illegitimate son michael Moore the truth is nobody wants to hear your shrill ranting on talk radio and the only sucess has been Michael Moore with his Lying Propaganda Movies but I don’t blame him I would’nt tell the truth either if I did’t have a leg to stand on and telling the truth will not sell movies but telling the truth on talk radio works and folks recognize your lying propaganda and just don’t want to listen to it.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Richard Regurgitates liberal lying propaganda talking points to make himself feel good about the airhead poltical party he is afilated with.

    “They disgree with your religous beliefs, so they tell you there is no right to freedom of religion unless they can tell you what to believe.”

    Lie Number One! In this country you have the right to believe anything you like..

    All conservatives believe you have that right to believe anything you choose we do not want to dictate to anyone, nor do we want anyone dictating to us what we should believe or not believe that is the right of every American, this is America not the former communist Soviet Union..
    but the dog(Russia) is Now turning back to her vomit the same Vomit of Hugo Chavez and Fidel castro whom by the way are communists and heros of the Left wing liberal Democrats.

    Richard again Lies or has been lied to:
    The right to dissent, in their view, does not exist, unless they choose to dissent against a liberal.

    Again this is not true! But that does not give you the right to consort with Known enmies of our country as did pelosi when she went to our enemy Syria or sheehan with Chavez etc. along with others such as Harry Belafonte because they do not want to disent but they actually hate this country To the exclusion of sheehan who is a grieving Mother.

    You can do all the protesting you like as long as you don’t hurt or kill anyone or consort with our enmies and we gladly think you have the right, men fought and died so that you could genuinley enjoy all the rights and freedoms of the United states of America if a president or administration comes along that I do not agre with their Policies I will also disent and should have the right to do so as do you have the right.

    Richard again Lies:
    They have taken away our right to vote and have our votes counted,
    What a pack of Lies the left keeps these political talking points going even when there is not proof your just full of conspiracyt theories but I will tel;l you what we have democrat dead people voting here in St. Louis there are a few individuals who spoil both sides of the political aisle but lets not prop up unproven lies and thconspiracy theories.

    and tell us we have no right to work in a desperate attempt to justify sending our jobs to the communists.

    You can blame liberals for that as much as can blame conservatives.. This is a captilist society. So you do believe in the right of every American to work even those who do not belong to labor unions? Did you know that Arkansas is a right to work state where Bill Clinton was the Governor? Not many labor unions there and right to work keeps them out accept in the bigger city of Little Rock(I Know, I am a former Arkansan and cannot stand either Bill or Hillary!) They lie for political gain.

    They say we have no right to education or healthcare,

    Oh yes you do the right but America will be cutting it’s throat with “nationalized health care” it sounds great to me also the only differance between you and me is I know it cannot work because of the Models already in place where they don’t work and why did(Great Briton and Canada) they come here because of the Horror stories The goverment could’nt even take care of a national disaster such as katrina and you want them to take care of health care? It is not the federal governments job of course you think it is because you like many liberals want a hand out a freeby well nothing is for free and somebody will pay and that will come in the form of haphazord healcare as is being seen in the Models.

    but are adamant that the people in Iraq should have it at our expense.

    What? There are many reasons why we are there but a couple of those are for terrorism and if we help them they will not be our enemies we have always liberated from tyranny as Americans syria and Iran have had a strangle hold of fear placed on Iraq causing them to also by peer pressure to try and hurt us with bombings etc. things are shaping up there but the Liberals do not want America to win and be successful they want to tuck their tales between their legs and run.
    They have also said that anyone who thinks we should have concentrated on destroying bin Laden and al Qaida instead of Iraq are unpatriotic and against fighting for freedom. Many who support Bush’s stupid war never served (just as he never served)but many of us who oppose the war DID serve!

    Your full of yourself there are more who have served and support the war even now many of those there support the war and the majority of the Milatary said they would not continue to serve in the armed services if hillary becomes president so just stop with your propagandizing nothing you have said has been factual it has been all obscure generalities and half truths you are uniformed on all issues and have no idea what you are at all talking about no wonder you are liberal because your political group lies to you and keeps you in the dark so that you can spew the same lies as they you Richard are a tool.

    Since the right wing hates us so much, they are invited to leave and go somewhere that will tolerate them. I will fight their attempts to destroy my freedoms and dictate to me how to live

    I will not fight any of your freedoms I want freedom the same freedom we had during world war 1 and 2 How about you? No you don’t you want those freedoms changed I do not any way shape or form want you to be dictated to nor do I want to be dictated to Now You should look at the worst Attorney General ever in the History of the United states that being it’s a man baby yeah Janet Reno when she had folks Killed because of their religion remeber Wacko? I don’t agree at all with their religion But I recognized their Right to practise and enjoy freedom of their Beliefs she had men women and children needlessly Killed and also Ruby Ridge another Religious group I alkso o not agree with their practies but I most certainly believe thay should have freedom to believe along with: Muslims, Buddhists, Taosists, or any other religion of Choice it is not for the government to decide conservatives believe in smaller Government Not bigger as do the Liberals you should look in your own Backyard you are the folks that do not want us to enjoy are freedoms as seen by the administration Of Bill Clinton and His attorney General Oh yeah and he fired 93 former attorneys at his first day of office.

  99. Anonymous says:

  100. Anonymous says:

    Bob Hope Movie Line

  101. Jim says:


  102. Neocon says:

    In reference to Ralph, you are so naive. Communism is not embodied in just the Soviet Union, Cuba, Vietnam, N. Korea, Venezuela, etc. It is an ecomomic and political system devised by Karl Marx in which the state tells how much is produced, who produces it, where it is to be sent, how much it will cost, etc. In other words, decisions about everything from health care to steel production and everything inbetween are made by the gov’t that bureaucrats, and has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Big gov’t mimics socialism, communism, marxism, whatever you want to call it. Marxism is not a state and is a concept, an ideology. Unfortunately, you don’t understand the bridge between big gov’t / state control and communism…they are quite similar.

    Although I don’t agree with Mr. Bush on everything, he is trying to protect you from a bunch of religious psychos who don’t really know you but would like to kill you, your children, your parents, your aunts, your uncles, your grandparents, your pets, you get the idea. I personally don’t care if Mr. Bush and his minions listen to me discuss with my wife what I need to pick up for dinner on the way home, and that’s the truth of it, and he’s not listening to me and you anyway.

    I guarantee you, you will not like what Hillary would deliver if she is elected. You people, the democrats and your ideology are nothing but willing accomplices to the islamo – fascists who want to cut your heads off.

    6. Ralph said…

    Nice try, Nate. But this isn’t about Communism as an abstract idea or ideology, it’s about the Soviet Union and its real-life policies, which parallel Bush’s in a number of real ways.

    Things like intruding into people’s personal lives, muzzling dissenters, suppressing science that contradicted official ideology, aggressive military actions, disguising government propaganda as news, etc. aren’t necessarily a part of communist economic theory. But they were absolutely central to the way the government od the Soviet Union operated.

    And Bush is doing the same thing

  103. Iroquois says:

    “Islamo-fascists”, again.

    I smell a campaign with somebody else’s talking points.

    “a bunch of religious psychos who don’t really know you but would like to kill you, your children, your parents, your aunts, your uncles, your grandparents, your pets, you get the idea.”

