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Who the Heck is Peter Waldron?

peter waldron photographIt all begins with one question: What was Peter Waldron doing in Uganda with a bunch of guns hidden in his house?

The government of Uganda intends to find out, and so is putting Waldron on trial for terrorism. In the process of that trial, the American people may find out quite a bit about their own government that they don’t like.

Let’s list what we know about Peter Waldron, and then we’ll try to piece the picture together a bit later:

– Peter Waldron is from Wyoming – Dick Cheney’s home state
– Like Dick Cheney, Peter Waldron seems to be fond of guns. Waldron was found with assault rifles hidden in his bedroom by a crowd of Ugandans in his Kisugu home (outside Kampala) just after the re-election of Yoweri Museveni
– Two men were seen leaving Waldron’s house carrying a bag that contained two assault rifles just before Waldron himself was apprehended
– Waldron claims to have been working as an information technology consultant for the Ugandan ministry of health
– Waldron also claims to have been working as the publisher of a news magazine, the Africa Dispatch, but other accounts list Waldron as just a freelance writer and photographer
– The Africa Dispatch appears to be created in partnership with a writer affiliated with the right wing Reverend Moon’s Unification Church
– Waldron worked with a company known as the Contact America Group
– Documents found on Waldron indentify him as an advisor to the Rocky Mountain Technology Group
– Waldron is also the founder of a right wing Christian group, the Cities of Faith Ministries. The mission of the Cities of Faith Ministries is to expand and extend “the Kingdom of God on earth by teaching Biblical principles and precepts that build civil society blessed by the Almighty God of the Bible”, and justifies its work as “addressing God’s governments and a Believer’s Biblical responsibilities in society in which one lives and to the institutions that influence, and in some cases, govern the world’s society”, and writes in its central document that “The Bible represents the absolute source for the guiding principles and precepts for all governments in man (self-government), of families (family government), churches (church government), and for nations (civil government).”
– The Ugandan Inspector General of Police says that Waldron had links to an unnamed organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and “planned to set up a political party here based on Christian principles.”
– According to the Ugandan police, Peter Waldron was also thought to be a diplomat representing the United States government
– In an interview with the New Republic, a right wing American magazine, the following information about Waldron is made available:
— When the reporter asked about the nature of his work, Waldron replied “I’m not at liberty to say.”
— Some of Waldron’s work resulted in people getting executed by a firing squad
— Waldron claims to be a veteran of the United States military
— Waldron has visited the White House, accompanied by MC Hammer
— Waldron has been a syndicated radio talk-show host
— Waldron has been a lobbyist
— Waldron has worked as a political consultant for campaigns affiliated with the Republican Party
— Waldron has met with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
(The New Republic writer ends his section on Peter Waldron by commenting, “The United States may have a born-again president, but it is far too diverse to ever fully be, as conservatives call it, ‘a Christian nation.’ But Uganda is on its way to becoming one.”)
– Peter Waldron is quoted by the National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination, “The enemies of God won’t tolerate Christian cultural and political action.”
– The Contact America Group describes Peter Waldron’s work as “for clients desiring to either pioneer work or maintain relationships with foreign countries”.
– Waldron claims to have worked on several Republican presidential campaigns, as well as for Republican congressional campaigns. Among these have been Gary Bauer for President, Alan Keyes for President, John McCain for President, and the Bush/Quayle presidential campaign of 1988
– Waldron lists the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee as among his clients
– Waldron describes his political specialty as “organization of the faith-based community” and “Faith-based and Ethnic Specific Coalitions for marketing and campaigns”
– Waldron appears to have had his hands in the campaign to push oil drilling into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
– Waldron’s work in Uganda – whatever it is – goes back to the 1970s, in the time of Idi Amin
– Waldron conducted some kind of work with the apartheid regime in South Africa
– Waldron’s web site’s reference to his work in Afghanistan contains only three words: “War, war, war”
– In the Sudan, Waldron writes of encountering “civil war”
– An unnamed “US embassy spokeswoman” has been quoted as refusing comment on Waldron, “citing his protections under the “US Government’s Privacy Act” – suggesting that Waldron is working as an agent of the US government

Peter Waldron may turn out to be the Eugene Hasenfus of the Bush Administration, or may turn out to be a dead end. However, whatever Peter Waldron turns out to be, if he is doing some kind of work in Uganda on behalf of the US government, the American people deserve a straight answer.

