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Evidence of Space Aliens Found By British Hacker?

The American government calls him a terrorist, but British citizen Gary McKinnon says he was only seeking information about whether the government of the United States of America has been in contact with space aliens.

McKinnon used a simple dial-up modem to access secret Pentagon files, as well as computer databases used by NASA and the Johnson Space Center. How did McKinnon get in? He used publicly-known flaws in the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

In nine days, McKinnon faces an extradition hearing at which he hints he may blow the lid off an American government conspiracy to cover up contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. So far, McKinnon has said that he saw files from a government organization known as The Disclosure Project in which people in the American government gave testimony that some government agencies posses technology obtained from extraterrestrial visitors. McKinnon also claims to have seen a photograph of what he believes to be an alien spacecraft.

Of course, everything that McKinnon saw could have been nothing more than disinformation, a coverup of a military satellite program of some kind, or the fastidious government documentation of paranoid conspiracy theories held by some cranky public servants.

Does McKinnon have more to tell? He better speak up fast. If the American government gets its extradition, it plans to put McKinnon in prison for as long as 70 years.

4 thoughts on “Evidence of Space Aliens Found By British Hacker?”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Well, that is the flying saucer made by the US army, right? The one that can only hover a few metres high before it flips over and crashes?

    Maybe he’s badly informed on recent events.

  2. Chris Thompson says:

    I think he probably did find some information… why else would the US government be trying so hard to extradite him back to the US?!?! And personally I will be forced to believe that he did find proof of extraterestrial life if he is brought to the United States court system and charged with life in prison. Our governments are not as noble as they would like us to think they are… Our country is run by lobbyist, corporations, and the same political parties for the past 30 years. Once it was illegal to go thru peoples mail, but now the government can do it even with out a warrant!! The people have no power anymore… lets face it, America has changed!!

  3. Sharad jadhav says:

    I want to know more about it………

  4. Munchy2 says:

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