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Senator Pat Roberts: Another Republican Politician Who Can’t Keep His Promises

Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane…

Remember last November? Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called the U.S. Senate into closed session so the Republicans could explain why they had reneged on their explicit promise to investigate the role of the Bush Administration in hyping pre-war intelligence regarding Iraq. Senators Reid and John Rockefeller asserted that the Republicans had no intention of keeping their commitment of completing an investigation and submitting a report to the Senate by November 14, 2005.

At the time, you may recall, Republican Senator Bill Frist called it a slap in the face to suggest that the Republicans weren’t planning on keeping their word. As the Majority Leader, it is his responsibility to keep the work of the Senate on schedule. Boy oh boy, did he get huffy at the suggestion that he wouldn’t keep the promise to complete an investigation and submit a report by November 14, 2005.

Beating even Bill Frist in the huffy department was Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas. Senator Roberts, who was given the direct responsibility for running the investigation, offered the super-dee-duperly huffy defense last week that the investigation was of course, of course precisely on schedule to be completed in time for the deadline of November 14, 2005. Blustered Senator Roberts, how dare anyone suggest otherwise?

November 14 came. No report.
November 15 came. No report.
November 16 came. No report.
November 17 came. No report.
November 18 came. No report.
November 19 came. No report.
November 20 came. No report.
November 22 came. No report.
November 23 came. No report.
November 24 came. No report.
November 25 came. No report.
All the days of November passed. No report.
All the days of December passed. No report.

Senator Roberts came out of hiding in late 2005 only to say the following:

  1. The mandated report was not, after all, done.
  2. The investigation necessary to write the report was not conducted.
  3. Gosh, it sure would be “premature” to decide whether or not to interview administration officials about their misuse of intelligence. Such decisions should be delayed until after the report (precisely about whether the administration misused intelligence) has been written.
  4. He didn’t know when that report would be completed after all, but he sure would get back to the American People on that.

January 2006 passed without any action.
February 2006 passed without any action.

Then in the middle of March, four months after he swore he’d have a report done, Pat Roberts made a new promise, to have a “Draft report” completed by April 5, 2006.

April 5, 2006 came and went. No report.

Now Pat Roberts is saying, gosh and gee-willikers, maybe we need to now have a new set of meetings to decide whether the work that has not yet actually been done should be divided into two parts. He promises, gosh, really this time, to bring up the issue really soon. Really, really, now. No, really!

Where is the honor?
Where is the integrity?
Where are the standards?
Where are the ethics?
Where are those “Republican Moral Values” I keep hearing about?

Gosh, they must be here in my back pocket. Or maybe I left them at home. I sure will have a meeting about it, next month some time. For sure. Really. No, wait. Maybe not. Hey, how dare you question my resolve! It’s a slap in the face!

It looks like Senators Reid and Rockefeller were right. You just can’t trust the Republican politicians in power to keep their word.

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