Watch this story. It’s likely to get stranger and stranger.

50 thoughts on “Who the Heck is Peter Waldron?”

  1. Michelle says:


    February 28, 2006

    Contact: Dave Racer, 651-340-1911

    Peter Waldron, American businessman, arrested in Uganda on trumped up charges

    Retaliation cited as motive for Waldron’s report on Ugandan riots

    Family and friends call on Americans to help free Peter Waldron

    (Peter Waldron’s profile is provided below.)

    On February 21, 2006, police searched the home and property Waldron rented during the periods of time he lives in Kampala, Uganda. Waldron allowed the police to search, and they found nothing. Later, police came again and to Waldron’s astonishment, claimed to have found illegal weapons and ammunition in his garage. Waldron adamantly denies owning or storing guns of any kind.

    Police arrested Waldron and charged him with illegal possession of firearms.

    Later, a police spokesman alleged that Waldron is a terrorist, and that he conspired to create a Christian political party in Uganda. The charges stem from the publication of Waldron’s newsletter, The African Digest, published late in 2005. The entire document is available at The digest contains a true story of Waldron’s view of riots that occurred in Kampala late in 2005. I encouraged Waldron to write the digest and, in fact, edited it for him.

    I have known Peter Waldron for nearly 20 years, but only began working with him during the last six months of 2005. I visited him and his family in Tampa, Florida during September, and while there, we discussed four book projects. As well, we discussed his work in Uganda, his relationship with President and Mrs. Museveni, his work with the born again Christians in Uganda. Never in our conversations then or since did Waldron ever discuss any political plans whatsoever for Uganda beyond rewriting his book, Rebuilding the Walls, to apply to Ugandan life. He asked me to edit this project for him.

    Peter Waldron has been arrested under false pretenses and charged with serious crimes because he exercised the rights of a journalist, to freely and factually describe the Kampala riots. No journalist anywhere in any country that purports to advocate constitutional, democratic government should have to be so treated.

    It is essential that American media become engaged in this story, and that our diplomatic corps immediately bring Peter Waldron safely back home.

    Dr. Peter E. Waldron’s Profile:

    Dr. Peter E. Waldron, 59, first went to Africa in 1969 as a consultant to the East African Development Bank. He served as a liaison between the newly independent sovereign governments of sub-Sahara Africa and multi-national corporations in Europe, North America and Asia. Other foreign assignments have included Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

    Since 2002, Dr. Waldron has worked fulltime in Uganda in an effort to facilitate the delivery of anti-retroviral drugs to HIV/AIDS infected patients. He currently supervises a pilot study at three Kampala hospitals representing a software application (ARVIMS) that, when deployed, will be the premier patient and pharmaceutical information management system of its kind in the world.

    While in Uganda, he has worked closely with the office of President Yoweri Museveni concerning HIV/AIDS and in discussions about the country’s political infrastructure. He has traveled extensively throughout the country and interacted with local leaders and citizens to such an extent as to gain an unfiltered understanding of their culture, worldview and mores.

    Dr. Waldron is the president of Contact America Group, Inc., the business structure through which he conducts his international work. In addition, he has served as an advisor to several candidates for public office, including Congress and the Office of the President of the United States.

    His has experience in TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper journalism, providing in-depth research on a variety of issues that were developed into special reports for The Washington Times in Washington, DC. These reports include, “The War against Women,” which addresses the treatment of women by different world religions; “The Energy Crisis Report,” an in depth study of the Alaska Natural Wildlife Refuge issue; “Making Men into Pillars of Society,” a study of the American Evangelical men’s movement.

    During the 1980s, Dr. Waldron hosted a national talk radio show heard in 300 cities and eight foreign countries. His national media appearances include Nightline, Charlie Rose, Crossfire, Maury Povich, and Sally Jesse Raphael. He has been a guest on scores of local radio, cable and TV broadcasts.

    Dr. Waldron and his wife Pamela have been married for more than 26 years. They have five children, and own a home in Wyoming and Florida.

    The Waldron’s founded the Rising Stars Education and Sports Foundation in Florida, a juvenile crime prevention program for at-risk children. The character-based curriculum focuses on literacy, offering a strong after-school program in some of the worst crime zones and poorest neighborhoods on Florida’s West Coast.

