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Mike Gravel for President Campaign Web Site Online

Former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel announced this morning at the National Press Club that he has officially begun a campaign for President of the United States. That makes him the first candidate to formally declare participation in the 2008 presidential race.

Now that his official declaration has been made, Mike Gravel’s campaign web site is online. I suggest that people go and take a look. Gravel has some pretty interesting ideas – not your run-of-the-mill, tried-and-true, middle-of-the-road campaign mumble. For instance, Gravel proposes amending the Constitution so that the American people can themselves take on the legislative responsibilities currently held by Congress, through referendum-style elections under a system that Gravel terms the National Initiative.

If you visit the Gravel for President web site, you’ll also discover some personal things about the candidate. You’ll see that Mike Gravel is particularly skilled at posing for photographs in which he earnestly peers into the new frontiers of the American spirit. You’ll also learn, if you look at the Gravel for President blog, that candidate Mike is fond of the Lorax, which he pays tribute to with a bit of his own verse:

He was shortish. And oldish,
And greyish. And spirited.
And he spoke with a voice
that was sharpish and heated.

“Mister” he said with a snowy white steeple,
“I’m Mike Gravel, and I speak for the people.
I speak for the people, for they have no choice.
And I’m asking you, sir, at the top of my voice”–
he was very upset and he continued to vent–
What’s that mockery you’ve made of our government?”

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  1. Alan says:

    last time I checked, we already had a national referendum system, in the form of a constitutional convention. If enough states vote to convene one to discuss a particular legislative issue, it happens. Of course, once they convene they can consider any subject, say for instance, makng abortion unconsititutional. ERA advocates opposed such a convention for just such a reason, and opted for state by state passage of equal rights amendment, which as i recall, was never passed by enough states to become federal law.

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