    An interesting assertion. Can you back it up, Neocon?

    I always wondered if the AFA wasn’t something like that.

  104. Neocon says:


    Back it up? Read the news, loser. I guess my talking points are just a “bumper sticker” to the John Edwards supporter. You are the scariest folks who don’t get it. What does the AFA have to do with any of this? What is so scary about traditional values? Folks like the AFA oppose folks like you who want to divide us and destroy the very fabric of the nation.

    Wow. You need some enlightenment.

  105. Wilson says:

    Who are these people who want to kill me and my pets, Neocon? Where is their webstite? How do I know they’re not imaginary? If it’s all over the news, as you claim, surely you can provide one tiny link that will prove waht you say?

  106. Neocon says:

    Hey, Wilson. Why don’t you listen to Usama Bin Laden, the President of Iran, Iman Al-Zawahiri, or anyone else who has railed against Western Civilization and how they’d like to destroy our way of life and kill us. You’ve probably never heard of the above mentioned folks, so I’m probably wasting my time trying to get your attention. If you happened to be watching the news during the 1990’s (you know, WTC Attack #1, African Embassy Bombings, USS Cole, and the big one on 9/11/01) you might see what I’m talking about. You’re probably so enthralled with your class warfare that you don’t see the threat coming to our very civilization. You know, your civil liberties won’t matter when you’re dead.

    Oh, that’s right. Bush – Cheney are responsible for 9/11 and all of those other attacks, so I’m just out of my mind. If Bush and Cheney really pulled off 9/11, how would they keep it a secret? You know the gov’t can’t keep any secrets. Do you think that they could keep that one any better than the others.

    Moron. The scary thing is that you folks are permitted to vote. Quit reading your union newsletter and pay attention, before you and your descendants are enslaved or dead.

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  108. Trackback: Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print » Re-Defeat Fascism. Stop Fred Thompson.
  109. Neocon says:

    There’s nothing absurd about it…if you understand what a communist is, you would understand why Hillary IS a communist, like many of the far – left, democrats. How many lives have been lost fighting communism and we’ve got one running for the White House? Remember, it’s not a Soviet thing, it’s an ideology.

  110. Neocon says:

    …And I love the way “Mother Davis” takes some completely irrelevant actions of Hillary to use as examples to show that Hillary is “not” a communist. In fact, the Clintons’ “Project Echelon” was much more intrusive than what is going on right now. The Clinton Administration actually would listen to the content of phone calls, whereas the Bush administration is only looking for “suspicious” patterns of calls (you know, terrorists IN America calling their terror boss elsewhere in the world, presumably the Middle East to get directives, etc), then home in on the call patterns that seemed to be more relevant to national security, you know, the calls that matter and to heck with the rest of the calls irrelevant to national security. The Bush administration could care less about you and your spouse discussing what to pick up for dinner. The Clintons were doing this to their political enemies to keep track of them so that they could plan their next political move in order to stay in power. Mr. Bush is, like I said in a previous post, trying to protect you from people that are trying to kill you, your family, your pets, etc. The Clintons are out to obtain and stay in power, and even abuse that power in order to maintain and increase their position of power. See the difference?
    Communists DO NOT believe in free markets and believe that the gov’t can do anything better than the private sector. That leads me to a question that I would ask…If a corporation does not do something well…what happens to them? If you answered “they go out of business”, you are correct. Now, I know they don’t go out of business soon enough for any of our liking and some of us get screwed, but they get their due. My next question is…if the gov’t does not do something well (you know, the bureau of motor vehicles, public schools, etc!)…what happens to them? If you answered “they keep doing it poorly” or “they keep funding it more because they think that more funds will fix it” or something to that effect, you are right.
    There is no recourse for poor gov’t. They just keep doing whatever they’ve been doing wrong, and in the worse case, more of it and probably add another hapless program to fix it!
    That’s what liberals, socialists and communists (really all the same like the Clintons, liberal democrats, fundamentally) prescribe. More gov’t involvement usually doesn’t make things better.
    Now I know what you’re thinking, this guy is a capitalist freak. No, I agree that capitalism isn’t perfect and has some pretty big flaws. The global market place is definitely taking its toll on some American Mfg. jobs. However, if I owned a corporation and knew that America was the 2nd highest country for taxation (which it is), I’d look overseas not just for labor, but also to find a lower tax rate.
    The big myth is that socialism can work if we just find the right formula, just the right level of taxation or take only from the rich so the rest of us aren’t taxed, etc. The big truth is that liberalism, socialism, communism has never worked and there’s a whole bunch of shining examples of it that libs in America fail to see. Liberals politicians just think that we haven’t done enough of it. Another myth about liberal politicians is that they are compassionate. They like to appear that way when they compare themselves to conservatives, who are portrayed as uncaring for the poor, loving the rich by lowering taxes on the rich, war mongers, etc. The truth is that libs just love power, especially by inflicting high tax rates on the population so that they control the economy, rather than the people who have no control over the economy because all the money has been taken out their hands. Conservatives are generally hands off and want to stay out of your life and wallet as well.
    Just look to Europe. France has chosen against socialism. So has Sweden just recently. We’ve got it good here. Please trust me, Hillary may be a citizen, but she is not and American. She is a student of Saul Alinsky and would love to transform America into her little socialist hell.

    Why is she suppressing her records from being first lady of Little Rock and the White House? What is she hiding? She has accused Bush of being secretive and promises to have the most open administraton in history. What a hypocrite.
    Do you really want a 1960’s radical in the White House…again? If you think things are bad now…and they aren’t…wait until you see what sort of ravage socialism brings to this land. Mark my word, you heard it here first. How can you complain about a 4.5 – ish unemployment? Poverty here in the US is wealth compared to poverty in other lands.
    I’m not crazy about conservatives / republicans, but I will take them any day over any member of the socialist democratic party. Socialism is un-American and the democratic party needs to be purged of them. The rest of the world calls our democratic party the “socialist party”. When are we going to call a spade a spade, and do them same here domestically?

  111. Ralph says:

    Sure Neo,

    Liberals, socialists and communists are “really all the same.”

    Just like conservatives, fascists and Nazis are “really all the same.”

    Empty alarmist rhetoric with no relationship to reality.

    That’s all you’ve got against Clinton? Good.

    Guess we liberals can start figuring out how to hold on to the White House after Obama’s second term ends in 2024.

  112. Iroquois says:

    Uh, Neo I was looking for one of your comments but now I can’t find it, probably it got lost when the website went down. It was about the role of oil. I think you said something like “the terrorism issue is all about oil”. That’s what Greenspan said too, but no one has been able to explain it to me.

    Doesn’t all the Middle East oil get sold to the expanding oil markets of China and India? So what does middle east oil have to do with us except for world price? And what does going to war buy for us as a nation? I get it that instability in the region raises the price of oil and creates windfall profits for oil companies, but what does it do for America?

    Historically, the European nations have divided up the middle eastern pie, leaving the U.S. out of the spoils until Standard Oil forced its way into that exclusive European club and got a slice. But isn’t colonialism way over and what are we doing there now?