    Dr. Waldron owns a small ranch in Wyoming, and a home in Tampa, Florida.

  2. Jon Blaque says:

    Since when is The New Republic a “right wing American magazine”?

    Makes the rest of the infornation in the story sort of unreliable, unfortunately.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    The New Republic has been closely linked with Joseph Lieberman and the Democratic Leadership Council. How is that not right wing?

  4. Dave Racer says:

    Wow! That last posting has all the earmarks of an extremely parnoid conspiratist. Peter is a family man earning a living in an important job in Uganda. During his free time he is involved in Christian ministry. The fact that he has been an activist all his life is good, not bad. And I am the one who asked him to write the articles in The African Dispatch, and I edited it. We, too, want the truth to surface, and are giving of our time and lives to help it happen. What you have done is slander a good man.

  5. J. Clifford says:

    Slander? Nonsense. Much of the information I took was from Peter Waldron’s own web site, and other information from reputable news sources. Spin it away, Mr. Racer, but I’m not making up anything I wrote.

  6. Twleverus says:

    Is anyone aware of the what Peter Waldren did around the year 1983?? Am I remembering correctly he was convicted of seducing (including sexual intercourse) 6 or 7 women, in the guise of “ministry”, one of them being a 15 year old girl??? This was during the time when he was involved with the radio talk show, “Contact America”. Why is this man still involved in any kind of Christian leadership??? This is the same Peter Waldren?? If he repented, wonderful, but based on what I understand from scripture, he should never be in a place of leadership again. What’s wrong with this picture???

    1. English Integrity says:

      Is twleverus mad? I am shocked to see this kind of outragious lies posted here. Libel is serious. Where is the evidence? Convicted? Strong charges. This can’t be true? Did you see the evidence? Sounds like Twleverus is a very sick person. Have you contacted the preacher? You should remove the post. Why did twleverus write this three years after your post? Something isn’t right here. Where is the preacher now? Have you talked with him? Or is he still in prison in Uganda? What happened to him? Does he have a family that can read this?

  7. v c says:

    Whether the facts that twelerus wrote about r true I’m not sure. But I can tell u know that Peter is living in SIN with a girlfriend in Florida. His x-wife did alot to get Peter out of Uganda.

  8. k c says:

    Peter Waldron is a fake, a liar and is definately an adulterer. He is definately living with his “girlfriend” and his wife of 26 years he hung out to dry! Wasn’t even there for her cancer treatment. He has tried to rob her and their children of their rightful inheritance and doesn’t believe he owes restitution for what he has done….His life style has come back to haunt him again and again, and will continue to do so. FINALLY, people are catching on to his game…. His own children are suffering because of his ill fated choices. He claims to be a man of God, but what man of God would do the things he has done to his ex-wife, Mother of his children and his children. He has had numerous affairs all of which can be proven including his “girlfriend” oops, sorry housekeeper that was arrested with him in Uganda….at night… hmmmm… sounds sketchy to me…..
    I am still in awe at the numerous evil works that this man continues to pull and yet, seems to keep getting away with it. Well, God is not mocked… he WILL reap what he has sewn… and the wife of his youth that he has dispised…. oh, man… it is a terrrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. I hope he TRULY repents before he finds himself in a seat hotter than these forums and blogs….

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Actually, KC, God is mocked. A lot.

  9. CiGi says:

    You can’t get away with mocking him… you may try to… but people do reap what they sew…. just like the scripture says…. the foolishness must stop and the truth must come out… Peter can’t hide all he has done, all the people he has hurt and all the lies he has told forever….

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      So, if I sew a pair of nice canvas pants, how would I reap that?

      God is a pootey-head! There, I said it. Am I going to hell now, CiGi?

    2. Sue Brabt says:

      Peter is currently in negotiations to meld with our small Anglican Church.
      Peter Waldron proposes creating a school in Zimbabwe.
      Do you have any information we should know that you are willing to share?
      Thanking you in anticipation!

  10. CiGi says:

    You would reap them by wearing them…. and hopefully by not getting holes in them…. lol If you don’t believe in God, that is your choice… but I would rather take my chances believing then to die and find out I was wrong! Good luck and God bless you FG…. I have no fight with you… and will not continue to try to convince the blind to see.

