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God’s Business Pays the Best?

This morning, while leafing through an absolutely horrid copy of Home Business magazine, I ran across the following advertisement:

Get paid to disciple others in the Word of God.
This is a Multi-Generational Discipleship Program

This appears to be a literal version of the scam proferred by most religion: a multi-level salvation marketing scheme in which everybody down below pays some sort of fee to join in, and sponsors higher up the ministering food chain get a pre-arranged cut.

I wanted to find out more, but oddly enough when I tried to visit (or any number of modified versions of the address), I only received a message that said the website was “currently unavailable.” Even searching google for the text of the advertisement, I couldn’t find a thing. Is this the sort of work that is accessible only to people of deeper faith than myself? I suppose I’ll never know.

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