  113. Joshua says:

    What do you call a person who is funded by Chinese Intelligence Agencies (China-gate), and was a former member of the board of the largest importer of Chinese goods to America (walmart), and whose husband signed the China Free Trade Bill? The Clinton’s are very pro-communism as long as they can make a dollar off of it…never mind the human rights violations and slavery…..

  114. Ferdinandi says:

    Joshua, China is as communist as Texas. Or, rather, China is as capitalist as Texas.

  115. Roger G says:

    The prime ethic of communism is redistribution of wealth via targeted tax (from each, according to his ability) and liberal expenditure of welfare (to each, according to his need) in order to facilitate a classless society in which the state controls the means of production and an end to provate ownership of property–creating an environment where capitalism cannot exist. In that vein, yes HRClinton is a communist.
    GWBush on the other hand is not a communist. He is a fascist. Compare the current administration’s social policies to those of Nazi Germany. “You are to do with as you please, so long as you conform to the norm (i.e. the administration’s idea of what should be normal and acceptable), and we will ensure enforcement of the norm by removing the presuposing opinion as well as targeted and random surveillance of the citizenry.” –Benito Musilinni

    Either extreme, in my book, is grossly undesireable. If I could clone Ron Reagan, I would… however our next best option is probably Rep. Dr. Ron Paul. Unfortunately it is highly doubtful anyone reading this post will be able to comprehend it’s imppact and act accordingly.

  116. Fruktata says:

    So, Roger, you would clone Ronald Reagan, and send more American missiles to the Iranian government?

  117. Anonymous says:

    Hey fruktata, How old are you? Ronald Reagon scarred Iran to death,I remember because back then I was a Democrat, all for Jimmy Carter because my Dad and Mom were for him, but because when he was President Iran took our Hostages for over a year from the Embassy and held them until Reagon became president they knew Jimmy Carter was w weakling and in my estimation looking back was the worst president we ever had next to Bill Clinton as you can tell I am no longer a chicken Democrat Reagon would send missles to Iran alright! He never had to fire shot because he had a military superiority something the Dems as far lefty KOOKOO’s do not believe in.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me preferfbly a Dem who understands kookoo thinking, How that giving more foodstamps and welfare helps the economy? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi has proposed this from congress.

  119. Illinois says:

    The Democrats actually dismantled the welfare program. I was working in DHS when this happened under the Clinton administration starting in 1998. At that time the Bush war debt had been paid off and there was full employment. Anyone who wanted a job could get one.

  120. Fruktata says:

    Ronald Reagan scarred Iran to death? He scarred them?

    Ronald Reagan arranged with Iran to keep the hostages in captivity until after Election Day!

  121. Anonymous says:

    Listen to your idiotic conspiracy theory How can anyone take you folks serious? “Ronald Reagan arranged with Iran to keep the hostages in captivity until after Election Day!” You must be reading Jeff Rense.

    Illinois, The dems did no such thing! what is Nancy pelosi doing right now? You live in a fantasy world!I want an article stating they dismantled the welfare progarm? You have your facts wrong it was Newt Gingrich who got the ball rolling by submitting a Bill that if welfare Mothers did not get a Job they would get their Kids taken away this actually forced Bill clintons hand to do something about this drastic but critical measure. Get it Right.

  122. Anonymous says:

    I asked How does giving more food stamps and welfare help the Economy? This is what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have proposed. Frankly it is pretty stupid!

  123. Fruktata says:

    So, then, Anonymous, you were in favor of Ronald Reagan secretly sending missiles to the Ayatollahs in Iran?

  124. Anonymous says:

    No, I am not in favour of dealing with terrorists peroid! Were you in Favour of Nancy Pelosi running off to Syria like she was the President of The United States? Look that’s the problem friend we are dealing with politicians, I happen to choose the Lessor of the Two Evils in the Conservative Republicans, The “Dems” do not hold to any of My values,the party has went bonkers for the Left! there is only one that has any morals of values to my Knowledge and he is conservative,(Zel Miller of Georgia.)

    Joe Leiberman is For the war on Terror as you should be but you cater to the George Sorros move that has bought and paid for the Dems The same thing is Happening that happened in Viet Nam and it was your party that lost that war crying Like babies also I do think Ronald Reagan was a pretty good President and I what I said about him still stands, If you cannot prove that he told Iran to Hold the Hostages then you need to be quiet.

    Matt Lauer said of Peolsi

    LAUER: “Vice President Cheney called Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria “bad behavior,” a Washington Post editorial on Thursday called it “counter-productive and foolish,” and an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning goes a step further and suggests her trip may actually have been a felony, that it may have violated something called the Logan Act. Tim, is this the way the Democrats wanted to get off the mark in terms of foreign affairs?

    With his second question, Lauer asserted that “a lot of people think [Pelosi] messed up on this one,” and then asked “what’s the impact for the Democrats overall?” Lauer never mentioned the fact that five Republicans — Reps. Frank Wolf, Robert Aderholt, Joseph Pitts, David Hobson, and Darrell Issa — visited Syria this week.

    To wrap up the segment, Lauer suggested that Pelosi may be “seen as usurping presidential power in designing and implementing foreign policy,” disregarding Rep. David Hobson’s (R-OH) comments that the Pelosi-led delegation “reinforced the administration’s positions.”
    LAUER: Vice President Cheney called Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria “bad behavior,” a Washington Post editorial on Thursday called it “counter-productive and foolish,” and an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning goes a step further and suggests her trip may actually have been a felony, that it may have violated something called the Logan Act. Tim, is this the way the Democrats wanted to get off the mark in terms of foreign affairs?

    With his second question, Lauer asserted that “a lot of people think [Pelosi] messed up on this one,” and then asked “what’s the impact for the Democrats overall?” Lauer never mentioned the fact that five Republicans — Reps. Frank Wolf, Robert Aderholt, Joseph Pitts, David Hobson, and Darrell Issa — visited Syria this week.

    To wrap up the segment, Lauer suggested that Pelosi may be “seen as usurping presidential power in designing and implementing foreign policy,” disregarding Rep. David Hobson’s (R-OH) comments that the Pelosi-led delegation “reinforced the administration’s positions.”

  125. Anonymous says:

    Still you did not answer the question on your party wanting to
    give foodstamps and welfare(To Buy votes) How does that boost the
    economy? Answer: it does not! Free money from the government.Baloney, You people don’t have any answers your the Problem.

  126. Anonymous says:

    I think for myself, the Demacratic Party thinks for you.

  127. Fruktata says:

    Who is this Demacratic Party you speak of? Do they spell for us as well?

    You’re against dealing with terrorists peroid, and that’s well and good, but what about the non-peroid terrorists like Osama Bin Laden?

  128. Fruktata says:

    So, Anonymous you’re against the Reagan record, then. You also recognize that the anti-Communist campaign of Ronald Reagan often led to support of terrorism.

    Golly, but your Clinton-blasting has led you down into a blind corridor of blowback and relativism, hasn’t it?

  129. Iroquois says:

    Of course we have to talk to Syria, whether it’s Democrat Pelosi or the five Republicans who also went. What on earth does Anonymous think can be gained by not talking to Syria? That’s absurd. There were probably some secret diplomatic communications exchanged on the back channels too.

