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The Pain of Timmy the Dinosaur and Poisons

timmy the dinosaur poisonsYesterday, when I went down to the drug store to buy up a cassette tape, I also picked up a free little coloring book offered by the pharmacy as a way to warn kids about the dangers of poisons in the household. I’m glad to see the pharmacy taking such pains to keep kids safe, but I was struck by the form in which it did so.

The coloring book features a character named Timmy the Dinosaur, who wants to tell kids about the dangers of poisions. We don’t know where this dinosaur came from or why he is so interested in talking to kids about poisons. He just shows up and starts talking to kids about things that in their homes that, if they eat them, can kill them. Friendly.

I understand that kids are drawn to the concept of talking animals, but there’s something I don’t get about the choice of a dinosaur as a cartoon spokescreature to children about how to stay alive. Dinosaurs are extinct, see. All of them.

So, if I were to pick a animal to preach to kids about how to stay alive, it wouldn’t be a dinosaur. You might as well make a dodo bird an instructor in survival techniques. What extinct animals can teach us best is how not to follow their example, and in doing so, stay alive.

So, maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s what Timmy, the sole-surviving dinosaur on Earth, wants to tell us. It wasn’t the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. It was household poisons. Back 65 million years ago, dinosaur parents just didn’t know enough to put childproof caps on their bottles of medications… and they all died!

Thanks for the heads up, Timmy.

3 thoughts on “The Pain of Timmy the Dinosaur and Poisons”

  1. Tom says:

    Wouldn’t it be even more ironic to have, say, Dick Cheney talking to the children about staying away from these poisons because he’s going to need them to grow up to fight (and maybe die, be maimed or come back mentally unstable) in his endless war on terror?

  2. HareTrinity says:

    I think it’s weird he shows them the way to the cabinet full of poisons for this, giving them the key along with it. That’s not really staying away from them, is it?

    I’m disturbed by how much a talking dinosaur knows about the kids’ house.

  3. Chris says:

    Don’t knock the use of dinosaurs in popular media. To a seven-year-old, dinosaurs are cool! And they can tell you which is which, using the correct latin tags. And they know that they were blasted to extinction 65-million years ago by a huge asteroid. So when they’re told the world is only 6,000 years old by adults who weren’t totally honest about Santa Claus… well hopefully seeds of doubt are planted that grow into great baobabs of skepticism.
    Barney is our ally.

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