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Surge in Joe Biden for President Campaign Gear

Here at Irregular Times, we had a surprise over the weekend that we cannot fully account for. Sales of presidential campaign gear for Senator Joseph Biden shot up quickly, starting on Saturday, and continuing through today. For the last two days, sales of bumper stickers, shirts and other items with the Biden in 2008 theme surpassed sales for all other Democratic candidates, even those that had been strong performers in the past, like Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold.

It has been widely known for months that Senator Biden plans to run for President in 2008. So, what’s to account for the sudden rise in Biden for President gear over the last two days? The only recent news of prominence that I can see about Joe Biden is that he’s announced that he plans to release a plan for the Iraq War… later, and that he has declared his support for giving nuclear technology to India outside of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty – a move that is not popular with Democrats who see the pact as a means by which the American government is rewarding the development of nuclear weapons around the world.

Any readers have any insights that would explain why Joseph Biden supporters are suddenly getting worked up?

One thought on “Surge in Joe Biden for President Campaign Gear”

  1. Elaine says:

    Joe Biden was on Real Time (Bill Mahr’s HBO show)Friday evening. He stated that he would run for President in 2008. I believe most of the other candidates are still sitting on the fence…you know they will run, but they haven’t made the announcement yet. So maybe there is more interest in him because of that announcement. Hopefully not because of his ideas on the Iraq mess.

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