    It was probably a result of those trips that Syria participated in the Anapolis peace conference a few weeks ago. Syria may be quiet in the news, but it is a major player in the area. They are mostly Sunni, which we need better relations with, and they have been deeply involved in Lebanese politics for the last 30 years. While Lebanon is a wealthy country, Syria is dirt poor and culturally isolated. We have countries like Turkey and Jordan in the immediate region providing a moderate counterbalance to Islamic extremism; Syria needs to come into the new mainstream.

    Of course we need to talk to Syria.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Iroquois,You do’nt Get it! It was not Nancy Pelosi’s Job to go to Syria, she committed a felony by doing so!(The Logan act) Look it up?

    Still you libs do’nt answer the question about foodstamps and welfare it must be a big embarressment, you have been taken as slave to your evil democratic party.

    What should we do Fruktata? Join hands with Communists,I know that they are so close to your belief system nothing would make you happier. Government is the answer to all our problems Right? No wrong!

  131. Anonymous says:

    Iroquois wrote:
    “Syria is dirt poor and culturally isolated.”

    Translation: They are to small to do any Damage. Baloney! It is the little foxes that spoil the vines in the vineyard. Mice to great damage.

    Iroquois wrote:
    We have countries like Turkey and Jordan in the immediate region providing a moderate counterbalance to Islamic extremism; Syria needs to come into the new mainstream.”

    mlculwell: Really There is no such thing as a “moderate counterbalance.” What is meant by the Muslim about “Islam being a religion of Peace” is that when the whole world is forced to be Muslim then there will be peace, otherwise there is no real peace. Most muslims are like some Christians who do not read thier bibles so that they do not know the scriptures. The Jihadists understand the teachings of the Koran and put them into real prcatice the rest do not. You are looking for trouble by trying to ignore I do not want a president who Ignores these folks.

  132. Anonymous says:

    By Tim Marshall, Sky News foreign affairs editor

    If I insult you, am I responsible for your violence?

    It’s a question being debated in the Netherlands this week as Dutch embassies around the world beef up their security ahead of the release of a film on the internet which allegedly insults the Koran. It’s reported to show the Koran being torn up and otherwise desecrated.

    The extreme right wing politician Geert Wilders has made the ten minute film promoting his belief that the Koran inspires people ‘to do the worst things’. His views have inspired him to talk about a ‘Tsunami of Islamisation’ in Europe, for the Koran to be banned, and for Dutch Muslims to either give up their religion or leave the country.

    These remarks have gained his party nine seats in the 150 seat parliament and himself a 24 hour police guard.

    He needs it. The last Dutchman to make a film which angered some ended up with a knife in his chest attached to a note insulting Jews and Christians. Theo Van Gogh’s murderer, an Islamist, also attempted to behead his victim in the street.

    The violence of the Danish Cartoon protests of 2005 roared around the world and resulted in dozens of deaths.

  133. Fruktata says:

    Geez, Anonymous! Where are all these Communists?

    You seem to think that there are Communists hiding under every rock, just waiting to take over the country. Get with the times, will you? There are hardly any Communists left alive for anyone to join hands with!

    You might as well be trying to fight the Spanish Civil War all over again. Look at the calendar. Note the year.

    Another note – the people who killed because of those cartoons were anti-Communists.

  134. Anonymous says:

    What a great argument for communism fruktata, Mind if I call you commrade? Hey let’s just deny that your party is socialist, it take a village right? I do believe they have a foothold in our everyday life, I see it in your party with lberal intollerant Intolerant professors and students who are violent toward other veiwpoints which should not be the case ever.There is no conspiracy, it is the truth and you are in denial!

  135. Anonymous says:

    63% of those living in Holland were polled stating that Islam was incampatable with europe….

  136. Anonymous says:


  137. Iroquois says:

    I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, Anonymous.

    How can you say Syria is “too small to do any Damage”? I repeat, it is a major player in the area. Both geographically and politically. No purpose is served by ignoring Syria. Indeed we must be actively engaged in trying to open lines of communication.

    Your question about the Logan act refers to a bill introduced by some Republican rep that was not passed, that at the time was called “a cheap political stunt that just won’t fly”. Those talking points were stupid last summer and they’re stupid now.

    I can’t imagine where you’re getting your information about Islam. Do you know any Moslems? Have you read the Koran? If you are so sure there is no moderate Islam, you need to stop reading partisan talking points that have no relationship with the real world and get out there and find out the truth. If you’re interesting in something besides what people who have made their fortunes in oil are telling you to believe, you might try googling the “Amman message”. It’s probably on Jordan’s King Adculloahs website.

  138. Fruktata says:

    Anonymous, why must you always post your comments of groups of three? Is it to supplement your tin foil hat’s ability to thwart the mind-reading rays of the Illuminati?

    Really, this idea of yours that there is an existing Communist plot to overthrow the United States, with sleeper cells all over the country just waiting to spring into action, is absurd. It belies the absurdity of the original point: Republicans’ belief that Hillary Clinton is a Communist.

    A Communist who served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart?!? I don’t think so.

  139. Anonymous says:

    I did not say syria was too small to do any Damage onr of you did! I believe it is the Little foxes that spoil the Vine.They cannot be ignored.

    No they are not stupid and nothing gave nancy Pelosi the right to take authority into her own hands! Just because you say they are stupid I am supposed to accept such a thing? No way!

    I grew around Muslims, my first Job was with Muslims in a convienience store.

    Yes I know what the Koran says, But apparently you don’t! It is the Moderates that don’t read thier Koran, the Jihadists do however and that is the reason for their terrorism. You are living in a fairy tale world! Just Like Christians Here do not read their Bible I would say ruffly 90% do not read their Bible and it is the same with Muslims(The reason for your so called peacful Muslims) They misunderstand passages and take them out of context the reasons being that it is so difficult is that the Koran is in classical Arabic and must be recited and read in the original langauge during prayers which take place 5 times a day, most muslims are not Arab! Did you happen to catch that? You don’t know what you are talking about so you just need stop acting as if you do! The main problems are set forth as I have submitted them. They cannot be understood because most Muslims are not Arabic and the Koran is recited in a classical Langauge that not even modern Arabs can understand.

    The religion has not been Highjacked by a few or a tiny minority the Jihadists actually understand the teachings of Islam. The Peace Muslims speak of Only Comes when others are forced to be Muslims! Now I know most Libs don’t like the freedom of religion we have here where you are not forced to believe but you allow enough Muslims in and they will end up forcing their belief upon you. I study this by reading Books, you just Listen to Liberal talking Points and watch TV.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Iroquois wrote:
    “Really, this idea of yours that there is an existing Communist plot to overthrow the United States, with sleeper cells all over the country just waiting to spring into action, is absurd. It belies the absurdity of the original point: Republicans’ belief that Hillary Clinton is a Communist.”

    Hey Iroquois, Who coined the phrase: Vast right wing conspiracy? Your beloved Commrade Hillary! Their(Communist/socialist first order of Business is to infiltrate our learning institutions that hasbeen accomplished also our Government that has been accomplished through the Democrats and some Republicans they will infiltrate every aspect of our way of life you people seek to change what has worked in this country through freedom now you want to stop anyone who does not believe like you, I believe you would like to make it a crime.A conservative cannot even speak at our colleges without being physically attacked by you Guys! The worst attorney General in our history under Clinton; The evil Janet Reno Who killed innocent children and mothers Because she did not agree with their thinking(Neither did I but I don’t believe you should attack and kill someone because of differing belief) That is the same thing the Muslim Jihadists do.
    Evils of Reno and what we would have under a communist clintonian administaration.

