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The Toddler In Chief: I’m the Decider! (shirts and buttons and stickers, oh my!)

As we all know, George W. Bush really lost it this week, going on full display as the Toddler In Chief. His whine to those who question him: “I’m the Decider!” (listen to the foot-stomping tantrum here)

If George were our own child, we’d want the tantrum to go away, and so we’d simply ignore his whines, turn our backs, and wait for him to quiet down, suck his thumb a bit, and get on with things.

But George is not our child, and that makes watching his ongoing tantrums so deliciously enjoyable. We’re going to break the parenting rule and pay attention to George’s carryings on, in hopes that he’ll get all pissy again. Come on, Georgie Porgie puddin’ pie! Tell us again: who’s the decider? Who’s the Big Boy? Is it widdle Lumpkins? Is it Woo?

We can’t vote him out of office, so we might as well have fun. You can enjoy tweaking the Boy Wonder yourself with one of our I’m The Decider shirts, buttons or stickers:

George W. Bush Whines: I'm the Decider! Anti Bush Oval Bumper Sticker
I’m The Decider! Oval Bumper Sticker

George W. Bush Whines, I'm the Decider!  Waaaa!  Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker
I’m the Decider! Bumper Sticker

George W. Bush is the Toddler In Chief, Whining I Am The Decider! Pinback Button
I’m the Decider! Metal Pinback Button

Bush Whines I'm The Decider!  Funny Anti-Bush Raglan Shirt from Irregular Times and American Apparel
I’m the Decider! Long-Sleeve Junior Raglan Shirt

Bush Whines I'm The Decider Anti-Bush Organic Tee Shirt
I’m the Decider! Organic Cotton Tee Shirt

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