    1. Rowan says:

      Do you also believe in Herbie the Cosmic Iguana? He shed his skin for your sins, you know. He also created the universe, and according to the ancient Scripture of Herbie, he demands that you wear a beanie cap on alternate Wednesdays, or suffer the consequences: Gerbils nibbling at your ankles in the afterlife for all eternity. Wouldn’t it just be better to take your chances and believe in Herbie? I mean, if you don’t believe in Herbie, that is your choice. Why are you blind to Herbie?

  11. CiGi says:

    You are so funny….. doesn’t matter still it’s my choice to believe in whom I choose just like you and herbie up there…. enjoy spending your eternity with herbie… I think I like my prospect better…. I will share the skin shedding thing though I think that is a riot! The beanie cap pure genius, although I think some Jewish people might be offended… the idea here is NOT to offend…. express… gerbils….lol gosh, you have quite an imagination…. I see your herbie as you have described him with such vivid detail how can one not see an Iguana pure and simple…. it’s easy to believe in what is right in my face takes faith to believe in what I don’t see….

    1. Rowan says:

      Right! For example, you can’t see the invisible solid gold ring that I’ve placed in your house. But, still, you owe me $2,000 for it. Have faith! Herbie the Cosmic Iguana says you have to pay me or you’ll have to kiss goldfish for all eternity after you die. Don’t gamble! It’s safer just to believe, right?

      Why you prefer living with threats about burning in a lake of fire, rather than having to kiss goldfish or be nibbled by gerbils, is beyond me. Are you a masochist? I’d take the gerbils over the fire any day.

      Oh, also, Herbie the Cosmic Iguana promises chocolate bars in the afterlife for all who obey his laws. Does your God promise that? I don’t think so!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Lets see how many people will still think about Herbie in 2,000 years. Lets also see how many people have had there lives altered so extremely that they are willing to die and suffer unspeackable tortures for Herbie. I think looking at peoples lives and how they have changed after accepting who Christ is speaks volumes…

        1. Truman says:

          Yes, I think you’re right – we should look at that. Did you know, for example, that Americans who go to church are more likely to approve of torture than Americans who don’t? Article to come…

          1. Anonymous says:

            more misdirection. This site is great at smoke and mirrors… When something comes up change the subject but only slightly enough that we can say we didnt.

  12. CiGi says:

    Oh, yeah… this is about Peter, not herbie, unless that is his new pet name…. hehehe

  13. V C says:

    Twleverus: 18 years ago Peter had an affair with my daughter who at that time had 5 children and Peter also had 5 children. Peter was living in Wyoming while his trusting wife was in Florida with his 5 children. It’s time that Peter is called to an accounting Peter shouldn’t b in church leadership!!!

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Hi, VC. As a non-Christian, I’m wondering how you apply the teaching of Jesus about who should cast the first stone – the one without sin. Do you find that such teachings of Jesus don’t apply well to matters of church leadership?

  14. English Integrity says:

    KC and VC sound like two people who are either liars and slanderers or bloody frauds who can’t forgive. They both reject the Christian faith that I’ve always heard about. I don’t know this American man and really don’t care about his situation but why do these haters bring up such crap here? Sounds like typical American racists and homophobes who hate, spew evil accusations, then hide behind their Bibles. Who cares who he lives with? Or that VC’s daughter was whorish or had an affair- both were guilty? Its no body’s business if you ask me. How can you people say something like this about your own daughter? Let this man live his life and you live yours. Has either VC or KC contacted him? Either of you ever spoke to him? God, I feel so sorry for him, to have haters like this in the world makes me want to stay away from Christianity and America. Ugly people! Ugly words! KC and VC need to get a life, or maybe find Jesus…(hint)

  15. English Integrity says:

    I just checked all the names: Twleverus, KC, and VC used in this blog to attack this guy, Sounds like these three people are the same person to me. What is he doing today that has upset this “Twelverus-KC-VC” person? I can’t find anything on the internet but old stuff like Uganda three-four years ago. I still think its no one’s business to pry into this preacher’s personal life. From all that I read, it seems like he has suffered enough. Lost his wife to cancer? Lost his family? What do these people want? Ugly Americans soiling all over themselves in the name of god. Makes me sick!

    1. Jim says:

      These three people are making similar contentions, “English Integrity,” but they are not the same people, not unless they are highly, highly intrepid. They are using different sets of IP addresses from different regions when making their comments.