    One of her(Reno’s) more evil acts was the case of Bobby Fijnje, a fourteen-year-old who spent over a year in solitary confinement to be acquitted on all charges. It was unforgivable. It always turns my stomach to hear her talk about children in any context. She’s a monster.

    Ruby Ridge is another Instance that turns my Stomach! Clinton administration Fault for having her!

    And then David Koresh where she Killed Innocents.

    A Communist who served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart?!? I don’t think so.

    Infiltration of Captilism My friend, now she Bad mouths them as does almost all Democrats because of the Unions who have bought and paid for her and every other Democrat who wish to force them to become Union so that they can get a peice of their Pie. (Capitilism which they disdain)

  141. Iroquois says:

    I wrote no such thing. Do read what I wrote. Surely you don’t expect me to take you seriously.

    My head spins trying to figure out how we got from the evil Janet Reno attacking and killing innocent children and mothers to “communist clintonian administaration” who want to get “a peice of their Pie” through the “Infiltration of Captilism”. No proof is provided, no links.

    And is it really true that “Their(Communist/socialist first order of Business is to infiltrate our learning institutions that hasbeen accomplished also our Government that has been accomplished “? Oh, no! Not our learning institutions!! How will the children ever learn about spelling and punctuation?!!

  142. Anonymous says:

    The Evil Janet Reno is one of your precious Demoncrats! And I failed to write Fruktata’s name for the post instead I wrote yours! But of course all you are ever concerned about is punctuation and spelling. Yes Communists have infiltrated our Learning institutions.
    They Love to silence anyone who does not believe as they do by shouting them down at said institutions of learning.

  143. Fruktata says:

    Conservatives cannot speak at colleges without being physically attacked by Irregular Times readers?


    You know, Anonymous, in all the long years that Jerry Falwell (conservative) ran, and spoke at, Liberty University, he was never ever ever ever physically attacked by an Irregular Times reader… or by anybody else.

    In fact, I don’t think that there’s any evidence of an Irregular Times reader physically attacking any conservative at any college.

    You know, you still haven’t explained to me how Hillary Clinton can be a Communist if she served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart, even if there is this crazy idea that Communists are taking over America through the “infiltration of capitalism”. If she’s in capitalism, she’s by definition not a Communist.

  144. Jim says:


    Can you prove that Jerry Falwell was never ever ever ever physically attacked by an Irregular Times reader? Can you prove it?

    A-ha! I didn’t think so. And remember, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Conservatives cannot speak at colleges without being physically attacked by Irregular Times readers?


    You Know exactley what I am talking about when I am refering to “you” I am refering to your group of “Liberal wackos” that attack the Likes of David Horowitz,Ann Coulter Etc.By shouting them down and not allowing them to speak at their respective ingagements at Higher learning Institutions. Of Course you had to twist words as you folks always do! Find where I wrote :”Irregular Times readers? were attacking anyone” you dishonestly added that tripe!
    “The you” are Liberal Democrats, the Bought and paid for wing of your party in General.

    You know, Anonymous, in all the long years that Jerry Falwell (conservative) ran, and spoke at, Liberty University, he was never ever ever ever physically attacked by an Irregular Times reader… or by anybody else.

    In fact, I don’t think that there’s any evidence of an Irregular Times reader physically attacking any conservative at any college.

    Anonymous:I was speaking of secular institutions of higher Learning where Liberal/socilaist college professors are employed who infect their students with hatred toward any veiw other than their own and call it “higher learning”, I believe they have a right to their belief, they however do not afford me the same right to the point of shouting down other veiwpoints, Im was not speaking of “Irregular Times reader physically attacking any conservative at any college.” Again I was speaking of Liberal Democrats more than likely the majority of who reads these pages. I believe in honest debate, not the hatred and childishness seen in secular colleges/ Univerties that have been displayed in recent years.

    You know, you still haven’t explained to me how Hillary Clinton can be a Communist if she served on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart, even if there is this crazy idea that Communists are taking over America through the “infiltration of capitalism”. If she’s in capitalism, she’s by definition not a Communist.

    Anonymous: Come on man I do not believe you are that stupid! She would say and do anything to get what she wants for the moment, I am from Arkansas , There is nothing you can tell me about the clintons they are the most evil couple to ever enter public Office and we Knew already Bill would be caught with his pants down. One can be a socialist/communistand be anywhere and appear to be anything, you act like it is an impossibility, It is not! LOL that is the stupidist thing I believe I have ever heard: “If she’s in capitalism, she’s by definition not a Communist.” LOL! Why if a Nazi is wearing an American Uniform in world war 2 he’s an American,Right up to the point he decieves you past the checkpoint and kills you deader than a hammer…

  146. Jim says:

    That last little bit is classic conspiratorial thinking:

    1. If Hillary Clinton acts in a manner consistent with communism, then AHA! She’s a commie!
    2. If Hillary Clinton does NOT act in a manner consistent with communism, then you see, she’s just doing that to hide her communism! How diabolical and sneaky!

    No matter what piece of factual evidence provided, the conclusion will be that Hillary Clinton is communist. Air-tight! Also oxygen-deprived.

  147. Anonymous says:

    She is doing things and promoting communism a little at a time but people will not accept blatant out in the open communism/socialism they only accept that which is beneficial to them, she wants to take from the rich and give to the poor through class warfare(Pitting the rich against against the poor and vica -versa by telling the poor she will take away from captilists evil corporations(The keyword of all you democrats)When you do this you are only slitting your own throat nobody ever got a job from a poor person but poor persons get Jobs from the rich and if the Government redistribute that wealth, then we have problems, Communism/socialism at it’s finest. It takes a communist /socialist village. she wants to bring the failed socialism of europe to the United states and you know it.There is no evidence that can be given to you…..

  148. Anonymous says:

    For the government To take from a corporation that has made money legaly is not freedom but bondage and for Government to take because you feel they have made to much money is not freedom the real evil is this idea.Like I said you will slit your own throat and ruin this great Nation, even with all of it’s flaws, it is not perfect but it is sure a far site better than any other. with our great freedoms and to stick the Governments nasty hand in the pie is not right Government is not the answer!

  149. truly scrumptious says:

    Hillary Clinton is doing things and promoting communism a little at a time… like joining the Board of Supervisors of Wal-Mart?!?

    Oh, yeah, that’s moving slow and steady toward Communism all right!

  150. Anonymous says:

    Well just keep being lulled to sleep by her, But I see you have no
    arguments. I gave the anology of a Nazi soldier putting on the
    Uniform of the American soldier, any soldier or high ranking
    officer to acheive his objective, to the point he would fool other
    soldiers, and then killing them. Wearing the uniform and being
    found in the places of the American soldier does not make you a
    real American soldier. She will ruin this country! You don’t even care that she will take away our many freedoms, you don’t care because you are selfish and it benefits you.Liberals have good Ideas that do not work.

