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New York’s 24th District Critic A Resident?

Yesterday, Jim wrote about Buddy Mac, a guy so upset with Irregular Times for having the audacity to criticize an anti-liberal slam by Democrat Michael Arcuri, who is running against Les Roberts and Bruce Tytler in the 24th district congressional race in Upstate New York.

The logic used by Buddy Mac to defend statements by Michael Arcuri against the supposed “liberal fringes” is truly weird. Buddy Mac says that Michael Arcuri is a true liberal, even though Arcuri describes liberals as being merely in the fringes, and suggests liberal ideology is to be avoided. We liberals who resent it when Republican-leaning Democrats like Arcuri argue that the liberal base of the Democratic Party should be shunned are then accused by Buddy Mac as being so liberal that we’re not really liberals.

Well, just who is this Buddy Mac, anyway?

According to his IP address, Buddy Mac was not writing from New York State’s 24th District – or at least not from a computer that has an Internet No, he’s using a Verizon Internet access service through a network based in Reston, Virginia.

Reston, Virginia? Why, that’s a suburb of Washington D.C. – Why is someone who claims to be on the ground in New York’s 24th District, and to have heard Michael Arcuri speak several times, doing writing messages in favor of Michael Arcuri from near Washington D.C?

Maybe this “Buddy Mac” character is on Arcuri’s campaign, travelling to DC for a political meeting. Maybe “Buddy Mac” is a student from the 24th District going to school somewhere around the nation’s capitol. Maybe Buddy Mac is just taking a vacation down to DC. Maybe. Maybe Buddy Mac lives and works in DC, and has taken it upon himself to involve himself in 24th District politics. Maybe Buddy Mac is accessing the Internet through a cell phone bought from his DC base of operations as he travels through the 24th District on New York State doing… well, doing whatever it is that Buddy Mac does.

Maybe it’s all a big mistake. So, Buddy Mac, why don’t you come back here and clear this all up for us fringe liberals who are so liberal that we’re not liberal?

3 thoughts on “New York’s 24th District Critic A Resident?”

  1. Buddy Mac says:

    Hey! You’re the ones who I doubt are from the 24th Congressional District.
    Why have you censored me friend? Many voices, many choices. What disturbs you about my replies that you haven’t printed?
    Tonight when I am at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, listening to Mr. Arcuri’s message of hope, I’ll snap a picture of myself with some of the other progressives that will be attending. Don’t expect much. I’m just another human being.
    Man are you paranoid.
    Layoff the caffeine, or whatever has got you on edge.
    And quit censoring me. That’s not what Progressives do.

  2. Jim says:

    Who’s been censored? Here’s one comment of yours, and here’s another one. I have no idea to what you’re referring. Perhaps you’re a bit disoriented?

    Just a question here: do you work for Michael Arcuri? I’m wondering, because most people don’t drop “his message of hope” into conversation in two consecutive posts. It’s politico-speak.

    Peregrin, maybe he’s on an ISP that is based in Reston, VA but that offers access throughout the country. Just a possibility there.

  3. Peregrin Wood says:

    Yes, but why won’t he answer?

    Would he give us a name?

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