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What else is on Americans’ Minds?

As for myself, I think it’s big news when a member of the United States Senate introduces a resolution to censure the President. I think it’s big news too when the America’s outsourced prisons are exposed as outside-the-law centers of torture protected by kangaroo courts. Then we could go with the news that the Arctic Ocean ecosystems are starting to collapse and the ocean’s chemistry is undergoing radical changes that could threaten all life on Earth.

But that’s me. Not everyone else sees things as I do. So, what’s the rest of the world interested in today? Here are the top 5 blog searches, as reported by Technorati:

1. The return of The Sopranos to cable TV.
2. The Bukit Batok video store, which is, apparently, a setting on Missing another TV show.
3. SXSW, which is a music festival in Austin, Texas. Ray Romano will be there, and he’s had a show on TV, so you know it must be important.
4. Origami – which is a new little computer device from Microsoft. You can watch TV on it, I think, or at least little movies.
5. Here’s Bukit Batok again! Bukit Batok is, apparently, the name of a neighborhood in Singapore, a nature park, and school, as well as a video store.

I hoped to feel better, knowing what people are looking for online instead of paying attention to the disintegration of the democratic foundations of the American government and the accelerating disarray in our planet’s biosphere. It didn’t work.

One thought on “What else is on Americans’ Minds?”

  1. Tom says:

    Ever since the early seventies (actually before this time too)people have been citing research, studying data and exclaiming the problems regarding the sustainability of human populations and the resources of earth. No world leaders have even bothered to notice (apparently) or have taken up the cause (except Bush who is completely ANTI environment). It’s already too late as far as i can tell. The long, slow, irreversible demise is already happening with the increase in extreme weather, coral bleaching all over the world, the great melt-off of the glaciers, over-fishing of the oceans, etc. The signs are all there for those who care to look, but most people are only whistling past the graveyard in their day-to-day lives. Enjoy the rest of your days and keep up the fight to change the negative impacts we can in the time we have left, since it may decrease the amount of time (in centuries if not millenia) that the earth will need to regain the balance – if it’s at all even possible.

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