    “Hillary Clinton is doing things and promoting communism a little at a time… like joining the Board of Supervisors of Wal-Mart?!?

    Oh, yeah, that’s moving slow and steady toward Communism all right!”

    The above is not even an arguemnt, it is stupidity

  151. Iroquois says:

    A Communist? No way. Hillary is a Martian.

    Dead giveaway: no antennas. They have learned how to do that in order to gain your trust. They really want to eat your grandmother.

  152. Fruktata says:

    Yeah, that’s it. And Hillary Clinton must also be a poodle, because she does NOT have a tail with a little ball of fur on the end of it.

    That’s where your logic leads, Anonymous. You’re so dedicated to the idea that there are Communist revolutionaries in hiding all across the United States that you are interpreting the lack of evidence for any such thing as a form of evidence for it.

  153. Anonymous says:

    You are funny, “lack of evidence.” There is plenty of evidence! Does she, or does she not, want to force corporations to give up their profits to the poor? When has the poor ever given you a job? There will be bad, no devistaing repercussions for taking money away from a corporation who is in business to make money for profit only to have the Government take the money so then that in turn will fall back on the worker and consumer Like i said you are cutting your own throat, unless she figures out how to take the money and then really hogtie them through her socialist/communist/Government ideas. You people are precious the Lord loves the Simple Minded.

    1. Socialist says:

      When have the poor ever exploited human and natural resources and tried to cover it up all to line their own pockets.

      1. Jim says:

        Um, a fair amount of the time, if you either pay attention or just look around you. We don’t live on one of those Star Trek colonies where all the salts of the Earth wear earth tones and bake bread and, shaking the flour from their fingers, stand on the front porch as the sun sets and take in their view of the productive mother earth with a sigh of satisfaction mixed with longing for an ecofriendly community garden. The notion of the virtuous and righteous poor is a comforting academic abstraction, but don’t mistake the abstraction for reality. Corporate trashing of people and the environment is more noticeable and of larger scale, unit to unit, because corporations are of larger scale, not because poor people don’t have a desire to trash things or other people.

  154. Anonymous says:

    A Communist? No way. Hillary is a Martian.

    Dead giveaway: no antennas. They have learned how to do that in order to gain your trust. They really want to eat your grandmother.

    Hey Iroquois, That’s your crowd, you folks are the ones with the conspiracy theory sites and the ones that claim George Bush blew up the twin towers. You crack me up. My Veiws are reasonable and plausible yours are laughable.

  155. Anonymous says:

    I notice none of you have an argument as always just a strong
    whinning. No she’s not a communist! Good argument. The Government is going to giver everyone three thousand dollars, no wait free baby sitting. where is this money going to come from? again good Ideas that don’t work in any real application and you talk about martians and antennas why that would be you gulable who believe this tripe, How did that last healthcare thing go for ya after two terms? what you did’nt get any? you will not get anything but anyone that does not agree with their thinking getting Killed like the Ruby Ridge, and David Koresh debacles.

  156. Bud Dickman says:

    1. The Patriot act is designed to spy on terrorists not American citizens.
    2. Water boarding is not torture, and is used on terrorists. Carving out someones eyeballs with a buck knife and skull fucking them with a broom handle is torture.
    3. Propaganda? You mean like Rush Limbaugh? Just change the station.
    4. Hillary Care is communism; When the government takes your money and controlls your medical decisions.

  157. Jim says:

    Really now. How do you know someone is a Terrorist? Do they cackle and rub their hands together? Or do they belong to the Legion of Doom, or have a big “T” tattooed on their forehead? For someone who imagines the capitalist Hillary Clinton to be a communist, you sure have a lack of imagination about your own government. And a lack of reading, to boot. Why, me oh my, just today the government’s practice of spying on Americans without a warrant has been exposed in yet another new way.

    Care to be detained for five years, held in solitary confinement in a freezing room, then be waterboarded? Then you can definitively tell me if it’s torture. Yes, I will ask you to follow up if you agree. If the answer is no, what’s your problem? After all, you big Butch, you shouldn’t have a problem with Homeland Security if you’ve got nothing to hide!

    This is your cue to say that soldiers have DIED so that I could have the freedom to shut the fuck up.

  158. Bud Dickman says:

    1. A terrorist is someone who is a member of Al Qaeda.
    2. Hillary is not a capitalist, she is an Attorney and politician with leftist views.
    3. The 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people against unreasonable searches, but does not require a warrant.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Jim You shut up, you idiot! One way we could recognize a terroist is by the phone calls they receive out of state, but you want to give them rights, and call it spying on Americans. Smoke another bowl ther criminal! you are just screaming the same talking points of the demoncrats because you cannot think for yourself.

  160. Anonymous says:

    I get tired of you whinny Liberals Democrats you don’t know arse from hole in the ground. You are destroying this country! The enemy Cuts our citizens heads off, and blows our buildings up ,and crashes our airplanes, and you worried about Habib mahareshi jellybean willy getting a little water in his face, or that his witto room is not the right tempreture, but those folks in the Twin towers and all the other terror attacks don’t have to worry about water in their faces or Tempreture any longer as their all dead,No, You shut up !

  161. Anonymous says:

    Not a one of you liberals has said anything of substance that cannot be refuted, your just precious!

  162. Anonymous says:

    GM VP says gobal warming a croc! Good for them! The Kings New Clothes for the Liberals

    DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has defended remarks he made dismissing global warming as a “total crock of s—,” saying his views had no bearing on GM’s commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.

    Lutz, GM’s outspoken product development chief, has been under fire from Internet bloggers since last month when he was quoted as making the remark to reporters in Texas.

    In a posting on his GM blog on Thursday, Lutz said those “spewing virtual vitriol” at him for minimizing the threat of climate change were “missing the big picture.”

    “What they should be doing in earnest is forming opinions, not about me but about GM and what this company is doing that is … hugely beneficial to the causes they so enthusiastically claim to support,” he said in a posting titled, “Talk About a Crock.”

    GM, the largest U.S. automaker by sales and market share, has been trying to change its image after taking years of heat for relying too much on sales of large sport-utility vehicles like the Hummer and not moving faster on fuel-saving hybrid technology.

    “My thoughts on what has or hasn’t been the cause of climate change have nothing to do with the decisions I make to advance the cause of General Motors,” he wrote.

    Lutz said GM was continuing development of the battery-powered, plug-in Chevy Volt and other alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines.

    GM is racing against Toyota Motor Corp to be first to market a plug-in hybrid car that can be recharged at a standard electric outlet.

    Lutz has previously said GM made a mistake by allowing Toyota to seize “the mantle of green respectability and technology leadership” with its market-leading Prius hybrid.

    A 40-year auto industry veteran who joined GM earlier in the decade with a mandate to shake up its vehicle line-up, Lutz is no stranger to controversy.

    As part of a campaign against higher fuel economy standards, Lutz wrote in a 2006 blog posting that forcing automakers to sell smaller cars would be “like trying to address the obesity problem in this country by forcing clothing manufacturers to sell smaller, tighter sizes.”

    Automakers ended their opposition to higher fuel standards in 2007 when it became clear that proposed changes would become law with or without their support.

    In December, President George W. Bush signed a law mandating a 40 percent increase in fleetwide fuel economy by 2020, the first substantial change in three decades.