      I have no idea about the truth value of these contentions, but my, my, my. What a very interesting intramural conflict is playing out here.

  16. V C says:

    English Integrity: Peter didn’t loose his wife 2 cancer. Peter left his wife alone and didnt help with children while x-wife was in hospital going thru chemo and fighting for her life. The same wife who faught hard to save his life while he was in prison in Uganda now he wants to leave her and his children homeless and without means of support. I doubt that Peter has suffered much he has had much mercy. His life will be revealed and justice done. I’m sure the comments here will have no bearing on what happens to his life and I feel someone needs to speak up. He’s still appearing on christian T.V. purporting 2 b a man of God.

  17. In The Know says:

    To all… Christian or not the truth is many times ugly. This truth about Peter’s inmorality and abandonement of his wife in her greatest time of need is imposible to make sound ” nice” English Integrity ( Peter), You did not loose your wife to cancer… She is alive and well and beautiful as ever. Her faith is strong… You lost her to your selfish, worldly pleasures and addicksions. It sounds to me like English integrity and peter may have the same IP address…Hmmmm… Just thinking… Who else would defend such heinous acts of disregard to the ONE God commanded him to love as Christ loved the Church!!!! Integrity in your blog name??? If you are not him You should change that if you think peter, small “p” is a righteous and Godly man.

  18. Gary says:

    I have known Peter for about 25 yrs.most of what I have read are he was with his wife during her cancer treatments at least most of them.Who are you people who are trying to destroy this mans life.It sure sounds like sour grapes from some who is very angry at him.Could it be an ex wife and her friends??Peter is trying to put his life together after some traumetic time in a uguanda prison.He still has to get a life together,such a a job–these comments sure don’t help that.If someone read this garbage it might make them turn and run.Peter is like all of us,he has made mistakes,God knows we all have.If anyone that is interested in the truth about Peter,email me I will tell you what I know.God has forgiven him ,why can’t you and both of you get on with your lives.

  19. Cigi says:

    I have also known both Peter and Pam for MANY years…. I know the real truth about Uganda, I know the truth about his affairs, I know the truth about his imaginary bedside vigils while his wife was in cancer treatment. Peter was NO WHERE to be found. He even managed to keep from being arrested in Maryland for adultry which in that state is a felony. The only thing Peter has done for Pam is cause more stress and grief. If this man “claims” to be a preacher and man of God, why would he treat the wife of his youth in such a manner? Why, would he be living with his “girlfriend”? He can be googled and seen on CTN giving his boo-hoo testimony under Peter E. Waldron on You tube… The man got caught and was punished according to Ugandan laws, his now ex-wife faught day and night to get him out and he comes home and treats her with such disdain because he had to give up a decadent lifestyle to return home, when he would rather have stayed in Uganda. You say you have known Peter for many years and he should be allowed to get on with his life and God has forgiven him. GREAT! Has he gone to the people that he has wronged and asked their forgiveness? Has he made restitutiion?Then he can bring his gifts before the alter and God will hear his prayers.. There are a lot of people he has yet to contact. I have gotten on with my life. Sad thing is, the truth is the truth and he has been running from it for years! This is definately not his ex-wife, I am sure she would have more graphic details and more heart wrentching testimony on her behalf…. I have spoken with, eaten with, sat with, talked with, worked with and been oggled by Peter so…. excuse me for wanting the people to know the truth. I encourage anyone else that has TRUE knowledge of this man to step forward and speak. English Integrity sounds a lot like Peter himself… only Peter would use such grammar, sounds just like him and then have his friend defend him….. I hate this forum and this will be the last time I address any of this…

  20. Gary says:

    I have spoken to Peter recently,why don’t you email me with these peoples names you say he needs to ask for forgiviness because he don’t know who you are talking about.
    I have been open and honest here.I want to help.If you are sincere about what you say prove it.I will be waiting for your mail.

  21. Peanut says:

    I know of atleast 3 people who were molested by Peter underage and who have been in treatment for years. Peter knows who they are. I also will not reply again. Peter knows who these people are and these things are between him and God. I don’t supose 2 judge him God will do that, he can defend himself all he wants and when he says to God I cast out demons in your name etc. God will say…(I NEVER KNEW U)

  22. Jim says:

    All right, people. This is getting ridiculous.

