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Video Podcast: Dennis Kucinich and Grizzly Adams?

dennis kucinich michael douglasPop quiz in entertainment news, kiddies: Who is that man in the big beard standing with Dennis Kucinich?

Here’s a hint: Way back when, Charlie Sheen played the idealist against his cynic. My, my, how times have changed. Have you got it yet?

If not, then watch this video of an unexpected celebrity endorsement for the re-election campaign of Dennis Kucinich.

I had no idea that this guy hangs to the left. Good on you… you know who.

One thought on “Video Podcast: Dennis Kucinich and Grizzly Adams?”

  1. The Continental Op says:

    Remember that his father was instrumental in breaking the Hollywood blacklist, when he stood up for Dalton Trumbo as the writer for Spartacus.

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