    (Reporting by Kevin Krolicki, editing by Toni Reinhold)

  163. us military says:

    listen to hilary clinton speak and the evidence is clear. she is communist. and anyone who believes otherwise is just plain ignorant. even the people in the armed forces don’t trust the hag.

  164. Horatio says:

    Thank you, spokesman for the us military.

    “Even the people in the armed forces…” – as if they’re a bunch of moderates.

    How can you tell Hillary Clinton is a Communist just by listening to her? Is it the way she pronounces her Rs?

  165. Darebrit says:

    It has been a long time since I responded to this type of harangue. I thought that perhaps the world had moved on and we had all become wiser.

    Apparently not!

    To compare the political and social economies of countries that you have not visited or lived in is somewhat redundant. And to suggest that a well known, educated, erudite, wealthy daughter of the American political system is a Communist, suggests a total lack of understanding either the person or the Marxian theory of economics.

    It is stupid to suggest that Europeans,Australians, New Zealanders, Scandinavians, South and Central Americans, Africans and Asians are all wrong and some intellectually inept and socially challenged literary wannabees have the temerity to challenge the statements made by Mother Davis.

    I do not speak for her, she has far more journalistic skills than I, and will I am sure respond aproppriatly in time.

    I do not suggest that I am better educated than Iriqoise, Anonymous or us military, but I have traveled extensively and lived and worked in some of those countries these people have castigated, and I can say this.

    If they are as wrong in their criticism of Hillary Clinton and other Liberal Democrats as they are about Socialism and Communism, then they have no business publishing their specious nonsense without benefit of research or understanding. To use a term that has been out of favor for too long: They are ‘Jingoists’ and will be nothing more.

    Keep up the GOOD work Mother Davis, I am proud to be a supporter of intellect and reason.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Barak is done as far as the General election is concerned and he can thank his Pastor of 20 Years for that.Yeah Darebit, your party Hillary included are socialists it matters not what they have done, it matters what they are pushing for, you cannot push socialism and communism out there all at once you ahve to do it gradually starting as their manifesto staes with institues of higher learning and then lower education and wher eit hits our people the most through Unions who are bought and paid for through the Democrat Party, I am Union memeber I will not say which Local as I fear them, they try to get me to pay for a political fund, No Way will I support the communist /socialist Democrats or thier candidate, they say the president and the RNC uses fear tactics LOL! So does the DNC with their you will lose your Job if you don’t vote Demoncrat… Baloney Crap! If a Democrat gets in office the only differnace will be things will be ten times worse startinf with higher taxes and taxes on gas only the Liberal media will hide the fact that anyhting has been done wrong by a Democrat.

  167. Anonymous says:
  168. Anonymous says:

    Obama and backers want reparations for slavery

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  171. Anonymous says:

    John Coleman, the Founder of the Weather Channel, recently
    made a case linking Al Gore’s Climate Alarmism with the
    rising gas prices.

    Go here to access that article:

  172. Anonymous says:

    Barack is a Marxist plain and simple and his political affiliation panders to marxism and loves to blame the other side by throwing up smoke screen talking points Like: Bush is trying to take our rights away by illegal wire tapping of citizens marxists consider the world as citizens instead of our own uSA rights they cheapen our Untided states Citizen rights by giving and cheapening our rights and extending them to everyone.

    while all humans should have basic rights we should not give our rights to the point where they can sue United states citizens, Most Democrat politicians are Lawyers, and twist the system to thier own devices.

  173. Jim says:

    Shame that the Constitution did that. I guess that makes John Adams a Marxist. I guess that makes Thomas Jefferson a Marxist. Quick! Go tell Aunt Rhody!

  174. Anonymous says:

    Jim,shame the constitution does what? Bush is not illegaly wire tapping US citizens he wants to wire tap calss made outside the US that is suspicious what is wrong with it Besides Hippies not being able to get thier favorite dope froma foreign country.The argument you use is childish.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Proof Nancy Pelosi is also a Marxist by wanting to bring down Conservative Radio show hosts, Ther is no marcket for liberal Talk show host and this is the only way they would be able to get on the air as nobody wants to hear thier ignorance.

  176. Mark Carter says:

    My new website shows that the Clintons were directly involved in 911. you can visit it at

  177. Anonymous says:

    Obama wants to globalize and tax the USA as the marxist he is when he trys he is going to get a fight people should willingly give to charities if they wan to not because they are made by the Government(Socialism)I will not stand for a tax to stamp out global poverty and neither wsill anyone else.

  178. AT says:

    Fuck posts that are longer than “Roots”
    No one wants to read your endless rants idiot.

  179. Anonymous says:

    This is not a rant dum dum! This is from Jeff Rense’s site, he is a quack like you libs and this is one of his contributors even Dems and Independents are going to vote for Mccain/Palin I do not care if you read it is probably a little more than the Dr. Seuss you are used to.

  180. AT says:

    Then put up an link to the page and spare us with the fucking novel you prick

  181. Anonymous says:

    The world is seeing quite clearly that the ‘serial liars’ are actually at the DNC and spread from there all across America.

    The DNC hounds are also playing with chronology and facts again.

    Sarah Palin did not say she ran on a platform of being against the Bridge to Nowhere. What she said was after she looked into the matter closely she declined and decided to not back the project. She ran on a platform of removing the Republican and Democratic Party corruption in Alaska. Folks, she removed that political corruption like an Alaska Brown bear clearing the room and everything in its path. And DC is next.

    The other ‘federal dollars’ they are bitching about over at DNC are the same type of normal federal dollars every state gets because of how DC has empowered itself as the keeper of the purse strings of America. There are military bases in Alaska, and roads, infrastructure, schools, federal programs, etc, etc, etc. In typical DNC Pork Fashion, they buried the PORK BRIDGE in the normal appropriations bills and doling out the money from Washington, DC.

    From what I have seen in looking into the matter, Palin took the Federal funds that all 50 states took (as rightfully due) and then she told them to stick the Bridge to Nowhere project. If anyone can find otherwise, knock yourself out.

  182. Anonymous says:

    By Nobama not going back to the Senate in the middle of this economic crisis
    makes him look like a freshman senator not doing his Job as usual.

  183. Anonymous says:

    John Mcain wanted ten townhall meeting debates and your Guy declined because he knows you will beaten on the issues now you wat to say John Mcain is running from a debate? phhhh! GO TELL THAT TO SOMEBODY WHO WILL ACTUALLTY BELIEVE LIKE YOUR GULLIBLE DEMOCRAT SHEEPLE.

  184. AT says:

    McCain himself said that he doens’t understand economics so well. Yeah, that’s the guy we need to run down there and fix things. Too bad he can’t fix his own campaign. He’s got a freakin plane dicktard. He can go to a meeting in washington all day and then fly in for the debate. There’s no excuse.

  185. Anonymous says:

    He is not running from Nobama, the debate is on foreign policy and not Economics per se and he did not say: “he did not understand economics” He said in honesty:” it(Economics) is not something he understands as well as he should.” Get it right! I can call names also, but I will refrain this time, this is the only thing your side is any good at, as you are evil, mean spirited, as seen by those who protest their views on your side in in public and teach their anti American smut in Universities as old hippy professors… You like to project what you really are on others. Everyone of your politicians are rich and out of touch and John Kerry is the richest at the top of the list they are all Lawyers and have started every war prior to the Iraq war but you forget to mention that when that is your battle cry towards the Republicans/ Conservatives. Just a reality check for ya.