    Anyone can just say things about people, good or bad. Lay out some evidence for what you’ve got if you’re going to keep going on like this. Otherwise it’s just soap opera.

  23. Gary says:

    thanks Jim for your voice of reason.I agree this is “ridiculous”.This nonsense has gone way too far and needs to stop.I can think of no reason for a mans good name to be maligned and slandered by anonymous women.I posted my real name and email address on your blog hoping that one of these women would write me,but I have heard from no one.It appears to me like a couple of bitter women who seem to be men haters,maybe because of their own failed relationships.Peters wife has remarried and seems to be happy now.Peter is trying to get on with his life.unfortunately,the only ones that are truly hurt by these malicious attacks are their children.

  24. Jim says:

    Who told you all these people commenting are women? You seem to be awfully bitter about women not writing you and about the idea of “men haters.” Please don’t assume I’m on your side (or any side) on this. Peter Waldron has some pretty demonstrably bizarre aspects to his behavior, as links from the original article up top demonstrate. I don’t particularly care in that regard if Waldron’s had imaginary conversations with his “God” who conveniently forgave him for his mistakes. My point is simply that both sides in this intramural argument, including yours, have a need to cough up some empirical evidence.

  25. Gary says:

    since you are the orginator of this blog is it possible for you to delete the whole thread and see if all these allegations will die a natural death since everyone has offered their views on Peter???

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Yes, nothing to see here. Move along. Since no one has proved anything either way, can we just hush everything up? Then, we’ll see what happens!

  26. V C says:

    I see the truth hurts!!! Doesn’t it? Yes everything is true no matter who believes it or who doesn’t. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!!!

  27. Doug says:

    I see a lot of bitterness and anger from several who have posted comments on here. What is gained by lashing out in a public forum against someone when the proper thing to do when you have an issue with someone is to confront them privately and in person? Gary makes a very good point that this has gone way too far and needs to stop. Absolutely nothing is gained by these allegations in this fashion. Both sides come out losing. There are no winners. Bitterness and unforgiveness is like a cancer and it will destroy you.

    If Jim won’t delete this whole thread as he’s been asked to do, then let’s reveal who’s making the allegations. Even though code names are used hide the real identity of people posting comments the actual person can be identified through the IP address from the posts. Everone has a unique IP address assigned by your internet provider. That can be traced back to you. It would be interesting to see Jim post the IP addresses of each entry so at the very least the locations can be made public which geographic location each comments are originating from. I also personally know Peter and have spoken with him recently. I make my email address available too for those who may have issues with Peter so things can be resolved in a civil and a Biblical manner directly between you and Peter as it should be.

  28. Kevin says:

    you people don’t seem to understand how this works. Jim posts up something he finds interesting. People come by, and if moved by knowledge or peevishness, leave comments.

    If you notice, there was some kind of press release, two comments and that was it. not that many were interested.

    Now you all have posted some diverting comments. Jim won’t delete anything. or publish any IPs. That’s against the code!!@!

    anyway maybe in a year someone else will make some good comments and provide fodder for diversion…

  29. Doug says:

    Oh, we understand completely how this works. It doesn’t matter what is posted or whether the content is true or not. It doesn’t matter if anyone is being hurt from these posts or not. What matters is there are a lot of posts. And to delete these posts would stop all this. Revealing who is posting things would also stop it. But the object here is to get a lot of posts. That’s a pretty sad “code” in my opinion. Maybe instead of following this “code” some serious thought should be given to following a conscience instead. Isn’t it better to do something good for people rather than thrive on other’s anger, bitterness and unproven allegations? Wouldn’t it be better to help resolve issues rather than add to them?

    One good thing from this thread is it reveals the validity of this website and the integrity of those who adhere to this “code”. This site is 100% pure gossip and opinion. There’s nothing here whatsoever that can be taken as factual because everything submitted is posted as-is and nothing is checked for validity. Readers need to realize this and should beware.

    1. Jacob says:

      I dont know Peter Waldron and really could care less but I was just thinking… Instead of telling people how stupid they are maybe you should just post the correct information and a link to prove it is true. Wouldnt that shut the whole thing down? I am curious as to why a missionary would have four unlicensed AK-47 rifles and 180 bullets under his bed. As a missionary in training from Midwestern Baptist Theological seminary I have to admit I have yet to find the text book that says that is a good thing to do… A Christian party would not use such things. I think this may have something to do withn it ” ” but maybe you should post something of the truth… Otherwise stop talking and there will be no more back and forth and this will fade away into the archives of Irregular Times where only weird bored people like me will ever see it again.

