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Lingering Peg Leg Mystery

“If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it take for a monkey with a peg leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle?”

My father asked me this question thirty years ago, and I still do not know the answer.

14 comments to Lingering Peg Leg Mystery

  • Old World or New World monkey?

  • Yes, and is the pickle dill, and from a burpless cucumber?

  • Terry

    The answer to all such questions is:


  • Mark

    For you math geeks out there:
    If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it take for a single chicken to lay a single egg?

  • My dad used to recite this puzzler too. I never knew what the hell he was talking about. Though that’s pretty much par for the course with him in general.

  • Rory

    An orange, because a vest has no sleves!

  • I heard this one the other day from my friend’s dad.

    The answer (according to him) is: About as long as it takes for a rooster sitting on a doorknob to hatch a hardware store.

  • anon

    …or it could be a burpee chick-a-seed

  • The Animist


    The same amount of time it takes for jesus’ existence to be proven.

    • Curata et Industria

      Your right, 500 witnesses to the physical reserection (not including Mary and Martha at the tomb or the two on the road to Emaus, or the twelve in the upper room);

      Its all the other evidence thatmakes it easy. Such as the written reports of the Roman Centurians, the record of the Court of Inquiry at the trial, the Pharasees and Sacucees coverup and bribery of the Soldiers, the written accounts in the history that the Secular Historian Justin Martyr produced (not to mention all the others who wrote about it; Or the fact we can reproduce the New Testament from SECULAR sources – except for eleven verses (of monor consequence).
      That’s a no brainer- Easy to substantiate and prove.

      We haven’t even begun to start with the hundreds of thousands of witnesses in Jeruselem, who later dispersed after the Double Passover, and wrote about and discussed the event after leaving to go to the nations of the know world. Or the fact that the Dead came out of the graves and walked around Jeresulem, THAT would have really made news!
      (Yes it’s recorded in Secular and it’s in the Gospels too.

      Ya just gotta know where to look, Bro!

      • Oh, okay. Sure. Why don’t you tell me where to look then… Bro. Where is the substantiation? Just tell me where to look, and then I’ll see it… unless you’re just making it up.

  • The Animist

    Okay, I pretty much just lit the fuse for that forum food fight flame war. Go at it, ye peoples!!!

  • the same amount of time it takes a flat tire to roll down a flat hill while balancing an empty soda can full of flat root beer.

  • Curata et Industria

    That’s easy! It takes the same amount of time to shell a pumpkin as it does to string up a row of hubbard squash OR for a monkey to kick the seeds out of a common pickel. If it was burpless, then it would not produce the necessary gas equivilent to shell a pumpkin!

    It’s a carbon foot print thing…..back then it was a methane cow thing…

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