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Cartoon nothing. Shiite Shrine Destroyed in Iraq.

For weeks now, the world has had to watch an ongoing tantrum among Muslim extremists who say that a few cartoons of the prophet Mohammed justify a campaign of violence that has included rioting, arson, kidnapping, death threats, and even actual killings. Well, that’s all well and good, but now the Muslim world is about to be tested to see what kind of context it places those offensive cartoons in.

Will the Muslim world react more strongly to these cartoons than they do to the destruction of one of their holy shrines? Will the fact that the shrine is specifically for Shiites lead Sunnis to pooh-pooh, or even justify, the offense?

The Samarra shrine, a holy place for Shiites which was famous for its beautiful golden dome, was destroyed in a massive explosion today in Iraq. There were people inside the shrine when it was destroyed, and they are likely to have been killed.

So now what happens? If Iraqi Sunnis are blamed, the event could lead to civil war. If the Americans are blamed, the Iraq War could escalate beyond our imaginations.

Or maybe there won’t be a big reaction, in which case, we have to ask why we’re all supposed to be up in arms about a few cartoons.

4 thoughts on “Cartoon nothing. Shiite Shrine Destroyed in Iraq.”

  1. Stryder says:

    I remember being told that we could not pull out of Iraq because it would collapse the countries infrastucture and lead to civil war. Seems to me that the Iraqies are doing a good job of heading to a civil war all on their own. So, back to my point….get us out NOW!

  2. Layla says:

    My orthopedic surgeon told me (apparently according to prevailing medical opinion) we couldn’t invade Iraq becasue only a strong man like Saddam could keep all the ethnic groups, Sunni, Shia, Kurd, from pulling the country apart into civil war. But their intrastructure wasn’t all that, as I recall. Did you see their currency? Really cheap looking, and much devalued–large denominations that were relatively worthless. The fear was definately there, though. I saw an Iraqi soccer player run the wrong way and score for the opposing team during the 1999 soccer championship, and the word was things would be very bad for him if he returned to Iraq– if he was allowed to live.

  3. Stryder says:

    yup, they’re selling it on Ebay, actually making more money selling it than it will buy in it’s own country!

  4. HareTrinity says:

    It was probably a good sight to see, too…

    National identities don’t force upon people, though. They need to make their own way through this, and we can help, but not really much more than that.

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