  30. Kevin says:

    “This site is 100% pure gossip and opinion. There’s nothing here whatsoever that can be taken as factual ”

    yea… except for the parts that are covered by documents, links, votes, news stories… you know.. anything like a shred of proof.. which is what Jim asked for.

  31. In the know says:

    I have waited quietly for someone to speak up, but nothing… You all that are wanting facts must know some of the pastors or victims that were in on meetings to attempt some sort of repentance or confession from Peter. Why don’t you go straight to the Pastors? They are out there and they know much of what is being said to be true. If you are reading this and you are one of the Pastors why don’t you do something to put an end to all this and bring closure to a lifetime of nightmares for Peter’s victims. I pray the pastor that accused the one girl of making it all up will rethink all of this and do some personal searching for the truth. I agree we should all forgive the past but is this the past when Peter continues to manipulate his victims… I could have fallen victim but was wise to his ways and chose to stay clear Although circumstances (business) brought him around on occassion.

  32. I know says:

    I know first hand all the things are true. kuz i know him

  33. Bob Dodds says:

    I knew Peter and Pam Waldron, and Peter before he married, in VA 1977-8?’s. I have worked with publisher R Millegan as fact checker on books like Watergate Exposed by Butch Merritt. Pete is still showing that operational side, pragmatic, with the Uganda kidnapping scheme, same as he stole his own radio equipment for insurance twice in the 1980’s but got caught the second time. At that juncture, a well-known Catholic pro-lifer known to Dave Henderson facebook, told DH he had recorded an interview of PW in which PW admitted having 50 affairs while travelling to speak related to his radio show. Pam is great. Rightwing Christians need to stop covering for death-squadders like says, like Pat Robertson in Guatemala and Lockerbie bomb placer Monzer Al Kasser as DIA agent Les Coleman said in Trail of the Octopus. Stumblingblock, and kidnapping and death-squadding and torture and dope for arms, arms for dope, are what is really going on. Prof. Alfred McCoy, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, prereq. So, Peter is a very energetic PRAGMATIST, “we always lose” said William Colby to Ralph McGehee of the same Herndon, VA, as Pam, same time frame. Empire vs. democracy is not Christian, it’s the absolute love of money.

  34. Bob Dodds says:

    You could search on David Conway, DIA, patron of more girls, in context of 3 Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson’s somewhat pragmatic endeavour, or visit, or read Jeff Long’s piece on the Mustang Dixie Cups and realize that Laos-VN Hmongs are gone thanks to dixie cupping, or Paul Rodriguez Insight Mag story on FBI APEC blackmail video of CIA-kidnapped children. How about Paul Bonacci, now a Christian, Presidio child abuse with same ABC oversight as FBI APEC and surfacing again in Franklin affair( with famous Bush-connected Larry King. CIA Finders child abuse. It goes way beyond 700 Club coke for arms trade with Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bomb placer Monzer Al Kasser, detailed by DIA and CBN’s Lebanon station engineer, Les Coleman. “With all your getting, get wisdom”, Pete. Hi, Pam.

  35. Bob Dodds says:

    Real CIA heros at this point are looking like more of the nature of Ralph McGehee, Phil Agee, Victor Marchetti, John Stockwell, Ray McGovern, and Lloyd Millegan. FBI, Sibel Edmonds. Scott Ritter, arms inspector, Iraq. DIA, Les Coleman and Gannon and McKee who went down with Pan Am 103 as they were carrying evidence against Russell Opium Trust(ROT). Empire vs. democracy, profit vs. people, that’s all it is. Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein. Restore sympathy to economics, per Vanity of the Philosopher by Levy and Peart. Jesus declared war on pure profit economics in Jeremia and Ezekiel, dot in a pot cannibalistas will be judged as to nativity at the figurative border of the figurative nation, the church, not to mention the politics of greed is an oxymoron rather than a tautology as supposed.

  36. Bob Dodds says:

    Taken as an African proverb, “politics of greed”, where we would stop at the oxymoron, would be seen in African literature as an impossible juxtaposition pointing to ubuntu or the like.

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