  186. Anonymous says:


  187. Anonymous says:

    Biden Got His Butt Kicked By Palin!

  188. AT says:

    And then you woke up.

  189. Spamnonymous says:

    Then you woke up AT! The polls are now showing McCain is more trusted on mthe economy. Here is what a real Business man has to say about Nobama.

    Dear Fellow Business Owners
    As a Business owner who employs 30 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama, will be our next President, and that my Taxes and Fees, will go up in a BIG way.
    To compensate for these increases, I figure, that the customer, will have

    to see an increase in my fees to them of about, 8%. I will also have to lay off six of my employees. This really bothered me as I believe we are family,here and didn’t know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did. I strolled thru the parking lot and found, eight Obama bumper stickers on my employees cars. I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.
    I can’t think of another fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know. I am sending this letter to all business owners that I know.


  190. Jim says:

    That’s cut-and-pasted spam. You didn’t even write it. Are you capable of original thought?

    Let’s test that. The only way that “your” taxes and fees under Obama would go up so much that you would have to lay off 1/5 of your employees is if your business is amazingly, wildly, astoundingly high in after-expenses income, to the tune of many millions of dollars per year. How many 30-person businesses make millions of dollars per year? Is that really “your” business, CBM? And given that in this instance “your” business that “you” own is making “you” millions of dollars per year, should we really play our little tiny violin for you?

    But no, of course, CBM, you’ve moved on to another blog on which you’re pasting those inane GOP-approved talking points.

  191. LB says:

    “The polls are now showing McCain is more trusted on the economy.”

    Please do enlighten us with the source of this “poll.” Every single poll I’ve EVER seen on who is trusted more with the economy is Obama. In all the dozens of polls I’ve ever read I (personally) have never (not once) seen a poll that said McCain was favored with such a question. Are you from another dimension?

  192. Jim says:

    Let me be specific without waiting for a response, since it’s clear that the cut-and-paste spammer “CBM” was just a drive-by bullshit dropper. Our bovine Republican visitor said that taxes and fees would increase by 8% — which is the worst case scenario making the direst assumptions about what the Obama tax hike will be for the richest people in America — and that as a result six employees have to go. But let’s go CBM’s figure anyway. Let’s assume that “CBM”, or actually the fictional businessperson dreamed up by a GOP operative, is a real asshole, which is a safe assumption for a Republican businessperson, and only pays $30,000 a year to employees in wages and benefits. If this Republican asshole employer has to lay off six employees to cover a 8% hike in the tax rate, that means that a loss of 6*$30,000, or $180,000, is the result of the 8% rise in the tax rate. If taxes going 8% higher leads to an increase of $180,000 in taxes, then an 8% of X equals $180,000.

    X, the income of the business owner in question, is $2.25 million a year. The poor dear.

    (I wasn’t a math major, so my calculations might be off here, and please correct me if I’m wrong. Where are your calculations, CBM? CBM?)

  193. Anonymous says:

    That money is none of your business and that is the trouble with you Communist Demon-crats! You still want to punish those who are successful and reward the Lazy and give out welfare checks to do nothings. Barack will ruin this country, it will be seen that he will not be able to deliver. You have no common sense you cannot stand anyone being successful. You are an Idiot Jim and LB! the Polls are tightening….Robin Hood was a criminal!

  194. Anonymous says:

    You can erase it, but the fact remains, the Obama speech writer Left that Communists camp for the McCain camp.

  195. Voltaire says:

    I think that the Lberal Left is really in love with Christian ideology, but they don’t want to admit it…If they were really what they think they are, they would:
    let the hungry starve
    let the sick die
    promote real competition

    because if you believe in evolution that is what life is really about.

    And if you don’t believe that, then you are just a starry eyed romantic!

    I hate it when people try to push their religion on me!

    1. Ralph says:

      Bad philosophy, Voltaire.

      Your argument presumes that Christianity is the ONLY intellectual or ideological system that favors feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and regulating competition in any way.

      This is simply not true. If you had knowledge of intellectual or ideological systems other than Christianity, you would know this.

      You also say that “if you believe in evolution,” “life is really about” letting the sick and hungry die and complete unfettered competition.

      If you understood evolutionary theory, you would understand that there are successful adaptive strategies that include members of a species refraining from certain types of competition and providing each other with food and protection. You would understand how these adaptive strategies make sense from the standpoint of evolutionary theory.

      You are arguing from a position of ignorance.

      Bad philosophy, Voltaire.

    2. Jim says:

      There are so many illogical leaps in Voltaire’s passage that I hardly know where to begin. Thankfully, Ralph’s addressed some of them, so let me move on to “because if you believe in evolution that is what life is really about.” Inadvertently or on purpose, Voltaire confuses believe in as in “believe exists” with believe in as in “believe is ideal.” I believe in the existence of cancer, but I don’t believe that cancer is a moral good. Furthermore, just because something is believed to exists doesn’t mean that something is believed to be the only thing that exists, or to have an existence of the sort that dictates every other aspect of existence. I believe that trees exist, but I don’t believe that trees have much of anything to do with the orbital plane of Pluto.

      That’s the tangled thinking of just one incomplete sentence.

  196. Voltaire says:

    As illogical as it was, and it was supposed to be! It is true that Liberal philosophy and the Christian Right share a lot of common ground. Belief in Charity, Compassion, Care for the sick and on and on. It seems you only differ on theological questions, not really on what needs to be done.

    You two boys have such hard noses. I only wish I was as smart.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Iran says Obama’s offer to talk shows US failure. No it shows Obama’s failure as the cowardly communist he is! You do not negotiate with terrorists He as dumb as box of hair!

    1. Fruktata says:

      Would an envelope of hair be more intelligent? I don’t understand the analogy.

      How is talking with a theocratic regime proof of Barack Obama’s Communism? Do you know what Communism proposes about theocracy? Hint: It’s related to opium.

  198. Albert Howard says:

    To: The Dutch Government

    WHEREAS Geert Wilders has exercised his fundamental human right of freedom of expression and spoken out, with facts and evidence, of the threat posed by radical Islam;

    WHEREAS certain elements within Islamic communities have threatened a boycott of Dutch goods if Geert Wilders is not punished by the Dutch government for exercising his freedom of expression; and

    WHEREAS certain elements in Dutch industry and the Dutch government are suggesting that Geert Wilders be prosecuted civilly or criminally, in order to prevent such a boycott;

    IT IS RESOLVED that, in the event that the Dutch government attempts, in any way, to punish or prosecute Geert Wilders, civilly or criminally, for exercising his freedom of expression, the undersigned will initiate a boycott of any and all Dutch goods.

    Albert Benjamin Howard

    Mr. Howard is the creator of Operation “King of Islam” which seeks to ban the Quran and all mosques in North America, Europe and Canada.

    With $55,600, Albert Howard is the first African American to receive a New Hampshire Primary Recount.

    “ABC World News” confirms our website prophecy shut down the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign.

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